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bigjohn514 42 C
1  Article
Our first time!   10/31/2003

Our First Swing Together <br> Hubby and I waited patiently for responses to our profile. We checked the site daily, sometimes two or three times a day! We were so eager to meet our first couple! Then it happened…a response…actually quite a few after our pictures went up! We eagerly responded back and begin chatting with one of the couples, getting to know what ...

0 Comments, 682 Views, 11 Votes ,6.72 Score
xbunnyt 74 C
1  Article
Her birthday   10/30/2003

First of all I must tell you my wife is an x playboy bunny and still could be in the mag. today even if shes over 40 now. We meet in a bar where she was the head bartender. She has the nicest ass I have ever seen and tits that are out of sight. We first started seeing each other after she got off at the bar each day. And the sex was always wounderful, and we later got married and set up ...

1 Comments, 915 Views, 26 Votes ,7.12 Score
Jantho 55 M
1  Article
This is going too slow!   10/29/2003

I won't boar you with the long story even though this is the place for it. I've had one experience in a threesome with another couple and loved it! I want more, but they are busy and don't do this all that often. So, I'm sending out a "flyer" to all swingers out there who are interested in a Clean, respectful and courteous male to join them for fun and frolic!! MFM or FMF and more than ...

0 Comments, 56 Views, 160 Votes
rm_igodwn4u 63 C
4  Articles
First time   10/29/2003

We met Robert through At first, we were a little wary of meeting because we weren’t very sure about him. We communicated for some while through the e-mail system and finally decided to meet. We set up a date to meet him at the hotel bar and he had gotten a room there at the In Inn for the night. <br> While we were in the bar drinking and talking he was really ...

0 Comments, 312 Views, 189 Votes ,3.09 Score
rm_DJCPL25 69 C
1  Article
Bi or Bi Curious   10/29/2003

It seems after our 15 years in this wonderful lifestyle we could understand the meaning of bisexual females in ads. When responding to swinger’s ads when we see bi under the female part of a couple, we indicate our desire to meet that couple socially as us being a straight couple. We 99% of the time get a reply saying, no thanks wife here is bi. Being a straight couple in this ...

0 Comments, 168 Views, 257 Votes ,7.39 Score
rm_cajun_n_okie 54 C
1  Article

The first couple we met seemed really nice. We had a lot in common. My husband and I thought things were going really well. It was our first so we didn't really now what to expect. But after a few meetings it was really not going anywhere. Come to find out the wife of the couple was complaining to me about another encounter they had. Apparently the women in the other couple just wanted to ...

0 Comments, 334 Views, 286 Votes ,8.35 Score
dome52 62 C
1  Article
How We Started   10/27/2003

I hope this doesn't get too long for you, but let me give you some history of us. Even before we got married I knew I could never fully satisfy her sexually. I could eat her to satisfaction, but as soon as I tried to fuck her I cum within 2 or 3 strokes. Sometimes even before getting it in her. We had been living together for about three months when one night while I was at work she ...

1 Comments, 472 Views, 478 Votes ,7.87 Score
kelly730 59 F
1  Article
lookin....   10/27/2003

how come it is when u set up a date with a couple on always happens ...ive been on here 4 years and ive meet a few guys but ladies if you say lets meet dont stand us up .thanks

1 Comments, 157 Views, 79 Votes ,7.11 Score
Curious   10/26/2003

I am a bi-female and looking to have a 3 some with a couple. MMF, FFF, FFM, just want the feel of more than one person. I have had an offer but when they send me e-mails it is always from the husband. I then ask to speak with the wife and she is at work or had asked him to e-mail. I am starting to think that the wife has no idea, or he is inot something alittle more deep. Can someone give ...

0 Comments, 107 Views, 134 Votes ,7.21 Score
rm_Oh_Yes_ 48 F
2  Articles
RE: In search of the best dp experience   10/26/2003

If you are looking for an excellent first dp experience, I would not leave it to chance by meeting the two guys from the site. I have found that when I meet guys at a swing party, they tend to have experience in playing more ways than most. Even if they haven’t tried dp yet, you may find them willing and able to go for it. Better yet, you may find someone experienced and that can ...

1 Comments, 571 Views, 124 Votes ,6.95 Score
rm_sickstring 50 M
1  Article
She told her husband to leave   10/25/2003

We met here on in the chatroom as a matter of fact. She saw my picture and read my profile and sent me a message saying she liked what she saw. So we met one night at her and her husbands favorite bar. The meeting went great and although I could not follow her home that night we did have a hot make out session in the bar parking lot before we went our separate ways. When we ...

1 Comments, 690 Views, 436 Votes ,8.85 Score
rm_dj9067 68 M
1  Article
no replys from most   10/22/2003


0 Comments, 55 Views, 86 Votes ,8.98 Score
designgod1378 43 M
2  Articles
Don't ruin your marraige   10/22/2003

If you and your spouse have talked swinging over and both agree on it still be very carefull, after your first experience you will never look at each other the same way again. It could be better, it could be worse, it is different for everybody!

0 Comments, 198 Views, 92 Votes ,8.78 Score
Will she OR will she not?????????????????   10/22/2003

My wife and I have been married for nearly 20 yrs. and we enjoy very hot and sometimes kinky sex.We have made several home videos, 100's of pics and have played online using our webcam.We love showing and watching others and have been to several couples parties but have yet to hookup.We have talked about meeting other females and couples but wife still shows a little hesitation about ...

0 Comments, 122 Views, 26 Votes ,5.72 Score
RE; Wife not invited what gives (from a man)   10/22/2003

He may be afraid if you have another you will leave. But I believe it should be fair if both couples are interested. Me and my wife for the time being is more MMF, but I get more aroused by watching a woman get pleased. My wife does NOT want to share me, and all though I am interested it isn't as much of a turn on to me. I am not by but as stated nothing is more sexy to me than a woman ...

0 Comments, 96 Views, 15 Votes ,4.66 Score
rm_sexlvrcouple 70 C
5  Articles
RE: wife's not invited - what gives??   10/21/2003

Your husband is only looking out for himself. A man who loves a woman would want her to be there to share the experience with. He just wants some strange and selfishly wants you to be true to him. He also should be thrilled to see and allow you to get thouroghly fulfilled and to experience the excitement he is. Get it straight or forbid him from doing it. What's good for the goose is ...

0 Comments, 47 Views, 50 Votes ,7.65 Score
rm_laughalot53 69 F
3  Articles
Rules,Rules Rules ??   10/19/2003

After 9 years of great fun swinging we have found there can be no rules except those imposed on ourselves. Things happen when you party drunk and/or naked..period! We started with all sorts of rules but when you take the spontaneity out of sex it sort of loses its appeal. I myself really enjoy threesomes, especially MMF but truly love to be alone with a man, the chatting, the long ...

0 Comments, 360 Views, 77 Votes ,6.58 Score
rm_saltillo_tx 47 C
2  Articles
Does rule breaking happen only to newbies?   10/19/2003

We were new to the lifestyle and were looking for another couple to play with. One night at a Party Gals toy party, our best friends mentioned that they were curious about same room sex. We mentioned that we had tried it before and it was enjoyable. Later that night we had returned to their house for a late night swim. After a few seconds of denial, the ladies agreed to skinny dipping. ...

0 Comments, 295 Views, 107 Votes ,6.66 Score
rm_mr_sandfly 56 M
1  Article
Couple looking for first time with another couple.   10/18/2003

How can we find another couple to satisfy our need? We can travel anywhere in the country for the right couple. May email first, then pictures then meet.

0 Comments, 44 Views, 90 Votes ,3.39 Score
No one ever responds   10/18/2003

Well I love looking at the sight, and really enjoy being a memeber, but we have an ad for Married couple looking for a 3some. I have played with the idea of going ahead and opening our options up to other couples for swapping. Our ad for couple seeking woman is just not producing any replys. I have to admit, it is way harder for a larger set woman to convince others that we are sexual ...

0 Comments, 47 Views, 104 Votes ,8.05 Score
grayfox71 96 M
45  Articles
XXXTHEATER   10/18/2003

I was chatting with a very sexy local gal last night in a chat room and things were beginning to heat up. Then she said to hold on a minute and she would be right back. In a couple of minutes her hubby came on line and ask what I was planning for that night. As it was only about 9pm I told him nothing really. My wife had been out of town for over a week and had nothing planned. He ask if I ...

0 Comments, 672 Views, 232 Votes ,9.09 Score
Our first swinging party   10/17/2003

We had talked about swinging. We had been to nude beaches. We were ready to go the next step. My wife Elizabeth was a tall willowy woman. She had a rock hard body. She has wide hips, long legs and a body to die for. Her nipples are so sensitive and long, they beg to be sucked. But she like many educated women dresses down. She likes her hair tied up. Her clothes are fashionable but not ...

0 Comments, 536 Views, 201 Votes ,6.55 Score
Wife Not Invited, What gives???   10/17/2003

I have been swinging with my husband for 4 years. We usually end up with threesomes, bi males only that he enjoys. No problem there. The problem is that he has couples over when I am at work and I am never invited, don't understand. I am open to women but have not had the chance of that particular experience. I have had guys on the internet write to me about getting together and he ...

9 Comments, 3168 Views, 184 Votes ,8.21 Score
rm_rob4u2ca 52 M
5  Articles
RE: wife not invited,what gives   10/17/2003

I am a man and YOU SHOULD be invited, He sounds very self centered, tell him to shape up or ship out, You are your own person and if he can screw around without you , then it works both ways go get a woman!!!

0 Comments, 82 Views, 9 Votes ,5.99 Score
cplinaz4funtime 55 C
1  Article
RE: Wife Not Invited, What Gives?   10/17/2003

It's very are married to a selfish, greedy person. IF he loved you, he would care about your pleasure as much as his own, but he doesn't. You are not his love, but his be used as and when he sees fit....and in a relationship (much less a swinging relationship), this is VERY unhealthy. I won't give you advise, but remember this...there are REAL men out ...

1 Comments, 187 Views, 12 Votes ,5.45 Score
FULL ON ORGY PART 1   10/16/2003

I am a 33 yo male living in NYC. For a while I had been hearing about underground swing parties where anything goes and have always wanted to try one out for myself. The opportunity came last weekend when a posting was sent to my online mailbox by a friend who knew of my interest. <br> The party started at 10:00pm and lasted the rest of the night. I had a few cocktails and ...

1 Comments, 221 Views, 132 Votes ,3.66 Score
blondarebest 51 C
3  Articles
to the person or people who thought it ok to reply to my article & call me a bonehead.   10/15/2003

for your imformation i am not a bone head. said club has different nights for verious things. one of these been couples and another night for singles.also seeing as i new to swinging it seemed to me strange that 2 single people could enter a couples night as a couple, this club also has a mixed night for singles & with this in mind why dont they go on that night aye.

1 Comments, 46 Views, 23 Votes ,0.91 Score
rm_blprg 60 C
6  Articles
In regards to couple   10/14/2003

What does it matter if it is a husband and wife a couple means 2 people together no matter what relation, race, sex or gender. Couple means couple bone head!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Comments, 170 Views, 36 Votes ,2.98 Score
i want sex with a couple   10/13/2003

In college I lived with a couple and we had great sex. me and her, him and me and all 3 of us at one time. I am 41 and want this again, can anyone help?

1 Comments, 75 Views, 27 Votes ,6.08 Score
blondarebest 51 C
3  Articles


1 Comments, 56 Views, 27 Votes ,3.35 Score
lets do it   10/9/2003

hey I am 41 and I can remeber when the only time you wore a rubber was to keep someone from getting pregnant. So lets clean up our act and fuckk.

0 Comments, 73 Views, 165 Votes
young wife treats me...and another   10/8/2003

My wife is much younger than me but has only ever had sex with me and so the fantasy of ever having a threesome was just that, a fantasy. Until the night my wife saw a guy on that made her get truly keen. his name was Greg and he was 32, i'm 40 and my wife is 21. She was so keen that she contacted him the next day and arranged the whole thing herself. The night it happened was ...

1 Comments, 909 Views, 243 Votes ,8.53 Score
The Best Way To Swing   10/7/2003

Swinging is not really a bad thing but if you are going to swing make sure that the party is not to big and that each person takes a bath after doing someone else if they are trying to do you. It is also nice if everyone brings a paper stating that they are disease free so everyone can be more at ease. Have a bowl full of condoms and make sure that your partner for that time has one on.

0 Comments, 58 Views, 95 Votes ,7.31 Score

An interesting situation that sometimes arises in couples new to swinging, a situation that I describe as follows - "the more enthusiastic member of a couple will get the couple into swinging, but the less enthusiastic partner will probably keep them there." Some in the swinging scene have noticed that one partner, more often than not the man, has more enthusiasm than his partner. He has ...

0 Comments, 116 Views, 71 Votes ,7.80 Score
Swingers Etiquette   10/5/2003

Swinging Etiquette - As in any social activity, there are expected rules of conduct in swinging. Following the rules are an effective way to make yourself welcome within the swinging community. <br> **The Golden Rule** The Golden Rule in swinging is the right of anyone to say "No". Improper handling of a situation, however, can lead to a lot of hurt or bad feelings. The swing ...

0 Comments, 108 Views, 392 Votes ,9.07 Score
rm_igodwn4u 63 C
4  Articles
How we got started.   10/3/2003

I hope this doesn't get too long for you, but let me give you some history of us. Even before we got married I knew I could never fully satisfy her sexually. I could eat her to satisfaction, but as soon as I tried to fuck her I cum within 2 or 3 strokes. Sometimes even before getting it in her. We had been living together for about three months when one night while I was at work she ...

0 Comments, 393 Views, 239 Votes ,8.39 Score
innocent wife takes two   10/2/2003

im 40 and my wife is 21 and ive always waned a 3some but she hasnt. however, what i didnt know was she had had one while i was away on a training course...and she'd videoed it for me! It featured her and two young guys, about 25, both of whom were fit as hell and boy was she getting it. she was on her knees slurping on both their cocks, slipping the foreskins back and forth with her ...

0 Comments, 1077 Views, 491 Votes ,6.75 Score
meet4funtimes 55 F
1  Article
My first bachelor party   9/29/2003

I was asked by a friend i met here on if I would be interested in having some fun at a bachelor party he was having for his brother in law. I was a little reserved but I decided to give it a try. BEsides, pleasuring dick is my specialty. I got to this party and saw only 2 other ladies and about 11 men. Oh this was going to be a good night. Drinks were everywhere and men all over the ...

0 Comments, 1009 Views, 123 Votes ,7.84 Score
rm_CtlAltDel 64 M
2  Articles
Playing in a threesome   9/25/2003

Many people feel that the most incredible experience is to be the "odd person out" in a threesome, and have two members of the opposite sex working towards your pleasure. This often involves a couple seeking the third, presumably someone they trust and can share themselves with. If you are the one being asked to be a third, a few basic rules: <br> Safe sex, safe sex, safe sex. ...

0 Comments, 126 Views, 8 Votes ,4.87 Score
prudish wife goes wild with another cock   9/20/2003

Elizabeth appealed to me the moment she walked in the room. She was tall, elegant, very sleek and extremly beautiful. It was winter in Australia and I was just returned from working in Southern California so was tanned and bleached from surfing. We hit it off and were married within 6 months. Many of my friends wondered why I married such a prudish woman, not the outdoors type at all. She ...

0 Comments, 433 Views, 462 Votes ,2.32 Score
Paka4u 62 M
1  Article
Single Guys control yourselves, your giving us a bad name.   9/15/2003

Guys, (I was respectful and had a great time and had a very fulfilling night.) <br> I recently made my first trip to a swingers club. When I came in I was greeted and told the rules by the hostess (Be polite and respectful of others etc). I was shocked by the crude and rude behavior by the single guys in the club, I understand that some women and couples like this but set the ...

0 Comments, 92 Views, 255 Votes ,4.88 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Luanne's Sex Education   9/11/2003

Luanne’s Surprise <br> My wife, Luanne, is a 47 year old stunning brunette, five-foot two, 115 pound, with a killer tanned body and great breasts. She has kept her body toned with exercise and jogging and looks more like a 37 year old. Her nails are painted red and she her toes are pedicured and soft. Her breasts are round and firm, as if she were still single instead ...

0 Comments, 590 Views, 390 Votes ,7.22 Score
a beach in mexico   9/9/2003

My wife and I love to go to Mexico. The warm clear water and beaches and cool drinks. We were lying on the beach and after a day of drinking Tequila and playing volleyball and seeing all of the other sexy ladies wearing almost nothing had me feeling pretty horny. I suggested to my wife that we get a refill of cervesa and stroll down the beach. There are no other hotels down the beach and it ...

0 Comments, 491 Views, 327 Votes ,7.70 Score
sexyNMcouple4u 50 C
2  Articles
WOW...what a night in New Orleans!   9/6/2003

We had a trip planned to New Orleans for a while. I must admit I was not overly excited as it was a family trip with my wife's family. We would be sharing a room with her sister and I didn't think anything too crazy would happen. Was I ever wrong! Of course we went out on Bourbon Street and checked out the night life. We had some drinks and did some dancing. My wife is very sexy and ...

0 Comments, 4254 Views, 427 Votes ,8.00 Score
four at play   9/5/2003

Ive been going out with my girlfriend now for about a year, she is the true english rose with huge tits and a great body. she has an ex-partner and an ex-boyfriend that usualy call in to say hello. One day about a month ago the three of us were there have a coffee and chatting while Brenda was in the shower. When she came out in the white bathrobe it came open and her size 36dd tits fell ...

0 Comments, 173 Views, 161 Votes ,4.57 Score
My Girlfriend's first gang bang   9/3/2003

Carrie and I have been dating for 4 years. She's 21 and I'm 29 and she's always been wild. We had sex on our first date and I've been hooked on her ever since. She's tall with amazing 36D tits and a great body and she was the first woman to ever let me fuck her up the ass. Now being the wild thing she is during our first year of dating she cheated on me 4 times, but since I've had a little ...

0 Comments, 657 Views, 844 Votes ,7.45 Score

The wife and I have been married for about five years. She’s always been a wholesome discrete girl that’s a follower in bed. I think she enjoys being kinky but has always claimed that she does it all for me. She’s 5’2”, brown and green with olive skin. She’s a French girl with full C breasts, a large hanging labia and a large hairy bush. ...

0 Comments, 701 Views, 244 Votes ,6.54 Score
The prize for winning   8/29/2003

My wife, Judy, and I were in Fort Lauderdale staying at the Pier 66 Hotel last month. We had a great time at the Haulover Beach, which is clothing optional and a half hour drive south of there. I went naked for the first time and got her to at least remove her top and walk around. She is beautiful-one of these lucky 44 yr. old women who gets better looking every year. I have talked up a lot ...

0 Comments, 984 Views, 169 Votes ,8.01 Score
What to do ?????   8/21/2003

I have a problem I have given my man a few 3somes all with woman.Now I feel like he has lost interest in me and I don't know what to do and if and when I mention anything about this he gets very defencive and angry with me and he ignores me for a few days and just to make any peace between us and for him to pay any attention all I have to do is mention that I will try to find a woman to CUM ...

0 Comments, 96 Views, 94 Votes ,1.40 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama The Awakening of Angel Part 1   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 1 <br> <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at The first part of our story is our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. The reality was even better as you will discover in Parts2-5. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> E-Mail Fantasy <br> ...

0 Comments, 1021 Views, 121 Votes ,8.44 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 4   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 4 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the at The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure together. Part 3 was Saturday with our first threesome. Part 4 is Sunday’s hot fun with 3 black US service men. This has ...

0 Comments, 636 Views, 87 Votes ,9.35 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 2   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 2 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. This is our Friday night adventure. The reality was even better as you will soon discover. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> ...

1 Comments, 1262 Views, 86 Votes ,8.86 Score
rm_Hot_f_4u3 64 C
3  Articles
Yokohama Awakening of Angel Part 3   8/20/2003

Yokohama Awakening Of Angel Part 3 <br> The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet at The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure. Part 3 is Saturday. This has been co-written by Angel and myself. <br> <br> Saturday morning was a ...

0 Comments, 543 Views, 70 Votes ,9.61 Score
We did it, on the extra day   8/13/2003

My girlfriend and I attended a lake party with some friends from a class I was taking. She and I had been talking about having a 3some for a while but never pushed the issue. Well we both knew that there would be some crazy things going on at the lake party so we figured it could happen there. The first night she had just enought to drink. The host of the party, her husband, another ...

0 Comments, 349 Views, 218 Votes ,8.12 Score
grayfox71 96 M
45  Articles
far from home girl#1   7/28/2003

In 1982 I was fortunate enough to be able to take early retirement at the age of 55. As I was working in surgery at a local hospital I stayed on part time as they were short of help and then in 1984 a new challenge came up that I could not turned down. I was offered a job in saudi arabia working and teaching at a large hospital in rhyad. <br> My wife and I traveled to the head ...

0 Comments, 311 Views, 397 Votes ,8.77 Score
2red 62 C
3  Articles
wife sucks black cock   7/28/2003

we met jon on computer and when we saw pics of his big black cock we decided to meet and see how it went. At the bar when he walked in we both smiled and he sat down for a drink- I wanted to watch my wife with a black man and she wanted to see how it would be to fuck another man - we hit it off and went to a motel and jon began kissing and undressing my wife- my cock was hard while I sat in ...

0 Comments, 779 Views, 446 Votes ,5.89 Score
Soft Swing Turned Hard   7/23/2003

Dawn and I had always talked about having sex while others watched, so I placed an add on a soft swing site and waited for any responce a few weeks later and i had a couple that looked interesting and so showed Dawn. At first nerves got the better of her and she declined the oppertunity to meet up with either couple. Durign sex though I would bring up the others and things really did hot ...

0 Comments, 544 Views, 541 Votes ,8.30 Score
her first threesome   7/22/2003

Debbie & I have been thinking about our first threesome & we have to thank for it.any ways theres a phone call&our fiend says lets meet at a hotel, so we do.when we get there we sit around drinking a few beers until were all relaxed.then I have a few pictures that I show, the guy & he starts getting a hard on, she see's it & says let me see what you have to offer me, so he pulls it out ...

0 Comments, 346 Views, 253 Votes ,4.81 Score
grayfox71 96 M
45  Articles
Europe vacation   7/18/2003

My wife and I had been swinging for just a few months when we went to europe on vacation. While in amsterdamn we heard about a swingers party house and decided to check into it. I found their phone number and called and we were invited to visit them that same evening. <br> After we had dinner we grabbed a cab and away we went. On arrival we were given a locker for our clothes and ...

0 Comments, 448 Views, 230 Votes ,9.35 Score
our first 3sum   7/17/2003

This is the story of our first threesome... My wife had gone out to eat family and decided to go to the local alternative club after..seeing we had a babysitter for the nite.Until that nite our talk had only been fantasy, but it was about to come true. As the club was closing, I noticed a guy eyeing my wife, so I motioned him over, we talked for a minute, and I didn't think anything ...

1 Comments, 434 Views, 245 Votes ,8.26 Score
elonglegs 57 C
1  Article
wife blows two at adult bookstore   7/16/2003

my wife kristi and i have been swinging for almost a year now and i really love to watch her suck and fuck other cocks. so i came up with an idea and was a big help. we have a profile and have been talking to a couple of guys in our hometown and i suggested to kristi how erotic it would be to set up a meeting in one of our local adult bookstore with these two guys. at first she was ...

6 Comments, 1700 Views, 435 Votes ,8.29 Score
Our Dear Sweet Nieghbor   7/12/2003

We have a nieghbor , a woman of about 62 who is built up like a brick fucking ship yard. She has light brown hair, honey brown skin , hazel eyes, a big wide ass, and tits that sit up in your face . WE don't know what particular race she is , but she always comes over to visit , takes her meds, has a glass of red wine and watches tv with us. This has been going on for about two years. My ...

2 Comments, 827 Views, 193 Votes ,6.55 Score
a Fat Cock For Sally   7/4/2003

This all started one evening when my wife and I were having one of our fantastic and long sex sessions. I had always wanted to watch her fuck and suck another guy and she said she would think about it. Every time we would talk about it she would get soaking wet and excited and have multiple orgasms while we fucked like crazy. Sally (not her real name) was in great shape for her 35 years of ...

0 Comments, 792 Views, 518 Votes ,9.30 Score
Head scratching episode, Part 1   6/29/2003

My wife and I have never gotten into swinging, not from my lack of desire, but hers. We did have a recent experience which was a lot of fun. We were at a pals house, Tom, who has an indoor pool with a hot tub at one end. They had a dinner party and about 10:00 pm we were the last guests and were heading to the door when my pals wife, Sue, who had worked her ass off for the party, ...

0 Comments, 888 Views, 123 Votes ,8.21 Score
My wife Linda Part one   6/29/2003

This is a true story about my wife and how she loves big, fat cocks! My wife Linda (not her real name) and I have experimented with sex for quite a while, M/M/F & F/F/M and have had some fantastic and erotic encounters. Linda especially likes guys with very fat cocks and that is what made me decide to give her this very special birthday present. I should tell you a little about her, she ...

0 Comments, 657 Views, 356 Votes ,8.92 Score
My wife Linda part 2   6/29/2003

My wife Linda part2 <br> Next it was Steve’s turn and like I said before we were not sure that he would fit into Linda. Bill and Jim took a place on each side of Linda and held her arms firmly for support, Steeve lifted her legs high and placed his huge cock near her cum soaked slit. I reached in and spread her cunt lips wide open as Steve moved in closer. He worked the ...

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Wife was reluctant until she tried it .....   6/29/2003

We are a married couple in our late 40`s but began swinging about 15 years ago...My wife Susan was reluctant to even talk about swinging much less do it...however after a trial separation we got back together and began to open up to one became a matter of trust and sharing our most intimate thoughts however naughty they we began to open up, she said that she thought ...

0 Comments, 690 Views, 191 Votes ,8.42 Score
My wife's first swing experience   6/28/2003

We are an older couple and my wife has never had an extra martial affair since we were married. Lately my wife has been getting very horny and one night while we were making love the subject of swinging came up. We advertised on a local swingers web site and met this couple that had been swinging for a while. We met them at a motel and after some small talk to get us over being nervous we ...

0 Comments, 638 Views, 187 Votes ,6.78 Score
the porn shop   6/26/2003

My wife and I been going together for about six months when we went to the porn shop together for the first time. The place we went to was about the classiest place Houston has to offer. We looked at all the toys and magazines and movies. Kate saw a door that said arcade and asked what was back there. I told her it was private rooms were you could go and watch movies. Kate grabbed my hand ...

0 Comments, 609 Views, 434 Votes ,9.06 Score
Reluctant Wife Enjoys Black Cock   6/21/2003

My wife and I had talked about having some sort of group sex as a fantasy for quite some time but really never went much further than that. My wife is 31, 5’6” tall and about 120 lbs with the most perfect ass and tits I have ever seen. Most guys have a tendency to stare at either her ass or her tits depending on which way she is traveling at the time. <br> A couple of ...

4 Comments, 2320 Views, 584 Votes ,9.56 Score
Wife Takes First Black Cock and Then Some   6/16/2003

Recently, my wife and I were invited to a couples only swinger party held at a hugh ranch in Texas. We have been in the swing scene for about 2 years and most of the people we come into contact with are DDF. <br> To make this short I will tell you when we arrived there were about 10 couples. We all ate together and then we retired to the host living room for some extra ...

1 Comments, 3026 Views, 524 Votes ,9.11 Score
mmmmmm   6/14/2003

Liz and I had been friends with Steve and Jenny for a long time. We were all orientated towards the beach and were tanned and attractive. <br> On this night Jen as usual had no bra on and her nipples were hard through her top. Steve looked calm and relaxed. We had been talking about nothing in particular and were feeling good. Jen went off to the loo and Steve went out to feed ...

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goodluven 66 C
2  Articles
Threesome marathon   6/14/2003

Bev and I arranged a meeting at a cafe with a single man. He seemed nice enough so Bev gave me the go ahead to invite him to our motel room. After a little small talk, I had Bev stand facing Lars while I unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her white lacey front clasp bra. I could tell she was excited, her nipples were erect and she was trembling slightly. Lars began to undress, Bev could ...

1 Comments, 870 Views, 256 Votes ,7.58 Score
The girls taste so sweet   6/14/2003

It was a new idea, concept. Me with a woman. The previously totally heterosexual, one man woman, now with the husband's fantasy to consider. I was open minded. Thought it was abstract and unthinkable, but I was honest, honest as a person, and a woman, and as someone who loved to please her partner and move on. <br> I didn't get anywhere at first. I was awkward, timid, ...

0 Comments, 140 Views, 167 Votes ,7.13 Score
The Set Up!!   6/13/2003

When I first got married to my new wife(her name is anna and she has a great ass nice big tits that you just want to suck on and the wetest pussy when she is horney)we already new about are past sexual expernice's. And I (my name is keffe I a big guy and I don't have the bigest dick put I make up for it with lots of forplay and pussy eating. I love watching as my lady gets fucked. In ...

0 Comments, 308 Views, 143 Votes ,2.95 Score
My wife really let go at our 1st. swing party   6/11/2003

My wife and I were in our 30`s when we decided to try our first party...We attended and just watched other couples have sex in the group rooms (which was a real turn on for both of us)We would even join other couples in the same room but not participate but just make love to each night as we were doing this, I noticed my wife reaching over a bit and I ask her what she was ...

0 Comments, 800 Views, 303 Votes ,8.33 Score
GManLuv50 72 M
1  Article
Hot & Haunting Flashback   6/8/2003

I recently hooked up with a very nice married couple in Alabama while on an extended business trip. I was there for 5 weeks and believe me, every week was hotter and more exciting than the week before. In fact, I'm still haunted by wonderful flashbacks of the hot times we shared. So I thought I'd share a brief description of our first encounter with those of you of like mind and interest. ...

1 Comments, 714 Views, 271 Votes ,8.51 Score
rm_SilkySally 55 F
2  Articles encounter measured up!   6/6/2003

After my first couple of meets arranged through I got up a bit of confidence and as some people may have noticed, made my profile a bit more explicit, and I added a comment that “very well endowed guys would be particularly welcome.” Well I had to take this off after a while because I think it put a lot of guys off – too insecure I guess! It also led to a fair number ...

2 Comments, 646 Views, 351 Votes ,9.20 Score
first time swinging   6/6/2003


0 Comments, 458 Views, 330 Votes ,9.07 Score
lilpoledancer 76 C
0  Articles
three guys my girlfriend and i in a boat   6/5/2003

one night we had a party on our dock where we keep our houseboat and lots of drinking and good fun. around midnight my girlfriend lynn and i had to give a friend a ride to another dock to his boat. this was a 30 minute ride by water on this 50, 000 acre lake. on the way back to our dock we were cruising very slow since it was very dark. there are many remote campsites on this lake where ...

2 Comments, 1499 Views, 483 Votes ,8.82 Score
rm_john43210 80 M
1  Article
Her First Multi-Man Experience at the Cabin   6/1/2003

3 ON THE MOUNTAIN (I do not use the real names) I write this for you dear, so we may enjoy that day at the cabin, over and over again ... I think this memory will become even more exciting as time goes bye. <br> <br> We are together today . . .up on Ebbets Pass over the Sierras . . .there is an isolated cabin right at ...

1 Comments, 402 Views, 267 Votes ,8.57 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
What a drive home   5/20/2003

My wife and I have talked about having a third party for some time now. We talked about all of ways we could do it and what we didn’t want to do. We said the first thing we might try is her jacking someone else off like at a bar or one of our friends at our house. We went out one night to party and have some fun im not a big dancer but she loves to dance. We had a few drinks and ran ...

1 Comments, 932 Views, 210 Votes ,8.40 Score
yamaha5457 69 C
2  Articles
Her First Time   5/20/2003

I have been talking to a man for the last year about surprising his wife one night. We talked online after we connected through kept on telling me how hot she would get when they had sex and he mentioned to her about sucking another dick when she was getting fucked from behind. He said she would go wild when he used a dildoe to pretend another dick was fucking her while she sucked ...

1 Comments, 1282 Views, 196 Votes ,8.07 Score
GroupSexNC 43,1942 C
1  Article
My husband's first time   5/19/2003

I have been into group sex for quite some time, and when I got married I thought it was over. After a few months, I realized that I could not live without it anymore. One night on of my husband's cowrkers came over for dinner and drinks. He is a gorgeous man, 5'10" muscular and very tan. We all had a few drinks, and I started flirting with my husband's friend quite openly. I started to ...

9 Comments, 4961 Views, 648 Votes ,8.86 Score
FIRST TASTE OF A WOMAN part 1   5/14/2003

i'm a 28yr old professional black woman with a loving relationship i have been in for the past 2yrs. we have a great relationship and a sex life of none other. he and i talk about ever thing from bullshit to realshit. one nitght he aske have i ever thought about being with another woman his question was just for conversation as always but little did he know tha the thought crossed my ...

0 Comments, 144 Views, 409 Votes ,9.24 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
blind folded and loved it   5/12/2003

My wife and I had been talking about swinging for some time And it always gets her hot. We sat down one night had a few drinks and really talked about maybe doing it and how we would do it. She wants to but she said she was worried about a few things. She would like it to be safe maybe with someone we knew but on the other hand she would be embarrass to be with someone she knew so how ...

0 Comments, 748 Views, 184 Votes ,8.52 Score
kswife4black 67 C
1  Article
Wife's first time with two other guys   5/11/2003

My wife is a very hot 5'2' 110lb cock lover who has been enjoying other guys for many years now. This happened several years ago but still remains one of the best nights we have had. She had been having hot sex with Brian for about two years and really enjoyed his 9" thick cock and the way he just used her for sex. One night when she was with Brian he told her that Bruce was interested ...

1 Comments, 1361 Views, 320 Votes ,7.98 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Shannon's Wild Vacation   5/10/2003

Shannon's Wild Vacation <br> I wrote to a while back regarding my wife's first time with another man (Tribute to My Wife). That was her first experience a few years ago, and she eventually had a second with her mother's husband. I convinced her this year to go on a two couple swingers cruise on a private yacht in the British Virgin islands. We arranged with the operators, ...

0 Comments, 814 Views, 290 Votes ,9.12 Score
goodluven 66 C
2  Articles
Mon Chalet   5/9/2003

My wife and I have been swinging for about 12 years now. Sweetie is 5'7" 130lbs, blond, blue eyes, tight body and smooth skin. We like to go to an adult motel in Denver. While I pay for the room and unload the car, Sweetie checks out the pool for guys she wants to seduce. She usually wears a dress with white panties and is always noticed. We always go back to our room to go over her ...

3 Comments, 594 Views, 81 Votes ,3.65 Score
rm_ultimatewave 66 M
1  Article
Hot Spring Menage!   5/8/2003

This is a true story about me, my platonic friend Val and her husband Mike, and Val’s friends Vince & Keri. <br> Keri had mentioned to Val that she and Vince often fantasized about playing with others, like a threesome, but didn’t think they’d ever actually do anything. And Val had told Keri about how she and Mike would often go to a secret hot spring in the ...

0 Comments, 378 Views, 136 Votes ,8.66 Score
sknydp555 62 C
2  Articles
Fantasy   5/8/2003

It starts with slow dancing in the living room (brian is not here, he is out renting a video), I am wearing high heels, a silky black skirt and satin shirt. I am wearing a black lace thong and matching bra. You have your hands on my ass as we are slowly swaying to the rhythm of the music. You are kissing my on my neck, you slowly start to move your hands ever so gently up my ...

0 Comments, 188 Views, 58 Votes ,4.81 Score
slut for a day (pt1) - fantasy come true   5/1/2003

My husband made a fantasy come true. I never thought it would happen. He called me at home mid afternoon on a Friday. We had made plans for us to have a hot and heavy weekend. He told me that was still on but to meet him at this hotel in the next town and gave me the room number. I was startled but said okay, figuring a change of scenery would be fun. He told me to get myself off once ...

0 Comments, 606 Views, 278 Votes ,8.89 Score
My pregnet wife's best friend   4/25/2003

My wife, Patty, blonde 5'8 small firm tits with hard nipples and great ass, was about four months pregnet and always wanted to fuck...which was great. Her best friend Lori, 5'9 red hair, green eyes and large tits, and I never got along, we were polite to each other and that was about it. One night we all went to a friends party. While at the party I walked into the kitchen and Lori was in ...

0 Comments, 534 Views, 496 Votes ,8.66 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Sharing Kathy   4/24/2003

Sharing Kathy <br> My 34 year old wife, Kathy, is a knockout redhead, five-foot ten, 140 pounds, with big green eyes and the longest shapely legs from hip to toe. She has a 34DD bust size and wears the shortest skirts or long slinky dresses; always turning heads when she walks by any men. About every two months, we have a fantasy weekend where Kathy lets go of her normal ...

0 Comments, 871 Views, 308 Votes ,9.23 Score
catgirl81 42 F
4  Articles
My friend and I (Karen the lucky Slut)   4/23/2003

I'm sitting here in front of the computer naked and I have cum all over me and oozing out of my holes, but I wanted to share this experience with you while it is fresh in my head. Yesterday (Gary, someone Sally and I picked up at a bar before), called me up and asked me if Sally and I were up to entertaining him and his friends again. Sally and I jumped at the chance. The time before ...

0 Comments, 655 Views, 295 Votes ,8.80 Score
12  Articles
Story Fantasy   4/20/2003

I have been talking with my wife Mary for some time now on getting another person for a threesome. Although I never got any feed back from her as to whether she wanted me to proceed or not. I did an answer the last time we spent the night away from home. I had picked up a few toys, which I used on her. In the heat of passion I had a dildo in her pussy as she was giving me head. I had ...

0 Comments, 391 Views, 112 Votes ,8.72 Score
The first time for all 4 of us   4/19/2003

I knew that my husband, Bob, found my friend, "Ann" (his friend, Andy's, wife) attractive. I've never been with another woman, but I had been interested in the idea for a while. So after a few comments laid by me here and there, Bob figured out that I also found her attractive. He and Andy had already had talks here and there about each others wives, and about possibilities of a ...

0 Comments, 336 Views, 195 Votes ,7.49 Score
BukkakeShaman 66 M
3  Articles
Why are orgys unfavorable on a swinger site?   4/19/2003

The Bukkake Shaman would like to know why there is such an unfavorable response to my previous post, in regards to the swinger events here in Tampa, they are regularly scheduled, theme orientated, lots of fun, full of love, pleasure, and satisfaction, and have been enjoyed by so many, from so many places and walks of life, for almost 3 years now. This IS a swinger site, hopefully ...

0 Comments, 35 Views, 80 Votes ,1.56 Score
catgirl81 42 F
4  Articles
My friend and I   4/17/2003

Sally and I (Karen) have been best friends for as long as I could remember. We're shared everything from talking about our first dates in detail to sexual fantasies. Sally was always a little wilder though. She was the first to lose her virginity, and loved wearing tight sexy clothes. she had also had regular one night stands. She was also adventurous and spontaneous, so it wasn't ...

0 Comments, 524 Views, 403 Votes ,9.26 Score
Menage a Cinq - My bed just collapsed   4/14/2003

My girlfriend and I talk dirty before, during and after sex all the time, but imagine my surprise when she said she wanted her friend to join us one Friday night. <br> The Friday in question was a girls night out and the plan was for my girlfriend(N) and her friend (M) to come back to ours for the night, and I (J) would come back from the pub to see how far my girlfriend had got. ...

1 Comments, 259 Views, 67 Votes ,6.10 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Beware of your Fantasies   4/12/2003

Beware what you fantasize! This is a true story. My wife, Trina works as a topless dancer at a local club to make extra income for the past five years. She is 34 years old, five-foot four, 125 lbs., with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is the mother of our two , and a real MILF. I enjoy that other men get to look and her naked body and we have dabbled in fooling around ...

2 Comments, 915 Views, 219 Votes ,1.23 Score
BukkakeShaman 66 M
3  Articles
Wild Ass Parties in Tampa   4/11/2003

Almost every weekend. couples, sexy single laidies, and select respectable men, cum together for orgys, gangbangs, Bukkakes, Sybian riding, and special requests, lots of pleasure & satisfaction. <br> Multiple orgasms for everyone!!!!! xxxooo's, Louis the Bukkake Shaman

1 Comments, 188 Views, 91 Votes
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Vicki - Tantric Princess   4/10/2003

My wife Vicki has become the fantasy woman of my dreams since she started her own business. Vicki is a 34 year old mother of one, five-foot six, 125 lbs., long brown hair and green eyes, with a sexy 34D-23-35 figure. We built a computer software company over the past fifteen years and are financially secure. Now that our is in school, Vicki was having a lot of spare time on her hands, ...

1 Comments, 509 Views, 233 Votes ,9.13 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Coffee, Tea, or Tammy   4/7/2003

Tammy <br> My 37 year old swinging wife Tammy stands five-foot five and is a shapely 130 lbs. of all American girl next door, with long brown hair and green eyes. She had her breasts augmented several years ago to a shapely 34D cup with large dime-sized nipples. Tammy has been an airline attendant for over ten years, which led us to develop an open-marriage due to her extended ...

0 Comments, 476 Views, 284 Votes ,8.99 Score
grayfox71 96 M
45  Articles
XXXMovie Theater II   4/5/2003

XXX Movie Theater II <br> Her name was Linda....She said to meet her here at 12 noon so here I am.. I was early as usual and had down my first drink si I ordered another and as I looked up there she was. <br> She was fully dressed to the nines this time, sky blue blouse that was filled out with small but pert breasts, dark blue skirt that was at least 2-3 inches above ...

0 Comments, 359 Views, 171 Votes ,8.59 Score
Good night gone bad   3/28/2003

My wife and I had been married approx 11yrs with two . We were both enjoying a better then average sex life, and would often talk about threesomes, and swinging. This was one of my biggest fantasies, and I would bring it up most of the times. Beth was certainly not a prude by any means. we both enjoyed skinny dipping with friends, and she always enjoyed the attention she received when she ...

1 Comments, 432 Views, 169 Votes ,2.65 Score
My wife loved 2 at once   3/20/2003

It was a stormy winter night. Our house was full. We had guests sleeping over. None were used to the cold moutain air. Therefore all the fires were lit. <br> Earlier we had dined on a huge lamb roast. My wifes sister Julie and her 3 were stying the weekend. She was a withered dowdy thing. My old school friend Rob and his 2 as well as our own 3 . Rob is tall and thin but rangy. ...

0 Comments, 376 Views, 197 Votes ,7.71 Score
Mae's first Gangbang   3/20/2003

Hi I’m William. I am going to tell you of one of my exploits. It all started 3 years age when my wife bought me a digital video. After about a year of playing with it I started to look to use it for more than just holidays and Christmas scenes. While at work I was talking to a buddy about my camera as he was thinking of buying something similar. The conversation got around to some ...

0 Comments, 1293 Views, 372 Votes ,8.68 Score
It was exciting, my wife takes a huge cock   3/19/2003

We had been really busy. We both had applied for and been given holidays. The reason, we wanted to do a major extension to our home. The tradesmen were in and all was going well. It was time to do our kitchen and our next door neighbours, Steve and Trish, kindly offered that we could stay with them. <br> Liz and I kept in shape. Steve and Trish did as well. I had put both of ...

0 Comments, 648 Views, 276 Votes ,7.76 Score
One Hell of a Card Game!!!!   3/18/2003

Well where do I start. My bestfriend Robert and I have been friends forever and both are wife's knew each other and were good friends too. Well I have always wanted to fuck connie roberts wife (she is a very small lady light brown skin and a body you just wanted to fuck the shit out of.)but I never said anything to him because I didn't want him to get pissed at me. Well my wife debi(debi ...

0 Comments, 679 Views, 228 Votes ,7.88 Score
The Last to Know Thanks Buddy!!!!!   3/18/2003

I had been married about 3 years and my wife Debi(let me tell you about debi. She has 38dd tits with long nipples and a nice big ass that you just want to fuck the shit out of.) and I had been getting into fights more than ever and or sex life was really sucking bad. We hadn't fucked in almost 3 weeks. Well my bestfriend tom always new how to talk to debi. We had been friends with tom ...

0 Comments, 622 Views, 124 Votes ,7.40 Score
rm_john43210 80 M
1  Article
Man's First Meeting with a New Couple   3/18/2003

<br> This happened with a couple I met on in 2000. Their names are changed. I will relate how we first met. john43210 <br> The husband, Jim, wrote to me on the system. He had read my profile and thought that I might be a good candidate for them. He had been trying to convince his wife, Lisa, for some time to invite a man to join them in the bedroom. She liked ...

1 Comments, 284 Views, 338 Votes ,9.45 Score
I'm glad I have small hands   3/18/2003

We finally connected with a couple we liked at the club in Houston. They looked like farm folks but when you're horny judgement is suspended. We took two cars to our apartment so we could get acquainted with the object of that nights affection. This little lady was very quiet and that's seldom a good sign. When I tried to get her to open up about what limits to expect she simply said, ...

0 Comments, 131 Views, 88 Votes ,5.23 Score
grayfox71 96 M
45  Articles
XXX Movie Theater   3/18/2003

XXX Movie Theater (true story) <br> I had chatted with a local couple in one of’s chat rooms several times and they both seemed like a fun couple. She was about 35 and he was early 40's. I am an older gent (much older but still very able) anyway I happen to see teir name when I checked in one evening about 7pm so I gave them a shout. I was chatting with her and ...

0 Comments, 463 Views, 288 Votes ,8.98 Score
wewantyounow02 52 C
1  Article
my wife and friends   3/14/2003

it all started one sat nite. me , my wife, and 2 of my friends sitting having some drinks.we had all had shitty weeks and were glad it was over.everybody was stressed.we were all in the kitchin when sherry came by and rubbed my dick.the fellows just looked and i said well if you rub mine you have to rub theirs.thats when the fun begain.what do i get out of this she asked.while rubbing our ...

1 Comments, 1451 Views, 327 Votes ,7.75 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
Debbie's Awakening   3/12/2003

Debbie’s Awakening <br> <br> My sister-in-law, Debbie, is an attractive woman in her early forties, nice tits and ass with a sexy smile. I’ve always wanted to fuck her, but never had the chance until lately. I learned from my wife that Debbie and her ex-husband, Chuck, had once swapped partners with some friends of theirs. Debbie enjoyed the sex, but ...

0 Comments, 813 Views, 180 Votes ,8.60 Score
My Shy Wife Part 2   3/12/2003

After an amazing experience with Phil, my wife(Dana) and I (Gary) had some great sex for months after our first threesome. It took 2 years of planning to get us all back together again and this is that story. Phil was always keen to fuck Dana again but she is just so shy it took a while for her to come around to actually doing it again. Eventually she agreed to meet Phil again and just ...

0 Comments, 266 Views, 224 Votes ,8.77 Score
My Shy Wife   3/10/2003

After having been married for 8 years my wife and I (both 35) had had a great sex life but I was slowly keen to add some extra spice. I had been fairly active sexually since my teens but Dana had only had one other partner, her ex-husband who was rather useless in bed but had taken her virginity. In our relationship I (Gary) had slowly liberated Dana to toys, anal sex, and various foods, ...

0 Comments, 686 Views, 358 Votes ,9.11 Score
spidy47 53 C
2  Articles
My Girl and My Friend   3/8/2003

My girlfriend and I have had a few interesting nights shared with other couples as well as a few single guys and woman have joined us. I wanted to try something new so I set it up with a friend of mine who had already joined us on several occations for a 3-some. My girlfriend absolutly loves having 2 cocks to suck and 2 cocks to fuck. All the attention on her for hours is something she ...

0 Comments, 798 Views, 130 Votes ,8.44 Score
New Years Party!!!!!   3/5/2003

My wife and I had been married for a couple of years and we had a good sex life and we had tried different things like threesome's and wife swapping. Are sex life seem to had slowed down and we did fuck as much as we were and hadn't fooled around with anyone else in 5 or 6 months. Well we had planed a New Years' party and invided all of our friends to come and party with us. Well that ...

0 Comments, 589 Views, 165 Votes ,6.71 Score
I JUST LET THEM HAVE THERE WAY!!!!!!!! Part 1 of 2   3/3/2003

My wife Debi and I had tried threesomes with most of my friends and we always had a good time.(Debi was a good tease and a better slut if you knew how to get her going. She loved sucking cock and being fucked. And once you got her pussy hot and her hotter she would do anything you wanted her to.)Well one of my best friends tom(tom is a good looking black man with a very large cock and ...

0 Comments, 446 Views, 193 Votes ,7.32 Score

I had been looking for another couple are bifemale to join me and help me fuck the shit out of my wife. Well I stared talking to this one young lady and she sounded really good. She had big tits and looked like she would be a lot of fun to fuck around with and seemed easy going. We talked back and forth for a month. Then I asked her if she would stop by my house so we could met and ...

0 Comments, 217 Views, 107 Votes ,6.96 Score
My Wife's surprise Part II   3/1/2003

Just to give you a brief recap from Part I, my wife, Jamie and I both come from conservative southern moral backgrounds. While we did experiment with heavy petting before we were married, we never actually had intercourse until afterwards. It was at this point that she turned into a sexual nympho. She want to fuck all the time. Keeping up with her sexual appetite was sometimes hard since I ...

2 Comments, 1572 Views, 197 Votes ,8.69 Score
Guilt or great 2   3/1/2003

I have shared other times Liz and I have had with you, now we continue Look us up : <br> Wow, I just blew out a great breath. Liz had agreed for Pete to shave her whole vaginal area. Bloody Helen was even helping. <br> I said I feel like a spare prick at a wedding mate. Your shaving the wife, I've had a peek at Helen and what am I supposed to do? <br> Mate ...

0 Comments, 105 Views, 60 Votes ,6.36 Score
Guilt or Great you decide   2/28/2003

Take an average couple. <br> Thats us. <br> Well thats not true really, when you scatch a bit, none of us are really average. <br> When you recall when you first meet your marriage partner and how much everything feels so nice, the looks, the smiles, well its wonderful. <br> You just grow together and get into a groove. <br> So ...

0 Comments, 184 Views, 240 Votes ,8.61 Score
rm_flyaway31 53 M
1  Article
How does a single Bi male become invented to swing parties   2/26/2003

I am an attractive Bi male that wnants to have group sex. I am somwhat picky but would love to be in a group settining. I am attractive, clean, and discreet. I am drug free (because of my job) so I do not object to some usage. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to swing if I am single. I do like to play with both. Oh I am able to travel coast to coast but would prefer the midwest. ...

0 Comments, 127 Views, 54 Votes ,1.53 Score
reluctant wifes first time   2/25/2003

My wife had allways said no to swapping etc, but this night we went to a party and she smoked weed for the first time, she came into the kitchen and sat on my lap, she whispered "take me home, I want fucking"I slipped my hands under her dress and felt her.She was soaking, I told her to take her panties off.She came back and sat on my lap, by now most people had left there were just 3 ...

2 Comments, 1309 Views, 413 Votes ,7.74 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
Her first soft swing   2/25/2003

My wife and I have been talking about swinging as a fantasy for years now and it really turns her on and me as well. She loves it when I talk to her about being with another man and what he would do to her. It gets her so worked up it makes for a wild time that’s for sure. I went out drinking one night with a friend from work and some how we got on this same subject and he asked me if ...

0 Comments, 777 Views, 162 Votes ,7.15 Score
Both Bi - and proud   2/23/2003

Several times we have been with other couples. My wife like to eat pussy and I like to watch her get fucked. With one couple, the guys cock really turned me on as I watched her suck it. I put my head next to her and we sucked it together. Surprised that she didn't mind. Turned us both on even more. He fucked her again and I sucked her hot pussy juice off of his cock wile she ate his wifes ...

0 Comments, 371 Views, 280 Votes ,8.36 Score
xyz1269 46 M
6  Articles
NEW JERSEY glory hole sex!   2/22/2003

My first experiences with another guy and glory holes. My girl took me to an adult book store with video booths which had glory holes. Once inside a booth she ordered me to take off all of my closes and a mans hand soon appeared at the glory hole. I was very hesitant but she forced me to stick my cock through the glory hole. As soon as my cock entered the hole I felt a warm pair of ...

0 Comments, 1129 Views, 217 Votes ,6.35 Score
My Wife's surprise   2/21/2003

My wife, Jamie, and I were both raise with conservative moral values. We met at age 19 and married one year later. While we had some erotic times together before we were married, we never actually had sex until afterwards. However, she turned into a sexual tigress. She wanted to fuck all the time. I went to school during the day and worked at night. Many times she would call me during ...

0 Comments, 1636 Views, 195 Votes ,7.15 Score
playfulshawna 61 F
1  Article

<br> <br> LET ME TELL YOU A STORY <br> <br> As strange and wild as this may seem ... it's true. Oh what a night! <br> <br> It started on Saturday evening at Holiday Inn. We checked into our adjoining rooms, anxiously awaiting others to arrive for a night of pleasure. We being my best friend, her hubby and myself. We were expecting ...

0 Comments, 624 Views, 127 Votes ,8.93 Score
WHO NEW???????   2/14/2003

Before my wife Debi and I got married we tried a open sex life and this is the true story of that first night. Well I had just moved out of my mom house 2 months ago and my roomate and I were just really getting settled. I had met a new guy name Brain he was cool and he made debi and I laugh. Brain was tall 6"5" and slim had blue eye's and from what I could tell when we were changing out ...

0 Comments, 366 Views, 126 Votes ,5.69 Score
Fixed Game to bad we didn't tell her!!!!!!!!   2/14/2003

True stroy!!! Many years ago I was doing lots of work as a carpertner and thats were I met Rodney(rodney was a nice guy and black as night and was hung like no tomorrw)rodney and I hit it off right away and became really good friends. Well one day my wife Debi came up to bring me lunch(debi as big tits and long nipples and a very wet pussy and loves to suck cock)I introducted him to debi ...

0 Comments, 550 Views, 172 Votes ,6.38 Score
lilchololate 60 C
1  Article
Ebony cant stop   2/12/2003

EBONEY QUEEN PART II <br> After a couple of months Yvette was more comfortable with the swinging idea. It was Saturday Morning and I was feeling horny all week since she only let me lick her I needed some relief. So I decided to the porn shop down the street and watch some videos. I found a booth that was not occupied and went inside the title of the video read Ghetto ...

0 Comments, 795 Views, 101 Votes ,8.13 Score
What Just happend   2/11/2003

My wife danna (danna has nice tit's and a very hot pussy and when she get's going she can fuck for hours at a time and love foreplay)and I went to a friends house to party. I had only met her friend candi once before but she seemed nice and had a nice body. When we got their candi's husband tom answered the door. Tom was good looking for a man he was 6foot and about 180. Danna gave him ...

0 Comments, 684 Views, 119 Votes ,8.88 Score
The Card Game   2/11/2003

Before my wife Debi(debi loves to suck cock and she has nice size tits and a wet pussy and a ass you just wanted to fuck)and I got married we had already had tried threesomes with a few of my friends. Well I started a new job and I met this black guy name Rodney(rodney was black and he was dark black. Debi and I had fooled around with a black guy before but not this dark)and we became ...

0 Comments, 587 Views, 227 Votes ,8.17 Score
rm_thx196 58 C
2  Articles
The first time   2/9/2003

The first time I watched another man fuck my wife was at a swingers club in Phoenix. At the time she was 27 and he had been married for 8 years. We had been going to the club for a few months and up until this night she had not gone any further than dancing and kissing. She was wearing a very sexy one piece pull over with nothing on underneath. We were in the hallway by the back rooms ...

0 Comments, 724 Views, 462 Votes ,9.17 Score
newwisswingers 62,1962 C
1  Article
my wifes 1st big cock   2/4/2003

My wife and i have been swinging for about 3 yrs now and have had many great experinces. 1 day she asked me if we could find a cpl where the guy had a huge cock. MY wife was a virgin when we married and hand no hung men before me. All the cpls we have been with since swinging have been average at best. We deciced to attend a swingers campout in western wisconsin to see what we could find. ...

0 Comments, 1022 Views, 155 Votes ,8.31 Score
I finally convinced my wife with a young stud she could'nt refuse   1/25/2003

We have been married over 25 years. I've always been turned on by the thought of group sex and orgies. Over the years i've tryed several times to get or even "trick" my wife into going to a swing club. The last time we got all the way to the parking lot. She had second thoughts and even third thoughts. Well we left after several minutes of me begging. Well if I was going to do this, I ...

1 Comments, 1918 Views, 320 Votes ,8.50 Score
Suprise for my wife   1/23/2003

I've been married to my new wife Danna for almost 5 years. And we are very happy. Danna has big tits and a pussy you just want to eat and play with for days at a time. We both had tried different things in are past and we told each other about every little thing and what I found out is she loved pussy. Given the choice of two men fucking her are 2 women fucking her she would pick the ...

0 Comments, 527 Views, 169 Votes ,7.16 Score
slt4blks2 49 F
3  Articles

Hi, this is Candi again and I wanted to let you know about mine and hubby's next get together with "John". As we were getting ready for his arrival I wanted to masturbate so badly knowing that I was going to be pounded by his huge black cock once again. But, I waited, knowing that I would be fully satisfied by him. When John got to the house I could instantly tell that he was a lot more ...

2 Comments, 911 Views, 246 Votes ,8.71 Score
a new experience for Liz and I   1/19/2003

Liz and I were welcomed at the door by Kathy. She quickly kissed us both and escorted us inside. I could tell Liz was nervous. I mean we were invited to a dinner party by a girl at the beach where I worked as a Lifeguard. Liz said I bet shes is beautiful. Well she was. But not as beautiful as you are Liz I told her in the car. Kathy introduced Liz to her husband Mark and then both of us to ...

0 Comments, 554 Views, 240 Votes ,8.66 Score
Stamina-always1 52 C
2  Articles
Caught in the act by my hubby   1/15/2003

I don't work so I go to gym 3 times a week and always see the same guy, when ever I saw him he always seemed to have a huge bulb in his pants - we get talking one day and he invites me for a drink, so we do and before you know it he walked me home as we live in the same complex so I though to return the favour by inviting him knowing full well that I wanted him to rip of my knickers and ...

0 Comments, 913 Views, 447 Votes ,4.43 Score
Caught with cock.   1/13/2003

My wife Debi and I had been married about 2 months and I had to leave for a couple of weeks to work on a new project for my company. I asked by best friend at that time name Hunt if he would stop by and check on her to make sure she was doing ok and didn't need anything. Well what I found out was she did need something while I was gone. She needed a Fat black cock that was ...

0 Comments, 869 Views, 160 Votes ,0.90 Score
rm_HERMM67 53 C
2  Articles
my wife lisa and vic new years eve cont.   1/13/2003

well there she was my wife lisa strapped in solid with feet in stirrups and pussy facing sean and about 8 of his friends.before we went to vics house he had gone earlier and asked sean about there affair and he said lisa always says we cant fuck as good as him.he felt funnt telling his dad this but when he knew we didnt care he was ok with it.vic ripped the tape off of lisas mouth and she ...

0 Comments, 274 Views, 88 Votes ,0.69 Score
2plus5just4fun 59 C
3  Articles
My wife helps sucking cock.   1/13/2003

Last weekend my wife and I went to a swingers party and it turned out to be the most erotic experience that we have ever had. We are fairly new to the lifestyle and up until now we have had some very rewarding experiences but they have all centered around us with other couples. The first time that she told me that she wanted to watch me with another woman was a big surprise because most of ...

0 Comments, 947 Views, 389 Votes ,9.01 Score
It just happened   1/10/2003

It was New Years and we had nothing on at all. We were not really in any kind of mood. I said to Liz lets go out for a drink. She agreed and we went to the local bar. <br> Walking inside I was really surprised and happy to see a guy I had been training. He wanted to become a lifeguard. <br> He was older than me but due to his marine training he continued to keep his ...

0 Comments, 529 Views, 501 Votes ,9.46 Score
slt4blks2 49 F
3  Articles

Hi, My name is Candi and as my handle claims I am a slut for big, black cock. I use to date black men in college so the part of being with a black guy wasn't new. I married my husband, who is white. Soon after were married I found out that he had a fantasy of seeing me with a black man. I did not live out his fantasy until over 8 yrs. later. I met a black man on who lives fairly ...

0 Comments, 1359 Views, 246 Votes ,8.49 Score
His dick as huge   1/10/2003

We had heard about this nude beach and to get there we had to walk about a mile down through rain forest. It was absolutely beautiful when we got there. There were maybe 100 poeple there all naked. All ages and all types. <br> Liz and I settled on a spot and took off our clothes. She began to spread out and apply suncream. I went into the surf for a swim. It felt so good and ...

1 Comments, 801 Views, 309 Votes ,8.91 Score
rm_HERMM67 53 C
2  Articles
my wife lisa with neighbor vic on new years eve   1/8/2003

my wife lisa is 33 yrs old 4'10" 95 lbs and very petite blonde hair blue eyes you can find us on or under name hermm67.vic is our neighbor next door divorced and mucher thicker in girth than me as well as longer about 9 to 10 inches at least and she cant even fit her hand around his cock shes been with him on 3 occasions only twice entering her pussy but only briefly then ...

0 Comments, 393 Views, 133 Votes
Erasurx 52 M
5  Articles
Lafox Party # 1   1/7/2003

It all started back in Aug. of 01'. My friends and I decieded to throw bash celibrating the fact that their roomate was moving out. He was a nasty drunk and was a negative person to have around but concidering the fact that he had lived there first and was close with the landlords they could't just kick him out. So when this guy finally left, My friend John said, "Man, we really need to ...

0 Comments, 93 Views, 118 Votes ,7.63 Score
2plus5just4fun 59 C
3  Articles
An unexpected participant   1/4/2003

My wife and I have started getting a little more adventurous with our experimentation into the swinging lifestyle. We have spent many nights talking about our fantasies and it always gets us so turned on that we have the most incredible sex. Especially when I start to whisper questions into her ear, she cums almost immediately and her orgasms are always the most intense, they seem to go on ...

0 Comments, 736 Views, 567 Votes ,9.47 Score
pamper1 62 F
25  Articles
My Christmas Gift... 2002   12/30/2002

For my Christmas gift from those who love me the most was a late evening pampering from my friends here on Maui Tuesday night. It consisted of 12 people not including myself. 11 of those 12 I knew but the one girl I didn't. She was a friend of Monica's who agreed to be there as a request of Monica as my so called 'gift' so to speak. <br> Michael had taken me out for a nice dinner ...

0 Comments, 290 Views, 83 Votes ,8.69 Score
2plus5just4fun 59 C
3  Articles
Her first time.   12/21/2002

My wife has always had this fascination with the idea of being fucked by two men, especially having one guy in her pussy and one in her ass. When we talk about it she gets so excited and cums faster and harder that normal. She has been so excited about the idea that I have had her get on all fours and I have fingered her ass while describing what it would be like to have two cocks fuck her ...

0 Comments, 840 Views, 663 Votes ,9.55 Score
Classycajunlady 68 C
7  Articles
He Fucked My Wife 's Ass   12/20/2002

We have enjoyed the company of only one couple over the last 2 years. We met at a bar for drinks after emails on My wife is 5'6" 125 lbs. with dark, curly hair and his wife is spanish and shorter. The first time we decided to play together, the girls kissed and made us only watch. They told us we were not allowed to get in "their" bed so both he and I stood next to the bed and watched. ...

1 Comments, 1363 Views, 392 Votes ,7.54 Score
A Night in Singapore   12/5/2002

I knew that I had to travel to Singapore on business in a few months, and I decided to put an inquiry on one of the swinger's sites in case I could meet with anyone to add some spice to my trip. I received a response from a couple who lived there, and we communicated via email for several months. He was British and she was Chinese, and they agreed to meet for dinner one evening during my ...

0 Comments, 353 Views, 128 Votes ,6.50 Score
Kurt's Birthday Present   11/25/2002

I had only joined recently; I was little more than halfway through a stint on a small island called Okinawa and to be honest the time was going by pretty slowly. I had swung previously in Virginia and I thought I’d try here and see if I could find some fun swingers who would invite me over to create some memorable times…yes, that means sex! Imagine my pleasant surprise ...

0 Comments, 86 Views, 209 Votes ,6.45 Score
plsrquest 72 C
1  Article
Rocky Mountain High   11/11/2002

My wife and I lived in Colorado at the time. After moving there 3 years before, we constantly received visitors from home, usually a week didn’t go by without someone visiting. Two of my wife’s friends, Renee and Rhonda (names changed to protect the the guilty) stopped in for a weekend. Renee was my wife’s best friend from high school, and was single, big tits and a nice ...

0 Comments, 504 Views, 165 Votes ,8.47 Score
She loved it!!!   11/8/2002

My wife and I have been married for 9 years now and recently have been telling each other our fantasies. My wife really was hesitant to tell me her fantasies and I would tell her different scenarios/stories as we made love. Always she would turn virtually into an animal as I described another man joining us and giving her that extra tongue and hands and penis to totally satisfy her. It ...

0 Comments, 760 Views, 174 Votes ,8.63 Score
My first experience   11/4/2002

I meet this lady on and we talked and exchanged pictures online for a week or so. Then she asked for my phone number. I gave it to her and about 4:30 this afternoon she called and very simply and straight forward said "Are you available tonight?" I replied yes what time and where. She said about 8:00 pm. So I got the directions from her husband and headed out. Now i must expalin that ...

0 Comments, 111 Views, 127 Votes ,3.66 Score
sunny33319 65 C
2  Articles
IT JUST DOESN   11/2/2002

My wife and I have been married for over twenty five years.I have loved her from the first time I saw her walking away from me with her gorgeous ass and very long hair swinging to an unknown music. We both look young for our age but she is this beautiful creature of 5'0", 125 lbs., great looking, jet black and wavy shoulder lenght hair and sparkling green eyes. She is petite with ...

1 Comments, 703 Views, 111 Votes ,2.34 Score
Great bi mmf threesome   10/28/2002

For the past several years I have always had this girl that I could just call and fuck. No matter if I or her was in a serious realationship at the time. She has always been the best fuck. She is a very big girl at 5'2, 195. But with that comes a great set of tits. They are just huge. With my serious relationships I have always been into group sex and on several times tried to ...

1 Comments, 1343 Views, 392 Votes ,7.79 Score
College girls first Threesome   10/24/2002

When I meet my girlfriend in college we instantly fell in love. She was a very pretty girl. She was about 5'11, 125 and c cup breast. She really loved sex and had been with her far share of guys. The more we talked about our past the more I found out about her wild times. She loved sucking cock and admited sucking guys off outside the club that she did not even know. She told me all ...

0 Comments, 346 Views, 124 Votes ,6.25 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
Football Party Bets   10/21/2002

My wife and I have a lot of fun with sex and where pretty open minded about it as well. She’s my little sex slave and she lost a bet we made. So I had to think up a punishment for her. So I thought up this fun game we could play at our next football party. So I made up a football board with numbers on it just like you would in a real football pool. The person that wins that quarter ...

1 Comments, 1940 Views, 381 Votes ,8.46 Score
Three-some in Philippines   10/20/2002

We are an Indian expat couple living in Makati, the business district of Manila. One of my office colleagues, a Filipina, (Amy) lives alone since her husband works in the Gulf. She always used to say that her life is quite boring due to loneliness. Amy became a good friend and started visiting us frequently on weekends. We live in a condo and have a swimming pool on the roof. One Saturday, ...

0 Comments, 730 Views, 141 Votes ,8.39 Score
Classycajunlady 68 C
7  Articles
Wife Loves to Suck and Watch Too!   10/18/2002

For about a year, my wife would get very hot whenever I suggested that we have another man join us in bed for her to suck while I watch. She admitted that watching those big cocks in the XXX movies and thinking about me watching her suck one was very exciting to her. So when we went to Las Vegas for a convention, we went to an adult club. It was called The Rooster Club. When our cab arrived ...

5 Comments, 1641 Views, 370 Votes ,3.12 Score
rm_steven235 69 C
1  Article
sharing my wife with another man   10/16/2002

My wife and I have fantasized about having a threesome with another man for years and it finally happened. We've had an add on for two years trying to find the right person to share this with. I wasn't sure what to expect nor was my wife, needless to say we were very nervous thus failed to find anything right about anyone that responded. <br> Eventually we made contact with a ...

2 Comments, 1056 Views, 156 Votes ,7.69 Score
behind69upfrnt 62 C
1  Article
3sum for a friend   10/15/2002

Well, lets start off by saying that me and my girlfriend love one another very much and we love to make eachother feel good to the max.We've had 3-sums before but it's been awhile, just could'nt find the right person's to do it with.But anyways my best friend knew about me and Tina and was asking if he could join in maybe sometime.I told him that we would see and if He could handle the ...

0 Comments, 230 Views, 95 Votes ,5.25 Score
First Bi exp w/couple   10/6/2002

Well it all staryed here on, I hooked up with a couple via email first then tried to set up a time to meet but it always fell through. So we started chatting by phone and we got a good vibe off each other and we decided again to meet up, but something always screws it up. So the husband said they only have time during the mornings due to thier work schedule and i only have afternoon ...

0 Comments, 230 Views, 292 Votes ,6.49 Score
I had sex with a stranger   10/3/2002

That evening I went for swimming. I was still trying to learn. I saw a stranger come near me and tried to help me and teach me. I did not mind that so long as I would learn swimming. He tried to tell me different methods and emphasised that I should keep my head staight out of water and my neck should be straight. It tired my neck though. After about half hour of swimming, I decided to go ...

0 Comments, 136 Views, 239 Votes ,3.29 Score

I was flying in a cross-Atlantic flight. I was wearing very sexy dress and a very low neck blouse. I could realise that lot of necks were turning around me for the want of a look at that deep clevage in that low neck. <br> The flight did not have many passangers on it as it was a low season. Soon after the service, it was night time and I chose a few empty seats to go to sleep. ...

0 Comments, 105 Views, 136 Votes ,3.80 Score
We finally had our threesome!!   10/1/2002

I am a man in my mid-forties and have been happily married since my early twenties. Throughout our married lives, my wife and I have spoken openly about our sexual fantasies, using them as scenarios for our love-making. We acted out several, including her giving me head in a theatre, flashing her tits while in the car and accidentally bumping into a stranger and copping a feel. We had ...

0 Comments, 2023 Views, 437 Votes ,9.38 Score
Sex in Japan   9/20/2002

First Trip To Japan <br> I’m in the armed forces and was assigned to Osaka, Japan. I really didn’t want to go but had no choice. My first few days were very boring because I had an office job. One night I went out to one of the local service clubs for military men. I met a Japanese guy about, 35 or 40 years of age. We had a few drinks and asked me did I want to make ...

0 Comments, 119 Views, 187 Votes
rm_explorus2 57 C
1  Article
Swinging, and single male discrimination...   9/18/2002

The reason the single male gets a bad is because of the consistent lack of being able to love and commit...hence which is why they are single...many couples look for more of long term type relations and single guys just dont...they look more for the one now you have another chapter...

0 Comments, 146 Views, 124 Votes
rm_Orgasmic4u2 56 F
5  Articles
I KNEW I COULD TURN YOUR HEAD...part II (part one July4th)   9/15/2002

You looked so hot and sexy in your black t-shirt, tucked into your dark blue jeans. The black leather belt with the smokey grey clasp and black leather shoes sent me lusting after the man underneath the clothing. You dressed to fit my sexual desires..... I wanted to have you naked and for you to just take me...have me..lust over me, desire me....have me.......but you made me take ...

0 Comments, 178 Views, 94 Votes ,3.74 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
It happen out of no where   9/12/2002

My wife and I have talked about being with a another person male or female. We read the forums and get all worked up and have a good time in fantasy. We also like to go out and try to find places in public to have sex. I posted a about our time out at the movies a few months ago. Well nothing new until last night. We set out last night in need of some fun went to a few bars and had a few ...

0 Comments, 1215 Views, 183 Votes ,7.97 Score
wife's fantasy come true   7/17/2002

My wife and I talked a lot about our sexual fantasies but never really did anything about it. I told her that I would like to watch her with another guy but we didn't know how to go about it. On vacation we decided to call a male escort service to have a man come over. When he came over he and my wife were giving each other massages when he started to give her oral sex. She took off his ...

0 Comments, 1089 Views, 1512 Votes ,3.79 Score
Wed only planned it and now weve done it   7/8/2002

Jenny and I have talked at great length about how sexy it would be to watch another couple having sex. We have often fantasised about it and has been our foreplay for quite some time. It has usually been me that started things off with a suggestion or 2 and she has picked up on the story and got herself all hot and bothered. In that last few months though Jenny has started asking what ...

0 Comments, 174 Views, 487 Votes ,4.39 Score
pamper1 62 F
25  Articles
Birthday 3 Sum... FFM   7/6/2002

A couple who I have been known to play with on separate occasions had invited me over for dinner for my birthday, they are a married couple and I originally began an affair with him which lasted well over 3 years. When I was in KC about a year or so ago he had invited me over to his house for a BBQ with him and his wife and some other people. As the day wore on I had eventually spoken with his ...

0 Comments, 314 Views, 268 Votes ,9.26 Score
rm_Dash7610 47 M
1  Article
My 18th B-day with g/f and her best friend!   7/5/2002

This story too place a few years ago when I was studying to be a flight mechanic! It was a new town to me and I went out a few times to see if there were any action and to my surprise it was quite a lot of action. After a few weeks I met a girl that became my girlfriend. We had a very fun time but I never thought that I would get every mans dream and that at my 18th b-day. <br> Me and ...

0 Comments, 261 Views, 403 Votes ,9.08 Score
rm_Orgasmic4u2 56 F
5  Articles
My fantasy...I knew I could turn your head....Part one   7/4/2002

I spent the day at the spa. The pedicure, manicure, facial...and finally the full wax...leaving me feeling wonderfully relaxed and very pretty. I then went to the lingere shop to buy a very sexy bra and thong panty set with matching thigh high show off my full body tan. After.... a great meal and passionate love making with my husband I had a ...

0 Comments, 230 Views, 113 Votes ,5.23 Score
2red 62 C
3  Articles


0 Comments, 803 Views, 1228 Votes ,4.72 Score
Cowgirl's Stampede Fuckfest   6/24/2002

The Calgary Stampede is the ?greatest outdoor show on earth, ? but, there is also a great indoor show as well. Traditionally, Tammy, my wife, has gone out on the Wednesday of Stampede week, for a little girls? night out, at the western bars in town. These become a real meat market at stampede and she would always tell me of the men who pawed her, tried to take her out for some action, and ...

0 Comments, 256 Views, 110 Votes ,8.03 Score
bob0326 80 M
104  Articles
first swing club a success   6/20/2002

We where in Vegas and I had learned of the Red Rooster club through the Odyssey mag. I had told my wife about it and got the usual, youv'e got to kidding look. We where drinking and both flirting a little, we got in the car and I started to the club and got the where are you going thing, I told her I just want to check it out while we're here for pete sake. We arrived and paid the usual ...

2 Comments, 1316 Views, 635 Votes ,8.51 Score
Classycajunlady 68 C
7  Articles
Classy Southern Wife Finally Agrees to 3 Some.   6/20/2002

After discussing my desire to watch my very beautiful wife she finally agreed, but it would have to be out of town. Well we went to Las Vegas for a 4 night long weekend. I had photos of guys for her to select from writing to guy in Las Vegas and she selected on named "I have a fat one". After one drink at the bar, I asked my wife "what do you think of him". She said, "He is alright" but let go ...

1 Comments, 1399 Views, 138 Votes ,5.87 Score
My best friend's wife   6/8/2002

My best friend?s wife has always thought that I was a good-looking (blond, blue-eyed, 6?2- 210lbs). Even when we attended college she said that she had her eye on me. After my best friend?s first three years of marriage with her he approached me one night and asked me if I would be interested in having a threesome with he and his wife. I, at first, thought he was crazy. I was divorced at ...

0 Comments, 314 Views, 281 Votes ,7.98 Score
Pattislifestyle 59 F
2  Articles
Our 2nd swingers party experience   4/23/2002

Hubby and I arrived at the party pretty early, around 7:15 or so. We had been asked to go around and try to make the new people feel at ease so we did. We walked around and chatted with several couples. We had something to eat and had a drink. I was wearing a halter top that the neckline went down to my waist showing off my breasts in their entirety except for the nipples. A mini skirt with ...

0 Comments, 889 Views, 129 Votes ,8.34 Score
LaMatt31313 65 M
1  Article Works (1)   4/20/2002

Well, this will be the first of a long line of articles to AAF. I will keep you? all informed of the progress of this relationship. I meet the couple on AAF. They are in there forties and so am I. They have been married to 20+ years. I have been divorced for a while. They are prominent in their community and so am I. He wants to see her with another man. She just wants to make him ...

0 Comments, 149 Views, 18 Votes ,1.35 Score
rm_terry950 68 C
2  Articles
Love to Watch My Wife With Other Men   4/11/2002

My wife has been screwing her former manager for over ten years. It all started when she went to visit relatives in a city some distance away from home. She looked up her former co-worker, who I will call Tom, one evening when she was feeling like going out for the evening. It turns out that when they returned to her hotel room, after drinks and dinner, he had ideas. We had always ...

0 Comments, 903 Views, 68 Votes ,6.31 Score
Pattislifestyle 59 F
2  Articles
Our first swinger's party!   3/27/2002

<br> Hi my name is P and I'm a happily married woman, married 25 years to J. We decided to spice up our sex life and attend a swingers party. I also have come out and told him that I'm a bisexual woman, this makes my hubby very happy and he loves to watch me lick pussy! We drove to a distant town to avoid knowing anyone to attend our first swingers party. We checked into the hotel ...

0 Comments, 1521 Views, 145 Votes ,9.16 Score
IN THE BEGINNING   3/23/2002

In the Beginning... <br> My husband, Greg, and I decided to put an ad in the personalson, to spice up our sex life. I am 41, and Greg is 55. We selected an ad from a single 37 year old male, who had studied massage, which was a bonus as far as I was concerned. We arranged to meet Pedro at the park/fishing pier, located next to the Antioch bridge. Since ...

0 Comments, 421 Views, 22 Votes ,4.57 Score
Back Seat Bliss   2/14/2002

As a 54-year-old divorced man in pretty good shape, I'm open to the occasional encounter with a willing lady. If she happens to be part of a couple, well, I'm game for that as well -- as long as the other guy is straight. Last summer I responded to an ad which appeared in a swinger's magazine. The ad had been placed by a couple with "limited experience" which had stimulated their desire ...

0 Comments, 129 Views, 20 Votes ,6.32 Score
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
fucking the pool man   2/10/2002

I am Donna, a 42 year old housewife (look 32) with a model's figure and 34D tits. I live in a sunshine state and nude sunbathe year round. One day a new pool man caught me off guard and observed me totally nude by the pool. He was young, muscular, and handsome and I let him take a good look as I towled off and excused myself to let him work. He commented on my body and said he missed ...

0 Comments, 685 Views, 66 Votes ,8.93 Score
rm_mr_mrs_love 65 C
2  Articles
Super Bowl 2002   2/8/2002

“SUPER BOWL 2002” <br> <br> Let me start by saying this maybe the best Super Bowl ever. As in the past 10 years I’ve hosted a Super Bowl party at my home. This year was not much different. I had invited 5 friends over for some Poker and to watch the game. Like in the past my wife (Linda) would turn the house over to me, ...

0 Comments, 352 Views, 515 Votes ,0.91 Score
Maybe tommorrow   1/4/2002

My wife and i are never together, we have seperate days off. I usually spend the off days with my labarador mix, who was playing loose in the yard. i noticed she would walk by me and rub her cunt on the grass. I thought about some articles i had read about pet loving so i decided to try it on my pet. I went into the garage and she followed me. I called her on come to me and bent down to ...

0 Comments, 181 Views, 132 Votes
Deezvonsleeze 54 M
2  Articles
Skinny runner girl   12/13/2001

We were athletic partners having met in college years previously. Lea had the tall and lean build perfect for a runner: long legs leading to a firm round butt, slim hips, a narrow waist, and perpetually stiff nipples on small, perky breasts. She was a shy young woman, but her intelligence and wittiness added to her quiet sexiness. Although not drop dead gorgeous, her sandy blond hair, blue ...

0 Comments, 176 Views, 49 Votes ,9.16 Score
Is it too much to ask for?   12/5/2001

Hello, So here it is... I have a wonderful lover who is also my best friend, however we are not a couple! We have a great relationship, one which many may envy! So this is what we are looking for now! He has confided in me that he is curious! Curious about how it feels to suck a cock. Now that's fine with me, cause I've always wanted to see 2 men together. However, ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 11 Votes
The secret to losing wight!!!   12/4/2001

Okay this is it men and woman this is all you have to do. What ever you drink, stop it. Esspecially soda! Drink water and lots of it. O'come on it's not that bad. It keeps you full and you loose more wight than you thought posible!I was 220 pounds. I started this and I am down to 160!!! You can do it!!!

0 Comments, 33 Views, 12 Votes ,0.15 Score
Saturday Night Nightmare   11/21/2001

My wife and I are a quiet couple in our early 40s. We married early and I have been my wifes only lover. She is quite a flirt and has an outgoing personality but what she did last Saturday nearly blew me away, one with excitement and the other with jealousy. We had been out to the pubs then onto the clubs and at around 3pm had started to walk towards home looking for a taxi. She was ...

0 Comments, 356 Views, 9 Votes ,3.43 Score
YES>>>CAll the wife   11/17/2001

It does not matter if a spouse cannot or will not have sex with there husband, if this man is seeing someone else he should be freaking honest....Why lie if there is some type of problem at home, do not lead someone into thinking there is going to be a relationship when there is no possible way it can happen. Go find a if you cannot handle the intanglement. You will not be the cause of a ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 648 Votes
rm_mr_mrs_love 65 C
2  Articles
sherri gets seduced   10/12/2001

sherri had a HOT body. she was married with two small boys and her husband ignored her. they had started out as high school sweethearts and after fourteen years, they were just too familiar. <br> I was introduced to her by a coworker and i was very interested in her. several weeks later after the coworker had left, we were chatting online. <br> holding my breath, i admitted ...

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0 Comments, 30 Views, 6 Votes
BLACK ASS   8/9/2001

Well I'm a single white male in my late 40's.After my divorce I decided to relocate. The new neighbors that I became most fond of, was a black couple that lived next door. I would volunteer to help he and his wife with doing their yard work from time to time. I’d all ready noticed that his wife was a very attractive lady and she had a very athletic body, she had a brown skinned ...

2 Comments, 618 Views, 43 Votes ,8.60 Score
2 cocks and me - my first threesome   8/6/2001

I have waited sooooo long to type a story in here, I have been reading them for awhile and couldn't wait to type my own. Well this weekend gave me the opportunity! Me and my husband have been talking about having a threesome for awhile now but I was alittle uncomfortable with the idea. Also we didn't know where to go to find a participant, I am 5'5' 130 lbs. brown hair and eyes great ...

0 Comments, 639 Views, 107 Votes ,9.05 Score
TiltedKilt 60 M
2  Articles
Happy Anniversary, Baby!   8/3/2001

I live and work in a tourist town, so I see a lot of couples celebrating one event or another. Once I got to participate intimately in one such celebration, and it was the night of my life! Rob and I worked together years ago, so when he called me from the farm town where he and his wife lived, asking me for ideas on where to and how to party for their fifth anniversary, I told him to ...

0 Comments, 133 Views, 21 Votes ,6.34 Score
To many late nights my husband stayed in his work   7/25/2001

<br> My name is Sue I'm 38 and I been married now for 10 years, my husband for last 4 years or so started stay at work late. The sex life was down to 1 or 2 time a month all his energy was going to his business and to little to me. One night I worked out for my girl friend to see what we can to fix this problem. I knew my husband (Bill) will be in about 11 PM I need to get good and ...

0 Comments, 943 Views, 47 Votes ,2.81 Score
The Blond and the Flower vase   7/21/2001

A blond and a brunette are walking down this street, as they are walking they pass by a flower shop. While passing the flower shop the brunette looks in the window and sees her boyfriend inside. "Damn.......My boyfriend is in there buying me flowers again"!!!! say's the brunette. To which the Blond say's "What is wrong with him buying you flowers?" The brunette then replies "I just ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
Watching My Wife   4/28/2001

<br> <br> I wouldn t call it swinging, it was only recently that we have been involved with Roy. We met by placing an ad in a swingers club called which I had found on the internet. You see it was always a fantasy of mine to watch my wife Carol being fucked by someone else. We have been married for 23 years and we were both virgins. Early in our marriage I had an ...

0 Comments, 611 Views, 178 Votes ,1.05 Score
rm_bobby11453 62 M
0  Articles

My wife had always been very critical about my attempts to get her into the swinging lifestyle . The most I could ever get her to admit to in the throes of passion during our lovemaking sessions , was her desire to be fucked by a big black cock . I was surfing the net one day and came across a swingers' site. I found that one of the ads was from a black married male who was both well-hung ...

0 Comments, 244 Views, 114 Votes
scott4donna 68 C
4  Articles
sharing sisters   4/22/2001

I recently took a trip to Las Vegas with my two sisters and two nieces for a "girls weekend". I'm married, early forties, with a nice figure and large breasts. I've lived the alternative lifestyle for twenty years, and had an open-marriage for the last eightteen years with my husband's blessings. My divorced prudish older sister and her 21 year old joined me with her -in-law, and my ...

0 Comments, 756 Views, 44 Votes ,8.14 Score
Uncertainty can be an Aphrodisiac - part one   4/7/2001

Part One This is a story that happened a few years ago, It's true exceptthe names have been changed to protect those that care. My wife Lori is a beautiful womanof about 5' 10", nice hardy titties that are large but not 'Big' and they looked good all the time,she never wore a bra so they were extra exciting to look at. I'm ...

0 Comments, 74 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
First time swinging couple having a hard time finding a woman to join us.   3/27/2001

Hi all, <br> My girlfriend recently admitted to me that she was bi-curiousand wanted to try having a threesome with another woman. We are gold members with pics on this site, and have had no luck in finding someone to join us. What would be the best way to find someone? Is it our profile? Our pics? If anyone could give us some pointers Id appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

2 Comments, 61 Views, 4 Votes ,0.14 Score
dreandjan1224 58,1959 C
1  Article
Her first swing!   2/12/2001

Hi, This is about my wife, Janice's first time having sex with anorther man, since we've been married. She, had been come to by one of her costumers in her store. She asked me what she should do and I told her to go for it. AT first she was nervous but, I calmed her down and the guy came over. I'm a preety good size guy, (about seven inches and thick with a slight curve and bend to the ...

1 Comments, 384 Views, 14 Votes ,1.22 Score
rm_rayfor 81 C
1  Article
I've always wanted her to make me watch her.   1/23/2001

My wife and I have been married for ten years, but were both sexually active with others before we were married and occasionally we would tell each other in detail of our sexual experiences with others and as a result it always made both of us very sexually excited and we found ourselves fucking each other wildly before the stories were finished being told. Once married, however, we became ...

1 Comments, 1030 Views, 40 Votes ,8.35 Score
watching it all   1/13/2001

We had often talked about it. It always led to great sex. But like a lot of stories I've read, I truly didn't think my wife would have sex with another guy. For years, it was just a fantasy of mine she indulged as that - a fantasy. And then Lynne discovered Marcus. He was a friend of mine from High School who Lynne had never met until business started bringing him to our city a few ...

0 Comments, 654 Views, 17 Votes ,7.37 Score
My girl's first time   9/26/2000

One night I went out with my girl. We were not in mood to go to the same old places, so we looked for a new pub. We found out a very nice little one. Slow music, good drinks, not very expansive. After a couple of drinks I noticed 2 guys studing carefully my girlfriend. They had what to study: she is 180 cms tall, about 62 kgs weight (sorry for american people, but I live in Europe and I am ...

0 Comments, 181 Views, 6 Votes ,5.64 Score
Games for Three   9/21/2000

A few years ago, I was a single 25 year old male, on the prowl for sex like any other young stud. I have always had an attraction for women in their 30's and 40's. One night while hanging out in a bar/dance club that played classic rock and oldies, I was asked to dance by an attractive redhead. She was around 40, only reasonably pretty, but with long legs and a tight butt as I could ...

0 Comments, 157 Views, 11 Votes ,6.53 Score
My Girlfriend, her sister and her lover   9/20/2000

My girlfriend is a beautiful woman, with many modelling assignments under her belt, she also does dancing as a hobby. Her sister is a full-time model and drives me absolutely nuts when I see her. One weekend about a month ago, my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the coast for the weekend with her sister and boyfriend. I naturally agreed, looking forward to seeing her and her sister ...

0 Comments, 1013 Views, 34 Votes ,7.91 Score
Never saw it comming .... My Girlfriends first   9/18/2000

My girlfriend (sara) and I have been together for about a year now. We never really talked about swinging or anything like that, but she knew that it turned me on when we would go out and other guys would give her "that" look. Who could blame them? She's 21 years old with shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes. A wonderful tight cheerleader body 5'4" 110 pounds with a firm ...

0 Comments, 220 Views, 15 Votes ,6.81 Score
PussyEater50319 52 M
1  Article
My Wife's friend Nancy   9/16/2000

My wife's friend Nancy had recently moved back. She and my wife grew up on the same block and have known each other since before they were in school. Nancy had married, moved away, divorced, and now returned. My wife called me at work to tell me she and Nancy were going to spend the day together shopping, hanging out, ect.. and she would be joining us for dinner. I didn?t think much of ...

1 Comments, 1476 Views, 40 Votes ,8.83 Score
Wife's sex-on-the-side fantasy come true   9/13/2000

My wife and I have been together for about 4yrs and our sex life is pretty good. Well, one night it happened, we had a couple of drinks and started having sex. It started out the usual, then she asked me about a fantasy of mine. I told her I would love to be with her and another woman at the same time. She then proceeded to tell me about her fantasy, whispering in my ear as I slowly ...

1 Comments, 512 Views, 24 Votes ,6.42 Score
First Time for A Shy Wife   9/8/2000

I've always asked my wife to be with another man. At first she didn't like the idea but agreed to give it a try. Our plan was to go to a local club where it was for mostly adults. My wife was to go in the club & sit at the bar by herself basically to get picked up. If she had success she was to call me on the cell phone & I was to come in & watch. Well it didn't take long to get her ...

0 Comments, 480 Views, 33 Votes ,1.77 Score
Le Pluriel in Paris   8/23/2000

Le Pluriel We are a Couple from Southern England and we visited the "pluriel" club just off the Rue de Rivoli, Paris. It's a very impressive/ tasteful venue on four levels goingdown from the entrance/bar which is on the street level. It was a little quiet on the night we went but then it was a cold and wet December night. There were about 6-8 couples and about 15-20 single guys, plus ...

1 Comments, 94 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
My wifes friend comes over for a swim!   8/22/2000

My parents took our three to camp four a week and the prospects of us being alone in our own house for the first time in years excited us. On the day the left we got in our swimsuits and laid in the pool drinking margaritas and just relaxing. After about an hour and a half one of my wives girlfriends from work came by and we invited her in for a swim. As the drinks flowed and the ...

0 Comments, 415 Views, 58 Votes ,0.26 Score
A dream come true   8/20/2000

When my wife and I got married it was a great relationship. We had sex every night and sometimes all night long. My wife just couldn't help but brag to her best friend Missy about our sex life. Little did I know what would happen due to their conversation! Missy came over to visit us one night and suggested we play cards. We were drinking a few beers and having a good time just goofing ...

0 Comments, 171 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
Couldn't believe my eyes!   8/19/2000

It really did start out as a routine day. That night my wife and I had a business dinner to attend for her work. I really don't like the place because all the guys seem to be on the make. My wife is a very pretty woman with a great body for having 2 but all these young punks she works with are always making moves. So we go and I am not happy about the whole situation. The party has a ...

4 Comments, 2003 Views, 680 Votes
rm_slowhand132 62 C
1  Article
Jamaica Foursome Anyone?   8/12/2000

Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me, But... My wife (a great hard body and very sexy) and I and a whole bunch of other naked folks were in the large, nude hot tub at a Jamaica resort when a rainstorm came up and cooled everyone off. Something about the pitter-patter of the raindrops seemed to make everyone hornier than we already were. I started to kiss my wife ...

0 Comments, 289 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
First Couple from Online   8/7/2000

(I have changed the names for discression purposes) Thought I would share my first experience with meeting people on line. I have been replying to several ads and have almost hooked up with a few ladies and couples but, it just never seemed to work out. One day was a bit different. Sarah decided that she wanted to meet. We decdied to meet at a local pizza/Italian place. We meet out ...

1 Comments, 245 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
Night of the Exoitc Dancer   8/6/2000

One night my wife went out with a couple of friends to watch male erotic dancers performing. My wife being the outgoing type that she is, convinced one of the dancers to come back to our place for an after hours visit with her and the other girls. He did come back, visiting, and performing some more private shows, to the girls delight. As the night wound down, and the other girls were ...

1 Comments, 160 Views, 11 Votes ,0.74 Score
rm_painterdude 59 C
1  Article
strangers off the roadside   8/1/2000

For years my wife, and myself would fantasize while indulging in endless hours of sweaty sex, about involving a total stranger in our sex games. One evening as she was sucking and caressing my cock, I brought up our fantasy and began to recant it as she sucked more feverishly on my now throbbing member. Just as I was about to come our phone rang, and it was a friend whom was having car ...

0 Comments, 947 Views, 11 Votes ,6.16 Score
rm_crashes72 52 M
1  Article
fre-for-all   7/31/2000

I decided one night I would do something different, I saw an add in the paper and decided to bite the bullet (go for it what have you got to lose). It is nothing that you can put into words. It was like another world that had not been walked on, easy to explain but not taken notice of untill experienced. That is where I would have to say I got the BEST blow job/roots out. An experience ...

0 Comments, 55 Views, 4 Votes
wife's first massage   7/27/2000

For many years I have gone for massage therapy for my back problems. My wife, Shar has even bought hours for me on special occasions. She always seemed intrigued but shy to have a stranger touch her, man or woman. She was excited by the facy that my massages were always full body and copletely nude. When I would bring her close to climax while massaging her she often asked if that was ...

1 Comments, 1442 Views, 29 Votes ,7.75 Score
rm_flewman 53 M
2  Articles
My wifes best friend   7/20/2000

It all started with my wife and her best friend watching the video that myself and my wife made. I was at work and they watched it because my wife liked to show off my cock to other women. Well, I got a call at work and it was Lou (my wifes best friend) she said that she wanted to suck my cock when I got home so that I knew what a good blowjob was. I was shocked and thought she was ...

0 Comments, 373 Views, 9 Votes ,5.78 Score
My Experience   7/18/2000

Recently throught, I was invited to join a group, who met in different cities in motels, for fun and just plain going naked. Being new to this, I was abit reserved, until arriving with my bottle of wine. What a welcome and surprise, no pressure, join in if I wanted to, or just watch, no pressure. Soon I was disrobing exposing my humble body to the masses. Hey, we all looked the ...

1 Comments, 60 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Shy wife's first bi encounter   7/12/2000

We had been out dancing and drinking all evening with a large group of friends. We entered the darkly lit bar and immediately felt like all eye's were on us as we came down the entry stairs. It was then she caught my eye. It was our single neighbor who happened to adverise on the same swappers site as my wife and I. She told me by phone she and friends would be here and would be looking for ...

1 Comments, 245 Views, 12 Votes ,5.98 Score
rm_melissa28570 51 F
1  Article
me and hubby having alot of fun   6/26/2000

One night me and my hubby, got together with two of our friends. We were drinking and talking about swinging, well the nexted thing I know we were all aked, touching and caressing each other, I was to wet I have never thought it would feel this way.. Touching others, and having hot steamy sex, outside your marriage .... it was awesome ... I would recomend and one who wants towing then go ...

2 Comments, 347 Views, 12 Votes ,3.33 Score
ZootieBear 51 M
2  Articles
Welcome to the world...   6/26/2000

My wife has been in the pagen world all her life but I've never really been involved, until now that is. She recently went on a camping trip with her pagen buddies while I had to stay home for other reasons. I wanted to go but just couldn't swing it, I wish I had though. It turns out that her pagen friends are great, friendly, hedonistic group of people that have no problem with ...

2 Comments, 197 Views, 4 Votes ,5.19 Score
My Wife Fucked by two cocks.   6/25/2000

My wife and myself always talked about our fantasies and our most pressing one was to have a threesome whereby she would be banged by 2 cocks at the same time. So I asked her jokingly one day when was she going to get the second cock, and she replied maybe soon. A week later she told me she had found a man called awadh, a Jordanian. We arranged to meet at a hotel out of town whereby we ...

1 Comments, 1338 Views, 36 Votes ,7.21 Score
cavalierone1 67 M
3  Articles
getting it in the end   6/20/2000

I am a pretty easy going guy. I am robust and have a high sexual drive. My girl friend, Lucy, doesn't always share my enthusiasm for sex. Lucy stands about 5?2? has a petite build. She has quite a nice figure with dark hair and hazel eyes she is quite a looker. She has medium breasts and a beautiful tight butt, as the man says she ain?t no slouch. ...

1 Comments, 370 Views, 7 Votes ,4.31 Score
Is Eight Enough?   6/19/2000

Our first convention was in 1999. We were not prepared for what awaited us. We met two couples from our home state and they had already been invited to a party "after the party" and invited us to join them. Eight costumed couples met in a suite. Very little conversation, we were all nervous. Our host suggested that all the women take turns massaging the men. Nude, of course. It was ...

1 Comments, 698 Views, 14 Votes ,5.54 Score
Three In A Boat!   6/13/2000

The evening started with a couple of drinks as we waited to meet our new male friend. He was to meet us at our boat that has a small but very cozy cabin. Just enough for three people to get very friendly! As we sipped our drinks I couldn't stop thinking about how she would look in a little while as she showed our new friend her great tits and pussy and how his cock would look as it went ...

1 Comments, 276 Views, 10 Votes ,5.18 Score
Brief Encounter   6/3/2000

Brief Encounter It was the first time I had responded to a personal ad. We agreed to meet at a nearby restaurant for drinks and to get acquainted. I arrived early so that when they arrived, I would be able to watch them searching for that certain stranger. They arrived right on time and began to scan the parking lot and lobby. The woman was about 35, slender with long brown hair that ...

0 Comments, 325 Views, 10 Votes ,5.58 Score
What you do with two hard ones!!!!!   5/31/2000

The day started off a little bizarre with a gleam in my wife's eyes. I had no idea what I was in store for. My wife is a prude in my opinion. She does not like to vary many things when it comes to sex, but she would surprise me on this day. We sat around the house all day and she kept teasing me and grabbing my dick, but would not let me fuck her. So, when we went out later that night with ...

1 Comments, 350 Views, 8 Votes ,6.26 Score
txswingers 53 C
1  Article
Swing Club Eye Candy   5/29/2000

We have enjoyed going to on premise swing clubs over the years. We view it as great Eye Candy. Sometimes we find a couple that we click with and then it gets even more fun. In the past, my wife has had no trouble finding inviting cocks to suck on. She loves to give head and leave the guy unable to walk afterwards. One time, she surprised me by telling me she wanted a black guy that she ...

2 Comments, 510 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score
Our first 4some   5/24/2000

My wife and I has discussed swinging with another couple as a way to increase the intensity of our own sex. One night in the chatrooms, we met another local couple about our ages who had a webcam. They performed some great sex for us and we couldn't resist inviting them over the same night - within 3 min they showered and drove over. We sat around, drinking some beers before deciding to ...

0 Comments, 482 Views, 18 Votes ,5.85 Score
just_for_fun_01 53 C
0  Articles
A boring I thought (true story)   4/26/2000

I have to relate a story that happened to us a few months ago, my wife and I have always talked about a threesome, but I was beginning to believe that it would remain a fantasy forever. My wife had experienced a threesome many years ago, and had told me all the intimate details, it made me hornier than hell and I wanted some of that action! As it happened I went to a work party one night, ...

1 Comments, 1613 Views, 16 Votes ,5.19 Score
jim beam + wife = 3some   4/24/2000

Resently after makeing love on the couch all day and watching football and trying to drink an entire bottle of jim beam we found oursleves very experitantal at this point first I asked would you like to do another dick caught up in the excitment she said yes, me being A little hesitant I said I'll hook you up. I went to the local adult vidio store and bought one of those male blow up dolls ...

1 Comments, 590 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
rm_martin9368 59 M
1  Article works for a bi guy into 3-somes   4/23/2000

Not so very long ago I began using I was looking to meet a couple, preferably one where the man was bi or at least curious. At the time I'd never tried bi sex, but knew I wanted to try. After meeting a few couples where it was clear we didn't do anything for each other, I wrote to a couple in SE England. We meet for lunch and all got on well and agreed to meet up "one evening real ...

0 Comments, 416 Views, 11 Votes ,5.97 Score
My first time Swinging.   4/21/2000

I met this couple out of a swingig magazine. We set a date when I would be near them (I'm Married). I met them at their house it was better than I ever expected. She loved to take two men at once she even convinced me to take him and do to him what she did to me. It was a dream cum true, taking a guy while screwing his wife.

2 Comments, 433 Views, 9 Votes ,2.57 Score
Sex for six   4/20/2000

Sex for Six My name is George and I'm a 40-year-old, rather good-looking (well, some of the ladies I've met have said so...), kind-of-athletic, regular guy. Laurie is my gorgeous wife of 12 years. She is 38 years old, with a sinsational body that you can't take your eyes off of it. Her tits are of medium size, but they are well proportioned and rounded, with beautiful nipples that point ...

0 Comments, 253 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
A slight change in plans   4/18/2000

My wife and I had been married for about 5 years and I kept asking her, no begging for a threesome with 2 women. She would talk about it but never gave me the opportunity. One New Years Eve we were at a friends house waiting for the big event and having a great time. The more she drank the more I figured tonight may be the night. The party consisted of mostly couples but there were a ...

0 Comments, 1447 Views, 28 Votes ,6.22 Score
cyclistguy4u 65 M
1  Article
Our first 3-way started in a restaurant, and we can't get enough.   4/16/2000

My girlfriend and I have always shared awesome sex. Our favorite fantasy was to imagine her fucking someone I chose for her while I watched. After some months of acting this out in bed and having ferocious, animalistic sex, we put an ad in We soon got an interesting response back with his picture. He was quite good looking so we agreed to a meeting. The first meeting was filled ...

1 Comments, 176 Views, 5 Votes ,5.10 Score
rm_azmodious 53 M
0  Articles
Polyamoury - Pros, Pros, and Cons.   4/10/2000

Let's challenge the bounds of Western thinking for just a moment. Let's look at the institution of marriage, and possible ways to improve or vary it. If we break away from the Christian ideal of one man and one woman, and look at marriage from an analytical view, we can see other possibilities. Imagine, if you will, two couples marring each other, sharing wives and husbands, living in the ...

1 Comments, 60 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
3 Way Twist ~ Eating a couple is better than one   4/8/2000

3 Way Twist ~ Eating a couple is better than one I considered myself to be an average straight shooting type of guy that really enjoys woman flesh. I pride myself on being able to pleasure a lady and try to insure she is satisfied. One day as I was reading the personals ads I was attracted to an article about a couple looking for a male participant to assist the husband in satisfying ...

0 Comments, 326 Views, 15 Votes ,6.65 Score
susie22311 60 C
3  Articles
We Finally Did It   4/7/2000

Our first experience with swinging took about 5 years to happen. We had a great sex life but in talking during sex it always came out that one of our biggest turn-ons was having sex with more than one person at a time. We finally met a couple threw a club and met for dinner and drinks. We were very nervous but we hit it off pretty well from the start. We ended up at a hotel and lived ...

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1st Visit To On-Premises Swing Club In FLA!   3/8/2000

My first visit to an on-premesis swing club was truly awsome. At first it appeared to be just a normal pool-side get together except for 2 things: first, everyone was nude; secondly a goog-looking gentlemen was laying back on a float receiveing enthusiastic head from an attractive 20-something. <br> It's funny how no one seemed to pay any special attention to this as it normal ...

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somido 65 C
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Swinging in Malaysia   3/5/2000

We had been chatting on mIRC for a few months and got to know the other couple almost as if we were living next door and with each chat the explicit description of what we would all do would make our night lovemaking all that much more erotic and very wild. But still.. the courage to meet and do what we had for years wanted to experience was not that easy.. Swinging is certainly not a ...

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My Friend and his wife.   2/28/2000

It all started out like a typical night out on the town. What was suppose to be a double date, turned into two guys and a woman, my friend and his wife. Joe and his wife Sarah decided that the three of us would go to a club since my date cancelled out at the last moment. Sarah was really hot looking that night and I tried to keep from staring at her. As we set at the table, listening to ...

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how I watched get some dick   2/27/2000

ONE day while my wife and I was out doing laundry she got a page from guy who wanted to get in her panties so she agreed after I talked her into it she meet him in the parking lot where we did laundry I stayed out of sight AS THEY MEET AND THEN PULLED OFF HE WAS FOLLOWING HER TO MY SURPRIZE SHE LEAD HIM RIGHT BEHIND THE LAUNDRY MAT WHERE WE WERE SO I WENT BACK TO WATCH THE ACTIN AND ACTION ...

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Introduced and hooked on it   1/31/2000

As usual I had arrived in town for an important business meeting the next day..I checked into an upscale hotel and decided that I would go down to the bar for a drink before retiring early for a good nights rest. I was sitting at the bar, having a quiet beer when this, well groomed, about 50 y/o couple sat down next to me. We exchnged greetings when he said, you must be from Texas with ...

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Skinny dipping threesome   1/31/2000


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rm_TankerM23 50 M
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A card game plus   1/23/2000

Me and my wife Becky were at another couples house playing cards one night last month. John and Tory's place is a nice apartment with all the perks; hot tub, swimming pool, fitness room, dry saund...the works. <br> It was a pretty normal night with us four until Becky said, "Lets play one of thoes drinking games we all played in college." I looked at John and said "I'm in." John ...

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2sweetxx 70 M
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The First Time   1/17/2000

My wife and I love to go camping, I'll tell you why. We had been talking about swinging for a few months, ( little did I know what she had in mind ). It all started after we had set up the camp, she got into a slinky bikini, she loves for people to watch her , she was relaxing and tanning when a guy in the next site caught her attention.I was off getting some water and when I came back low ...

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concord7 60 C
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our first time with another man   1/15/2000

Many months had gone by since we first started sharing our fantasies, mine was to see her suck another man's cock, and to fuck him until she came. During our lovemaking I would always ask her, if she would like to suck another cock while I fuck her in the pussy, or if she would like to sit on some big cock while she suck mine, and it would always end with both of us exploding at the same ...

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From straight to gay over time.   1/10/2000

<br> In Italian the term is masturbazione; in English it is masturbation. Webster defines masturbation as the production of an orgasm by excitation of the genital organs, as by manipulation or friction, without heterosexual intercourse. Heterosexual is defined as characterized by or pertaining to sexual passion for one of the opposite sex: - opp. to homosexual. Homosexual ...

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tulsajim 76 M
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Happy Birthday Present   1/4/2000

Butterflies danced in Joan as she drove to the airport. She had never deceived John, ever. He said he would come home for lunch as had been his habit in Dallas but today was different. It was his birthday, and Will was on his way. She told John to do something else for lunch, she would not be home. She told him that she had to shop for something special and she would make it up to him. ...

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First time at a swing party   12/28/1999

This was my very first time at a swing party, to visit and hopefully charm a lucky lady. I first meet the host, and heard about the many features of this place, it was at her home. To see and visit with people of all ages and dress. To observe, lady's in all stages of dress, was a joy to see, for I was not accustomed to seeing a lady in her birthday suit, for all of us to see. To seat and ...

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Our first couple   12/2/1999

We first got a hit on our e-mail that said our profile looked good. We were looking for either a man or a couple, so it took us an e-mail or two find out that a we had a couple interested in us. Although we found out that we lived quite far apart, Claire and George were willing to travel halfway. It took some convincing to get Eleanor's courage up, but eventually she agreed to a ...

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dreams came true for first time swingers   11/26/1999

Ann and I first met Liz and Bob, socially, we just happened to get chatting in our local pub, After the third time we bumped into them, Liz suggested , with a "certain smile" that we might like to come back to thier place for a coffee, or another drink.. The drink sounded the best option so off we went, We had had a fair few glasses of wine by then, and we were all feeling quite relaxed, Bob ...

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Forced to Swing   11/11/1999

My husband and I got married about five years ago when I was seventeen and he was 35. My husband got me out of an abusive household where I was sexually,phisaclly and mentally abused on a regular basis. My husband (Tom I will call him)was my angel for the first time I was being treated with respect and I loved every minute of it.Tom would bring me home flowers at least once a week bought me ...

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tagteam threesomes   10/8/1999

my wifes nipples were hard and her shaved pussy was wet with the thought of the two hard cocks saluting her. My 7 in uncut and garys 8in big knobbed cock where rock hard as she massaged our balls and licked the precome from our slits. i placed her on her back and ever so gently licked the length of her sweet smelling pussy until i inched up to her clit and ever so gently flicked my tounge on her ...

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MayfairMan 60 C
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Find out the ins and outs of Massage in Thailand   8/22/1999

The Thais are justly proud of their culture and one of the most enjoyable aspects of life in Thailand is the abundance of good quality cheap massage of many types available all over the country. This article is a beginners guide to massage in Thailand. The first type to mention is Traditional Thai massage, as promoted by the government tourist board and taught by monks at the famous Wat Pho in ...

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Sex and the Single Guy   6/12/1999

A few years before I was married for the second time, I was sowing my oats in the bar scene. I used to frequent a go-go bar located in the nearby town next to where my office was located. I would drop by after work and sometimes during lunch. They served among other things hot food to go along with the hot ladies who were showing off their wares on the dance floor. This particular bar had a ...

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