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wildcowgirlridr 49 M
4  Articles
Still attatched   1/1/2004

I recently went on a date with someone I knew a long time ago. We saw each other again after a long time and she wanted my number so she could give me a call sometime. Then the father of her walks up (they’re on a date too). He’s all lovey-dovey, she’s not acting too impressed with him. But they’re on a date so I bid my farewells and leave. A few days later I ...

0 Comments, 26 Views, 32 Votes ,7.55 Score
WetActionPlan 49 M
2  Articles
Granny Date from   12/30/2003

I received an email from Ruth after she viewed my profile on; however it was not the usual type of email at all. I had grown tired of the usual women of my age so I revised my ad looking for an “older woman”. When writing the ad I was expecting to talk with women in their forty’s giving them a nice 10-15 year lead on me. However when Ruth a charming lady of 62 ...

0 Comments, 306 Views, 60 Votes ,5.62 Score
not to be talked about on first dates   12/29/2003

here is a list of a few things that you don't talk about on first dates. <br> 1. your plans for the future (its your first date with them you and them both are unshure about the possibilty of another date. so you and them shouldn't be thinking about the future with the exception of maybe another date.) <br> 2 sex (you shouldn't be thinking about advancing this fast if ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 31 Votes ,5.83 Score
Picture Perfect   12/27/2003

I really love Despite the negative remarks about meeting "real" people on this site, my experiences have been mostly terrific. Last night was no different. Was looking over who had viewed my profile and saw an astonishing dick pic. Normally they just make me laugh, but this one was remarkable both in size and girth. Although the guy was only 30 and I'm a good 18 years older, I couldn't ...

0 Comments, 181 Views, 147 Votes ,8.86 Score
HowCumTutor69 60 M
0  Articles
My first time at 19.   12/21/2003

I do not want to offend you with my words I just need to be explicit to get you to understand. <br> I dreamed in high school of satisfying women in bed that never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse. My dad was a professor and divorced and I chose to live with him. My dad dropped me at the college library in the evening when he had dates and I did homework. Hence I got ...

0 Comments, 241 Views, 117 Votes ,2.94 Score
BadboyReg 50 M
2  Articles
Try different places on the first date.   12/21/2003

Everyone wnats to go out to eat or the movies on a first date. Try something different like bowling or playing pool. You might have more fun and the other person might open up more. You know over dinner if the conversation isn't good both of you will be silent. This way a person will be having fun, laughing and might open up more.

0 Comments, 17 Views, 50 Votes ,7.79 Score
It ws sudden and fun   12/19/2003

We had chated through and then on line for a mounth and then decied to meet. We set it up at a fast food joint near a large turist area. We met and then wint to the turist area and walked around talking and sight seeing. We started to hold hands as we went on. We finaly got hungery and had a nice dinner. Still talking about everything and each other. After dinner we left and ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 117 Votes ,5.99 Score
anal on the first date??   12/18/2003

I was having a glass of wine after our dinner and the topic of sex crept in. and then she just blurted out I love to have cock in my ass. so what would you have done?? for me I banged her ass good right in the car in the parking lot.

0 Comments, 34 Views, 274 Votes ,7.66 Score
rm_louis504843 38 M
1  Article
first date from hell   12/17/2003

My first date was back in my freshman year. I had an older friend who could drive so he and his girlfriend went with my date and me on a sort of double date. We did the usual movie&dinner. About half way through the movie, my date started to complain about feeling nausious. I asked her if she wanted to go outside to get some air real quick and she said ok. We were talking and she kept ...

0 Comments, 23 Views, 21 Votes
first date   12/17/2003

im due to meet my first date from we have so much in common, music, food, movies, sex and lots more we are meeting for the first time in jan04, we met in oct. i cant wait. he makes melaugh. we plan to meet in public and go from there you need to date a few times b4 bring him home.

0 Comments, 80 Views, 14 Votes ,1.06 Score
Seriace 40 F
1  Article
Re: Albinondn's "what a first date"   12/13/2003

Now, I have to add my side of the story for one and all. While he wasn't too keen on dating a "Goth girl", I wasn't too keen on seeing a "Country boy" Truth be told, I despise just about all country music. Now this guy, AlbinoNDN sends me an e-mail from my MSN public profile. I had never seen his profile on any of my daily matches from these sites, so I was a little confused ...

0 Comments, 17 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
how do you pick the right time and place   12/13/2003

So its time to organise that first meeting and where do you go most of us online need to be discreet and generally careful as we all have lives to live on the outside. Its important to pick a public place that has good access and plenty of exit space so as to try and keep both partys comfotable and a time of day that is both agreeable and not too late or at the busiest part of the day. ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 93 Votes ,5.03 Score
Comsor 75 M
1  Article and getting to know you   12/12/2003

In the part of the USA where I live, there seems to be many available gals online in, although, in CHAT and talking to other guys, not many of these gals do much more than have an AD online or chat. Do any of the gals from Western Colorado actually go out on dates?

0 Comments, 5 Views, 55 Votes ,4.09 Score
this sucks....   12/12/2003

So I was going on a date, behind my girls back, and well, I guess you could say it came and bit me in the ass...So i go on this date with, we'll call her garden. She's smoking hot, mix hie, asian, arab - goddamn sexy - so excited to be going out with her & what happens, it's a double date...and I'm not with her - she's w/her boyfriend and she sets me up ith her friend but then it turns out ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 73 Votes
N1gh7w4lk3r 46 M
2  Articles
Why can't women understand?   12/12/2003

Why can't women understand that yes all men do love sex, but not all of us have only sex on our minds? I am a gentleman by nature, and women tend to think I am trying to butter them up to get down their pants. This is not the case. I enjoy treating a lady like a lady, and after we get to know each other and feel more comfortable around each other then, in my book it becomes a possibility if ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 115 Votes ,8.90 Score
My experience   12/7/2003

Well it was my 3rd experience. We arranged to meet in a motel and to get to know each other. She was 50 and i was 32. I love older ladies! I was waiting for her to show with a huge hard-on in my pants, then there was a knock on the door. I answered and was hornily surprised. She had the body of a 20 year old!! We went to the bed and talked for a while. She was very nervous. I was so ...

0 Comments, 141 Views, 190 Votes ,7.90 Score
loves2love69 60 F
6  Articles
"Where's my Shoes, OMG, Im gona be late"   12/6/2003

Going on a first date is always challenging and exciting at the same time. Im always rushing because I wait until the last moment to get ready. But once Im ready, if its not too late, Im as cool as a cucumber.......hmmmmm, how did that veggie get in the mix.

0 Comments, 28 Views, 41 Votes
Best First Date   12/3/2003

The best date I ever had was also a first date too. I had gone to high school with this boy named Cody for four years, and during my senior year my dad hurt his back and I needed help cleaning up the yard. I recruited a few friends to come over and help me get all the summer yard work done (there was a lot to do because we had a huge backyard). Cody's condition to coming over and helping ...

0 Comments, 48 Views, 52 Votes ,1.28 Score
Booty Call gone Bad!   12/3/2003

We've all had them, most of us on this website either has them right now, or wishes that he/she did. The infamous booty call. That special that calls or you call only for sex. A relationship as reliable and simple as this should never go bad right. WRONG!!! <br> I guess in all fairness I should say that we (the subject of my story and myself) had not achieved "bootycall ...

0 Comments, 38 Views, 83 Votes ,8.06 Score
RE; Are they always perfect the first time!?   11/27/2003

Ours was not like his pic still was an cool guy though. The only problem was he was SO nervous he could not get hard!

0 Comments, 30 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
georgiesorgies 52 M
1  Article
The Kitchen Guy and Ms. X   11/23/2003

I work as a kitchen designer, and go to customer's home to measure their kitchens on a regular basis. Needless to say, I go into many homes where the wife wants a new kitchen, and the husband who is at work all day, just pays for it. But, here is my fansasy about getting a BIG suprise going to a customer's home: I see an appointment that has been scheduled for me in our daily planner. ...

0 Comments, 67 Views, 19 Votes ,5.63 Score
first time for me girl on girl   11/23/2003

i, ve always been curiouse on what it would be like to bed another women, so the trouble was finding 1 i liked, i finally found the girl i was looking for she was funny cute and very sexy, she was also new to being with another women. i took her out on the town we both got a little tipsy an i suggested we should go back to my place so off we went we sat talking i was getting very frustrated ...

0 Comments, 180 Views, 33 Votes ,6.82 Score
First "date"   11/20/2003

I got a message from her in my inbox in the morning and immediately responded. By noon she had replied to me. Two more e-mails and I had her telephone number. I got off work and called her on my way home. "hello?" "Hi is x there?" click. the line went dead. So I went into the bank and deposited my paycheque before calling her back. This time we managed to talk briefly. She sounded ...

0 Comments, 54 Views, 256 Votes ,7.50 Score
fantasy first date   11/20/2003

I hear a knock at the door I go to the door to see who it is It is a man with a hood over his head I can hardly see his face he asked me how to get somewhere and I say I do not know that address he kindly asks can I use your telephone it is cold out I am nervous but say yes He comes in and he thanks me for letting him in out of the cold. I get the phone and hand it to him our ...

0 Comments, 17 Views, 148 Votes ,7.66 Score
Want the best advice ever?   11/19/2003

If you live in the Cincinnati area, I have a secret that will change your life! Check out AlichiaFox profile! In the northern ky area. Best piece of young a$$ I've ever had! (I don't think girls come any tighter!) BTW...take her someplace privet! She's a loud one!

0 Comments, 14 Views, 121 Votes ,2.91 Score
rm_orgasm305 47 F
2  Articles
So what if it is just sex, be a man and give her something first.   11/15/2003

This is my problem. When I meet a man and we talk and everyhting is good okay so now it is time to go to step two. For me step two is meeting for sex, because by now I know if I want him in me or not. Okay so we meet for the first time. Hello, were are the flowers, candy, or even a cute stuffed teddy bear. What happend to the that kind of stuff huh! I mean damn I am not asking for a ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
smallgirl20 41 F
1  Article
How he trape me   11/13/2003

Raining day i cant go home my parents waiting for me by that time watch man of school ask me to call home he allow me use his phone my mom ask to watch man please protact my when rain stop her father will come. He ask me come with him his room i went inside he ask me to change wet dress and he give me his shirt and i know his shirt for me as maxi. because of cold i ask tea he ask me to ...

0 Comments, 219 Views, 345 Votes
Suggestions?   11/13/2003

Am new to this "blind date" thing, got plenty to play with here in London, so any suggestions for what you all did for your First First date?

0 Comments, 17 Views, 0 Votes
Re: Casual Sex   11/12/2003

The expectation of engaging in sexual activities on the first meeting is not nescessarily true. <br> I'm a married man looking for casual sex on the side. I don't just want to fuck around constantly, having sex with anyone and everyone I can. My ideal would be to have one or two people I meet with now and then for a little erotic fun. <br> I have experienced sex ...

0 Comments, 32 Views, 316 Votes ,6.64 Score
Opinion on women who put out on the first date   11/9/2003

Guys, what is your opinion of women that put out on the first date. Let's say you meet them in the grocery store, strike up a conversation and then ask them for a date. After dinner, dancing, and drinking they take you back to your place and have sex with you. Do you call them back for another date, call them back as a booty buddy, or don't call them back at all. I know that guys love ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
rm_Datacpl 53 C
13  Articles
first date with my now wife   11/5/2003

I had a great first date with my now wife. We meet at a party with some friends and then we statred talking on the phone for a few weeks we really got to know each other and it was like we where going together with out even going on a real date yet. I came down for a christmis party with some of our friends and was really our first date date. we held hands and sat next to each other. After ...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 114 Votes ,1.19 Score
rm_giantskaman 51 M
3  Articles
Very first College Date   11/5/2003

I was hanging out with an imigrant from Romania, his name escapes me now, anyhow a friend of his came over to hang out (think pick up drugs) with him...Her and I got to talking and it turns out that on the day that I moved in and noticed a couple in the house next to me changing, that it was her...She noticed me also, which is why the curtains in that bedroom NEVER came up again...So, her ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 117 Votes ,3.33 Score
rm_kemp4 48 M
3  Articles
Never do this.   10/26/2003

I went out on a first date recently and bought dinner for the girl. Usually I try to make the firast date more casual but this time I wanted to really impress the girl. When she wasn't chewing with her mouth open snprting up her food like a pot bellied hog we spent most of the time sitting there staring at our food. She lost all interest in my . When I just "meet for drinks" the timeline ...

0 Comments, 43 Views, 201 Votes ,3.66 Score
Re: to sleep with or not to sleep with????   10/26/2003

Unless you havea religious proclivity for virginity (and if you do what the fuck are you doing here) if you haven't slept with the girl by the 4th date GET OUT! RUN!

0 Comments, 9 Views, 126 Votes ,5.81 Score
msthing40 55 F
1  Article
Sexually Frustrated Woman - Part 2   10/23/2003

Sexually Frustrated Woman (Part 2) <br> <br> Well the day had finally arrived and I was finally going to meet him. I had been waiting for quite a while for this day to get here. It was all I could do to get my ready and off to school. We had agreed to meet after my went to school, and then I would drive to a secret location. My body had been so excited all ...

2 Comments, 350 Views, 409 Votes ,9.44 Score
RipeMelons396 60 F
1  Article
This Site is All About Fucking Your Brains Out   10/21/2003

There are lots of sites for dating, lots of sites for friendship, lots of sites for all kinds of human relationships. If you want to date, build a relationship, or get married, either next week or in several years, DO NOT LOOK FOR A PARTNER HERE. is a place for horny people to hook up and fuck, fuck, fuck, in person or by webcam or cyber. <br> Ladies and ...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 375 Votes ,8.73 Score
First time date leads to BJ   10/20/2003

True story - Her screen name mentioned something about a smiley face and it caught my attention. We chatted back and forth for about two wks, flirting, getting to know one another. We decided to meet for lunch at a local place close to her work. She was not my perfect match by any means, a little larger than I prefer, but huge breasts and a nice smile and personality. We ate ...

0 Comments, 36 Views, 222 Votes ,7.98 Score
Why is the first meeting the hardest?   10/6/2003

Is it me or everyone who has trouble getting it together for the first meeting ? why does it have to be so difficult?anyone with some tips Id love to hear them i love the fealing of axiousness anxiety that is there but all the drama leading up to it is such a headache how can we make this better? come on people just meet and get it over with the first time is always the hardest.

0 Comments, 35 Views, 119 Votes ,7.35 Score
msthing40 55 F
1  Article
Sexually Frustrated Lady   10/5/2003

Sexual tension has been building up in me for about six months now, because my husband recently passed away. I had signed up on on a whim, hoping I could find someone that would be a clean person, willing to have a sexual relationship only. The fact that I was so close to my husband and we were married for such a long period of time has helped me come to the decision that I do not ...

1 Comments, 287 Views, 381 Votes ,8.95 Score
WetActionPlan 49 M
2  Articles
Blind Dates from are not always what they seem! Part 1   9/24/2003

In retrospect I was a little foolish with regard to my first date however it all worked out well in the end. After three intense evenings of emails, instant message and a brief phone call Teri and I decided to actually meet and see if we were compatible for a no strings sexual relationship. <br> Teri and I had swapped naked pictures via email and she was quite a beauty; a ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 65 Votes ,5.92 Score
ecolied 60 C
1  Article
Our first 3some, part 1   9/14/2003

I still can’t believe what I did. I meet a guy on the Internet. Chat for a few days. Meet for lunch and after an hour I want to kiss him. An hour and 10 minutes later I am sucking his cock in my mini van. <br> Unbelievable, but true. The next day I am in a threesome with him and my husband. Curiouser and curiouser. <br> It took a while to relax. Husband ...

0 Comments, 141 Views, 384 Votes ,6.36 Score
All I wanted was a beer.   9/8/2003

Here I found myself in Houston TX on a business trip. It was my last night after a week of HARD work. All work and no fun. This night I thought I would go to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo to see several Country acts perform. I didn't know anyone there and the one person at the location that wanted to go out with me had to go out of town the night before. So I went alone and had a ...

0 Comments, 63 Views, 301 Votes ,4.81 Score
rm_macjan35 89 M
1  Article
Play a Game   8/7/2003

I met Jim on the Internet. He was seeking a bi playmate so I arranged for him to come to my place, a former store where I keep my books, etc. When he arrived I asked him if he would like to play a game of seduction and he agreed. I asked him to browse among the books where I had conveniently left a folder with xxx pictures of guys getting their cocks sucked on a table. He found it and ...

0 Comments, 141 Views, 117 Votes ,4.85 Score
Best of my life   8/5/2003

I met Gloria through a personal ad and had spoken to her a couple of times on the phone. We were both busy, and kept having trouble setting up a mutually workable evening for dinner and a first meeting. <br> One evening we realized that as we talked on the phone, there was no need to 'set up' a special day. Why not meet right now? She agreed wholeheartedly and we decided to ...

0 Comments, 52 Views, 260 Votes ,8.69 Score
rm_sexyhuge 47 M
4  Articles
Parent/Teacher Conference   8/2/2003

Finally, after one long day at work with the students and about a dozen parent/teacher conferences, I only had one more left before I could go home. The other teachers in my area had left for the evening but I had one more. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (name change just in case). I was cleaning up the bookcase that was left a mess from earlier in the day when Mrs. Smith walked into the room. I asked ...

0 Comments, 343 Views, 423 Votes ,8.61 Score
A Big Cock in My Ass   7/23/2003

Just got back from a marvelous trip to Dallas. Before leaving, I went on and scanned a few profiles for prospective connections before leaving. Saw a lovely, lusty looking guy with all my to dos and dropped him a line. We spoke back and forth and made a date for my first night in town. After arriving at the hotel from the airport, I gave him a call and we set a time. I was so nervous I ...

2 Comments, 2282 Views, 619 Votes ,8.51 Score
From sweet and innocent to a vocal slut   7/14/2003

This particular situation happened to me several weeks ago. I am 31 years old and enjoy a good life. One of my passions is coaching little league baseball. It was the end of our season and time for All Stars and tournament pairings. We decided to have a season ending BBQ and the best (biggest home and backyard) place to have one was at one of the parents home. We decided on a ...

0 Comments, 107 Views, 189 Votes ,8.41 Score
rm_canoist 64 M
1  Article
a good night kiss and more   7/7/2003

We met here on, emailed a few times, then met at a local free outdoor concert. The music was good, good enough for dancing. When it ended, we retired to her place, and sat in the back yard on a lovely cool evening. Conversation drifted from topic to topic, eventually onto what brought each of us to But it was getting quite late, so I gave her a goodnight kiss with a hug. But the ...

0 Comments, 46 Views, 130 Votes ,7.50 Score
rm_Friend0189 74 M
1  Article
First time I Sucked another guy's dick!   7/5/2003

I've been wanting to suck a dick/cock for years. I had lots of offers in public parks, but that just disgusts me. But, I started looking closer at dicks in the pornos and got more facinated. <br> I tried several members of, but got no serious responses until a couple of days ago. I found a younger man that liked my dick as much as I liked his. We met at a Resturant, and went ...

0 Comments, 251 Views, 342 Votes ,7.43 Score
Hot Latina   6/2/2003

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever except for Sophia to call me. I so surprise she did. It had been days since we last talked and hinted to each other that maybe we could meet somewhere and talk. But always in the back of my mind I thought she was just being freindly. As we talked she came out and asked me you want to get together tonight? I was stunned and asked her to repeat her ...

0 Comments, 151 Views, 181 Votes ,7.62 Score
blkgoddess69 49 F
4  Articles

WOW, we emailed chatted online for a couple weeks, i lik get to know a lil more about the person and where his head is he was so sweet, his pic was so cute he loved my hot pics, we finally decided to meet at a a cool club for a few drinks and to find out more about each other, i can tell he was so shy, he says i was first he met here and he was a new member didn't think it would work(hell ...

0 Comments, 210 Views, 277 Votes ,5.91 Score
My excellent connection   5/9/2003

He sent me a message on 4/8, I sent a reply and about 2 weeks later we agreed to meet at the mall. Waiting near the carousel was torture, finally he was there. He was everything he said and more. He was tall, muscular, beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes. We walked, talked and shopped at the mall. We were like school , wanting to hold hands and touch but not knowing how to convey ...

0 Comments, 134 Views, 172 Votes ,6.50 Score
T-Girl With A First Timer!   5/5/2003

Finally I got the chance to meet up with him. He was everything he said he would be. And looked better than his pic too! We chatted online for weeks and then finally got the chance to meet up. I couldn't wait any longer since I had a pic of his thick white cock! I only imagined it against my brown skin. We met and had a couple of drinks and the coolest small bar I've ever been too. He ...

0 Comments, 214 Views, 212 Votes ,5.46 Score
First erotic day to remember...   4/15/2003

My first experience was DEFINITELY one to remember. <br> After exchanging a few messages on, we had spent some time on the phone. The conversations had gotten quite steamy, and it felt like we had some chemistry. He asked me to meet him for dinner. He hadn't sent a picture...he said he didn't have I was a little hestitant but figured I'd throw caution to ...

0 Comments, 273 Views, 264 Votes ,8.98 Score
re,,,, wham bam,,,   3/28/2003

mm too bad you didnt say to him, " your tall for a 4 year old!!!! dont fret though, , there many men like myself that think your height is fine, , there really are some shallow people in this world, , its his loss im sure, ,, johnfrend..

0 Comments, 31 Views, 37 Votes ,7.13 Score
Met and Had the BEST afternoon   3/24/2003

We met on is in the service and flies planes. He has beautiful blue eyes and a nice trim tight body I am a little on the chubby side but he didn't even seem to notice that. We met and he immediately ran his eyes up and down my body at the gas station while smiling, his eyes stopped and pierced into mine....we took a drive in his truck to a nearby park. My pussy was already wet ...

0 Comments, 157 Views, 196 Votes ,8.07 Score
Older is better!   1/23/2003

I had met a woman through and we really seemed to click. We had much in common...our backgrounds, careers, families. We emailed a lot, exchanged pictures, including nudes, and talked on the phone. Finally the evening came to meet. We met at a restaurant over coffee and pie. She seemed even better than I had imagined. Attractive and easy to talk to. She got up and went to the bathroom ...

0 Comments, 279 Views, 471 Votes ,8.63 Score
Her Night Out   1/12/2003

Her <br> She had decided to accept his invitation that night, even though she knew what was on his mind. After all, he had said that he wanted to get "into her pants." At first she had declined, because she knew what it would lead to. She was a married woman, though her vows hadn't meant that much to her in a long time. And she had a lover, but she hadn't felt needed or desired ...

0 Comments, 107 Views, 138 Votes ,5.36 Score
rm_rm_mslovesexi 51 F
1  Article
Starbuck's Suprise   1/9/2003

I met him at Starbucks near the Galleria here in Houston. We were both shy at first. After about 10 minutes of polite conversation, we got to the general topics of the news and television. He was so intelligent! So different from the men I meet in passing. So different from other men I have met on He made sense! We then went for a light, late dinner at a mexican restaurant down the ...

0 Comments, 161 Views, 118 Votes ,6.50 Score
a nice finger fuck   12/27/2002

<br> <br> this may not be as exciting as some of the stories but it was for me. it was our first date and things were going well i thought, we had dinner and i asked him back to my place. it's been awhile since i've had a connection with someone right away that i found myself getting alittle wet everytime he touched me in the slightest way. we sat on the couch talking ...

0 Comments, 327 Views, 639 Votes ,9.29 Score
Lesson 101 - How to kiss a woman   12/2/2002

Guys, take a minute to read this, especially if you are getting ready for that first "rondevous" with whom you've been talking to on email. Girls, back me up on this, because I think a review is in order. <br> Since I've taken the "plunge" to single life again, starting over has never been a problem with me. I LOVE men. I've experienced women, and appreciate them, but I've had ...

0 Comments, 106 Views, 240 Votes ,8.82 Score