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why am i being let down?   4/12/2006

I have asked for a woman to show me the ropes, preferably one with experience. Why is it now then i have had two separate occasions, where it was their idea to meet and both have let me down. One just once and one twice. I know for a fact they were real people not computer generated, so why did they back out with no explanation? I now feel i am wasting my money, i don't mind a chat to get ...

1 Comments, 308 Views, 11 Votes ,3.73 Score
do first dates go good   4/10/2006

seems like everytime i meet someone for a first date something goes wrong is there any advice to be giveing here

1 Comments, 82 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
grwnsxystallion 31 F
1  Article
The Single Most Heartbreaking thing....that could ever happen to a female   4/4/2006

I'm writing the article in royal blue because thats exactly how i feel. Girls grab your tissues and prepare to feel sorry for ya girl..... it started on a friday night when i went to a brand mew club with a homegirl. we saw alot of old high school friends there (we're both sophmores in college) and one particular boy caught my eye. i used to think his ...

7 Comments, 1715 Views, 41 Votes ,3.16 Score
mikehaslerisbig 32 M
9  Articles
getingclose and meeting new people   3/31/2006

I think ive made some silyy misstakes on the way i have gone about using this site i havent meet any one from here yet id like to not not just looking for sex. Do any of you think there is a problem over coming shy ness or what people expect of you. Im quite knew to this i was to make some new freind and have some fun any one think there is a problem being to nice. I know you have to ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_jimbo8064 77 M
1  Article
My first encounter with someone met on   3/29/2006

My first encounter was with a woman I searched out on this site. I was on business trip, and managed to set up a meeting with a woman in the town I was visiting. We met at the bar in the hotel at which I was staying. We were both nervous at first, but after the second glass of wine, we were like old pals. I suggested going up to my room, and she willingly came along. Upon entering the ...

0 Comments, 320 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
6  Articles
FIRST DATE ?   3/27/2006


0 Comments, 77 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
bluerabbit4u2 61 C
1  Article
Didn't happen yet   3/24/2006

Hi all, We're on this program for one month now and except for some winks and an odd superficial e-mail not much happened. We know, updating helps, and so we did (still waiting for it to happen). We also know that putting a picture improves our chances and when we both agree we will download some. We were told several times that it is difficult for a couple to find a single girl. "Be ...

0 Comments, 107 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
bobtheforester 60 M
4  Articles
First impressions   3/23/2006

I arrive at the restaurant about half an hour before our meeting time to make sure that I get the most intimately discrete table, and to have a starter drink to calm my nervousness. We’ve written to one another over a month or two, haven’t spoken yet, and have settled on this date to exchange first impressions. If we agree on the presence of the chemistry we hope to find, we ...

0 Comments, 275 Views, 8 Votes ,4.41 Score
good dates?   3/20/2006

what should a good first date contain?

1 Comments, 86 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
rm_funfoxtom 38 M
5  Articles
whats a good first date?   3/20/2006

hey every one tell me what u thing a good first date is?

1 Comments, 151 Views, 9 Votes
rm_moca28 44 F
1  Article
Hot First Date   3/19/2006

I would love for my first date to be very hot like a spark of fire. The first time I see my date I want our pussy between our legs to be on fire and the only way we can put it out is we get right down to business.I want to place my fingers inside that warm wet pussy and thurst that pussy until she cums all over my hand and lick her pussy too taste her sweet juices. That's how I want my ...

0 Comments, 264 Views, 15 Votes ,3.44 Score
naf3385 36 M
1  Article
Was bungee jumping TOO extreme for a first date?   3/19/2006

I once decided to be totally original for a first date and decided to take her on a totally random, exciting first date - one for her to remember! She was a lively, adventurous girl who liked outdoor persuits so i thought that it would be a great way of making a first impression of an adventurous, spontanious guy!
Anyway, we went and after a lot of persuasion she did the jump ...

0 Comments, 76 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
How many put out on the first date?   3/17/2006

I think we all do but who knows. Chivalry, yep dead.

0 Comments, 195 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
rm_ballguy3 44 M
15  Articles
Blind Dates   3/15/2006

I've been on a couple and I have to say that one of them went really well and the other I thought went well but she wasn't interested. Funny, because we both talked for a couple of hours and everything seemed normal. Just one of those things.

0 Comments, 162 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
rm_Mrsjones2004 55 F
1  Article
My First Date   3/15/2006

I had been browsing, chatting, and exchanging e-mails for awhile with different people going on 2 years now and still not hooked up with anyone other than the one guy I had lunch with and never heard from again....... So, just checking my messages I came across one with an interesting looking photo........ he says "What will it take to get your attention" ? Hummmmm I am thinking let me ...

1 Comments, 840 Views, 30 Votes ,5.49 Score
rm_dric152 38 M
9  Articles
Still lookin   3/14/2006

IM from MI and I still havent found that date that would give it up on the 1st date wats good wit that?

1 Comments, 95 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
rm_dric152 38 M
9  Articles
Im lookin   3/14/2006

Im a looking for a new date?

0 Comments, 44 Views, 0 Votes
rm_flygirl_359 41 C
1  Article
"Was It Weird For You, Too?"   3/13/2006

Why is it that the first time you meet a couple is always the weirdest? It never seems to go like you planned. Either the guy is too eager or the chick is not into it enough, or just the physical attraction isn't there. Am I just being too picky? Or is there something I'm not taking into the big picture? Our first time was miserable. We had this ugly dude with a heavy wife who seemed ...

6 Comments, 864 Views, 29 Votes ,4.04 Score
Best ideas that have worked?   3/12/2006

For that first meeting, where is the best place? I don't want any ideas that haven't worked well...I know one answer won't fit all but was curious as to what has worked and what has been a miserable failure.

0 Comments, 170 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
rm_sexy7one 61 M
8  Articles
will she or won't she   3/11/2006

if you go out on a first date with a woman and at the end of the date you end up having sex would you go out with her again? If so would it be because it was easy or would it be because you like her?

0 Comments, 233 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
MissingIt54 72 M
1  Article
My First Time   3/8/2006

It was a clear night in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had just finished a nice meal at the 308th Bomb Group Aviation Theme restaurant. I decided to top it off with a drink at the bar. I ordered a drink and was enjoying the aviation scenery and memorabilia in the bar area.
A nicely dressed man came in and took the seat next to mine. I acknowledged him with the usual male nod. He ...

2 Comments, 797 Views, 16 Votes ,6.51 Score
rm_cavallonegro 47 M
4  Articles
like a muthafuckn virgin   3/6/2006

a mad don. i just knew this site was a scam and be damned if i still do. there are some lames just taking up space. anyhow, fricking this girl leaves her frickn number and i call right. oh yeah she's a slut and her texts kept up with her profile. something fishy though. she wants to fuck right away. that's cool but she don't wanna go to her place. that's cool but she don't like motels and ...

0 Comments, 301 Views, 10 Votes
emersunbigguns 57 M
9  Articles
If a woman wants to suck you dry on the first date....   3/4/2006

I hooked up with this gal that was 70 miles away. I sent her an e-mail, and she replied, with her real e-mail address, and we exchanged abot 10 e-mails in about 10 minutes, she finally said.... Here's my address, be here at 11:30 PM, and the door will be open. Just walk in and I'll be naked on the couch. Just as she said, the light was on, the front door was open, and when I walked ...

1 Comments, 1212 Views, 27 Votes ,3.77 Score
JsAngelBaby 37 F
4  Articles
Kiss Yes Or No   3/4/2006

If you are going out just to meet up with someone that you meet off line, and you know you are just hooking up for the night, is kissing aloud? A lot of people say that kissing is too personal, so I have always wonder if you meet someone off line is there going to be kissing or just all the other stuff?

7 Comments, 500 Views, 21 Votes ,2.75 Score
MelandKev 49 C
6  Articles
Spank Me   3/3/2006

Entering the coffee bar, I looked around until I caught a glimpse of her sitting in a corner booth. I ordered 2 coffees and made my way over to her table. I introduced myself to Cheryl and handed her a fresh coffee. We talked about the things we liked and the music we enjoyed. We soon realized that we had been talking for an hour and a half. I suggested to Cheryl that we go for a walk and ...

0 Comments, 304 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
MelandKev 49 C
6  Articles
Love the Rain   3/3/2006

The rain poured down, as I walked to the coffee room. Why did I go out today I should know not to listened to the weatherman. Bright, Sunny and Warm. Well he got the warm part right. But the rain. <br> Ding, ding. <br> The chime sounded as I entered the Coffee Room. Looking around as I let the water drip off me, I checked my camera bag to see that it was relatively ...

0 Comments, 163 Views, 4 Votes ,4.41 Score
rm_ballguy3 44 M
15  Articles
Est-ce que tu devras mentionner tes parents?   3/2/2006

Meme si sa fait partie du conversation, est-ce que tu devras mentionner tes parents pendant une rendez-vous?

1 Comments, 63 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
loadedwfun 37 M
2  Articles
how far?   3/1/2006

Depending on the type of girl, one can only go so far on a first date. Usually kissing is o.k. by the end of the first date, but how far is too far for a 2nd date, 3rd date, etc? Like i said, it usually depends on the type of girl and/or how horny she is, but in general... what's a good measure of advances?

1 Comments, 258 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
rm_boymen81 42 M
7  Articles
Plsss some one teach me....   2/28/2006

hi there....okay i'm lack in meetings how i can approach them?if i go for that what can i say....i'm so lam....errmmmhope someone can mssg this..thanx!

0 Comments, 139 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
My First Anal "Date"   2/28/2006

Because of my exceptional size–the shaft of my dick is comparable to a beer can--no woman has ever let me near her ass. But recently I met a man with the most gorgeous female ass I have ever seen. I never thought I was bisexual–I still don’t think I am. If you saw this guy's ass, you would know what I mean. And it just so happens that he’s an anal size queen. ...

4 Comments, 1499 Views, 46 Votes ,3.38 Score
moonman532 71 M
2  Articles
sex   2/25/2006

it's it ok to have sex on the frist date

2 Comments, 333 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
TenN1Half 59 M
6  Articles
At the Movies   2/25/2006

I had a 1st date at the movies on a Sunday morning. We begin watching the movie and before we knew it we all over each other and taking off all our clothes and getting it on. <br> No one else was in the place but us and it was fun. Listing to each other and making love the whole time. It was one of the best dates I ever had.

0 Comments, 351 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
Jack_white7 36 M
6  Articles
The first load   2/24/2006

Should you blow it on her face on the first date.

7 Comments, 1405 Views, 24 Votes ,1.54 Score
pole672 71 M
1  Article
where are all the bad girls   2/24/2006

they say there are bad girls have you ever met one and are they really bad

0 Comments, 95 Views, 0 Votes
rm_deja1319 37 F
6  Articles
IS IT JUST ME   2/23/2006


6 Comments, 785 Views, 14 Votes ,4.10 Score
Twohoties22 36 C
5  Articles
Matching dildos   2/22/2006

I recently had the chance to see a very romantic date situation! My girlfriend and her friend decided to shop at an adult store. The friend that she went with had called her and was whispering "can you meet me at this location?" Which was not told to her! So she said yes, and when she got to the location, her friend said drive to this next intersection and hang a left! What little did she ...

0 Comments, 616 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
sweet_chica883 40 F
2  Articles
Most Akward date   2/20/2006

I am sure we all have had some strange first dates and want to hear about them. My most akward date was when i was meeting this guy for the first time and everything was going great. we were talking and feeling chemistry. then a few of his friend randomly show up and join us and the date went to a get together.

4 Comments, 614 Views, 7 Votes ,0.49 Score
sweet_chica883 40 F
2  Articles
Ideal First Date   2/20/2006

I am just curious right now and wondering what people view as a perfect or ideal first date?

2 Comments, 250 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
surferchick_2k4 36 F
11  Articles
they are scary!   2/18/2006

i rekon 1st dates can be the most scaryest thing! you dnt know what they gonna be like or if you are gonna sleep with them or not! what are your thoughts on 1st dates?!

4 Comments, 433 Views, 13 Votes ,3.81 Score
rm_rabidvampire 41 M
6  Articles
Anyone get real nervious?   2/13/2006

I hate first dates they tend to feel awkward especially if it's a group situation makes it hard to get to know the person.

2 Comments, 127 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
rm_Jarrett7575 49 M
2  Articles
first date sex?   2/12/2006

why do people make it a point alot of times when you first talk to them about not having sex on the first date? Is it that they have made the mistake before? Or are they just setting parameters of what will and will not happen. It's just a thing I have wondered.

0 Comments, 135 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
another guy   2/10/2006

im curious and want to get laid by a guy but i got weirded out 2 otta 3 times since im used to soft skin not 5oclock shadow on my balls

0 Comments, 351 Views, 6 Votes ,0.52 Score
1st bj   2/10/2006

it was weird getting head from a guy and i left when it was over i guess i got freaked out. yet it was nice to get my load swallowed

1 Comments, 530 Views, 12 Votes ,1.92 Score
Good place to meet?   2/10/2006

Where is a good spot to meet and if things go good where do people go if they have a wife or husband so they are not seen?

1 Comments, 325 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
2  Articles
stole the tip   2/9/2006

i was on a blide date with this fine blonde. we went to a small bar for an hour or two, then went to get dinner and a movie. we went to a fairly nice place call the "olive garden". dinner and wine was about 70 bucks. we seamed to be hitting it off and was going to skip the movie and go to my place. so i payed for dinner and left 15 dollars cash for a tip on the table. told my lovly date ...

1 Comments, 1006 Views, 16 Votes ,5.19 Score
SHOtime881543 61 M
1  Article
do u remember yours   2/9/2006

what was yours like

0 Comments, 166 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
VeryCurious1960 63 F
5  Articles
Who would it be?   2/8/2006

If you could meet anyone off of who would it be and why? <br> For me I would love the chance to meet Sali8ing4u. I would love the chance to get to know the man behind the pictures. He is sexy and smart ..the best combination you can find in a man. <br> So don't be shy now...speak up and maybe your dreams will come true... <br> <br> VC

2 Comments, 287 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
rm_bnice1967 53 M
1  Article
My first Bi Encounter   2/7/2006

I am 35, happily married but not sexually stimulated by my wonderful wife (who, I feel may not really like sex). About a year ago I started to look at pics of Transexuals. I would masturbate a lot after spending hours searching on the net for pics of TS babes. Recently I graduated to looking at pics of older men. For some reason, and I cannot explain, I just couldn't stop thinking about ...

0 Comments, 1464 Views, 35 Votes ,6.41 Score
DiegoSantana1 61 M
2  Articles
The first date   2/7/2006

I had been going to ren faires for quite some time (maybe fifteen years on and off) just as a paying patron and I met this woman and fell for her. She was large framed and had the very biggest breasts I ever saw. We went to the big faire and decided we would rent costumes to wear and did so. Man when she came out dressed the bodice pushing up and out these giant mamms I was in shock my jaw ...

0 Comments, 226 Views, 11 Votes ,3.73 Score
emersunbigguns 57 M
9  Articles
Some lunatic babes out there...   2/6/2006

I hooked up with a gal on and invited her to attend my company Christmas party with me. She accepted, and we spent the night together at my place, as we were leaving the next morning(2 1/2 hour drive). Well she wasn't feeling good, so I told her to take my truck back to the Motel, and I'll get a ride later. I ended up sleeping with another woman that night from my company. In the ...

6 Comments, 1671 Views, 28 Votes ,1.29 Score
new to dating in Japan   2/5/2006

It is so much fun to be out and enjoying dating in a new country. I really like it! <br> The first look into her eyes and then the pleasure of watching the body language and chemistry develop, of course it is sometimes a real hit and miss game - but that is part of the learning experience. <br> Anyone feel the same way in Japan, particularly?

0 Comments, 214 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
spankme2times2 65 M
17  Articles
The first time I went out with Suzie!   2/3/2006

It was the end of summer, and joe had stopped by to help me put moter mounts on my dodge, we started out by reading the Chiltons manual and smocking a little pot. everything was going well untill we got under the car, at that moment the cheerleader across the street decided to come out and play with on of those tennis balls on a string that you practice with, of course she was in a short ...

0 Comments, 296 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
spankme2times2 65 M
17  Articles
worse mistake I ever made on a date part 2   2/3/2006

It all started at a McDonald's I had been sent to work at for the week, it was about 30 miles from my home.And I was new to the state and did not know many people here yet. on my last day of work, a pretty girl came up and asked me to take her and a friend to the drive in. I asked who her friend was, expecting it to me some dude, she pionted out this vary sexy blonde girl, I said sure I ...

0 Comments, 191 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
lewis2playuhard 47 M
1  Article
sex on first date   2/2/2006

how many people love to have sex on first date?

0 Comments, 220 Views, 8 Votes ,0.23 Score
spankme2times2 65 M
17  Articles
worse mstake I ever made on a first date!   2/2/2006

I was new to the state and did not know very many people yet, I had just started a job at Mcdonld's, the boss came in and said they needed someone to work at a store about 30 miles away, for the week, I said would, on the last day at the new store, a really cute girl came up to me and asked me, if I had a car, I said sure and pointed out my Starthy and Hutch torino out in the parking lot,

0 Comments, 271 Views, 7 Votes ,1.00 Score
corey1217 43 M
10  Articles
if it is just to meet for sex!!!!   1/31/2006

it is quite easier and cheaper to just bump uglies in the suburban but where would you woman perfer to do it , , now please give serious replies or past experiences so we can plan for great adventures with the woman with whom we men meet on here

0 Comments, 82 Views, 1 Votes
Who Pays?   1/30/2006

Whenever I go on a first date, or an date, I usually pay for everything. It just feels wrong to let the lady pay if I am taking her out. I would like to know how everyone feels about this. Does the man paying for everything on a date make him look like a big shot? Does it make him look nice? Or how about the other way around, what if the man did not pay for everything on a date, what ...

12 Comments, 584 Views, 14 Votes ,4.10 Score
AnEdinburghGuy05 45 M
1  Article
Sex of a first date?   1/29/2006

How many women would have sex on a first date? (Obiously if it felt right) and how many would hold back regardless? <br> How many men would NOT have sex first date.

3 Comments, 401 Views, 8 Votes ,1.16 Score
corey1217 43 M
10  Articles
if your interested and know she is??   1/27/2006

what are some good ways to let her know your intentions, wether they are genuine or not!!!

0 Comments, 143 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
profile fullfilled pt.1   1/27/2006

This is very erotic, but I don't know if you would call it an erotic story, because it is true. We had tried several ways to list on, but only received mild interest. After making our current listing we had an almost immediate response. A lady in her mid fifties contacted us and said she was here just for the companionship but would like to know more about what we wanted. Through emails ...

2 Comments, 940 Views, 32 Votes ,4.55 Score
nicesexymale313 42 M
4  Articles
first date   1/27/2006

your home is the best place to have your first date, because this where you will feel the most comfortable.

0 Comments, 171 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
49percentofLove 44 F
2  Articles
1st time had Sex...   1/25/2006

We meet at last, both of us nervous with anticipation. I <br> watch you as u come through the door, you smile at me and some <br> of the anxiety melts away. We embrace, laughing a little, <br> smiling to each others eyes and holding one another so that <br> the warmth spreads to our bodies. We sit on the edge of the <br> bed, gentle ...

3 Comments, 1181 Views, 35 Votes ,6.85 Score
moparchick440 50 T
1  Article
writchlit man or sexgod ?and can you be that too?   1/22/2006

well where to begin first of all lets start with me i am a ts pre op actually pre everything ie: i look like a guy most of the time so remembering that lets look at writchlit ok to begin with he was verry much a gentleman from the begining polite yet was sincere and honest in his aproach .. from the begining writch displayed a verry profesional front verry well thought out this is a ...

0 Comments, 249 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
Dumb Luck got me Sucked   1/21/2006

About 2 years ago one of my friends Seth called me up and said he was in need of a wingman asap. It seems this girl he meet on the internet wanted to hangout, but she didnt feel comfortable unless she had someone with her. I had never meet either one of these chicks before and really didnt know anything about them. <br> I show up over at Seth's house and we are sitting around ...

1 Comments, 739 Views, 12 Votes ,1.74 Score
7INCH197300 41 M
2  Articles
Tease   1/18/2006

I have found a girl that I work with, who is sorta commited in a relatuionship with a man who is a friend of mine at work. She and I work together everyday and we even talk a little sexual to one another. We have become good friends. She denies that she is involved with my friend , but he has told me other stories. He has been known to lie about things Anyhow, I think this girl is teasing ...

1 Comments, 491 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
spankme2times2 65 M
17  Articles
Pattie my first !   1/15/2006

I worked third shift at a 7-11 store my shift started at 11:00pm about 7:30 my besst fried larry shows up with his wife Becky and her sister Patti, and a fifth of jack danials, they are on there way to a laundry mat aand invite me along. rideing in the back seeat with Patti we begin to kiss. at the laundry mat things befgin to really heaaatt up and we begin to fuck on the washing machine. ...

0 Comments, 681 Views, 11 Votes ,2.05 Score
PearlTea 28 F
3  Articles
A Hit, Miss and Go   1/12/2006

My very first boyfriend took me to the city for a date. It was tragic. He was a terrible boyfriend... <br> First we went to the Botanical Gardens, a huge, beautiful park. We were walking through, talking, holding hands, carving our names into a tree, and just normal couple stuff. This was our first date. When we got to a stranded, isolated little walkway surrounded by lush ...

3 Comments, 952 Views, 16 Votes ,4.30 Score
rm_DJFemme 43 F
8  Articles
First Times   1/9/2006

To start with, I am not submitting this "to my peers for critique" so if you are going to criticize my articles for how I build up to the climax and character develop, just stop reading my articles and certainly don't bother posting comments. This story is about my first time with a guy, simple as that. He was friends with my sister. He was my friend too. He was friends with ...

7 Comments, 2153 Views, 69 Votes ,8.23 Score
BBW Need It Too   1/8/2006

Chatted with her for about a week. Set up to meet in the middle of the afternoon at a local motel. She was a BBW...married...and very horny...much to my advantage. <br> Sat and talked for all of 10 minutes after her arrival. As she was seated, I got up, walked over to her and started DFKing her. She was a great kisser. As I kissed her she massaged my cock through my pants. I ...

3 Comments, 888 Views, 24 Votes ,7.79 Score
rm_CSCL102 67 M
1  Article
1st,2nd,3rd time with a man Pt2   1/8/2006

So there i was, mouth tasting of cum, watching Charlton Heston fighting advanced humans and apes, when something flew passed me. i turned around and a man gave me an ok sign. Then he stood up and beckoned me to follow. He went to the toilets, i decided to follow. he went into the toilets and entered a cubical. I followed him. Without any preamble, he sat me down, slid his trousers and pants ...

0 Comments, 568 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
rm_CSCL102 67 M
1  Article
1st,2nd,3rd time with a man Pt1   1/8/2006

It was the summer time here in rainy ole England and most of my friends were on holiday. So i got some money off my mother and went to the cinema. 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' was on. I entered the picture house and sat down near the back, but not at he back. There were not many people there, about 20 in a cinema that held about 500. The film had been on for some time when someone sat ...

0 Comments, 475 Views, 12 Votes ,4.92 Score
rm_Im12BwithU 54 M
4  Articles
Tutoring our weaknesses Part 2   1/7/2006

First impression, I was set up. Julie planned it all, I was just along for the ride. <br> Carrot? she couldn't have found out about....... <br> See I was 9 and Dad wanted to me to race to improve his buisness, and live out his dream. He had made national number status but he (like I was to be) but he was too big. Cursed me with the same.... and I knew that. So while ...

0 Comments, 359 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
rm_Im12BwithU 54 M
4  Articles
Tutoring our weaknesses, Part 1 the Setup   1/7/2006

Me and Julie had alot in common, except what we were good in at school. She had math and english down cold, I had social studies and sciences. And we were both socially inept with hair trigger tempers. We met in the library as studying in the commons was like trying to concentrate at a concert. So it went for weeks, both at the same table untill we started helping each other. At ...

0 Comments, 263 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
rm_yngguy4you2 38 M
6  Articles
for the ladies...   1/6/2006

if you were meeting a man from this site, a typical man from this site, what do you think would be an appropriate first date?

1 Comments, 451 Views, 10 Votes ,1.59 Score
Coco200520062 33 M
5  Articles
Fake emails   1/3/2006

I emailed a girl on here recently and she emailed back surprisingly, giving me her email addy. So I emailed her and she said to go to another site to see her. I hate that. That's the equivalent of playing games. I don't wnat to go all over to see a girl's profile. I hate that.

0 Comments, 278 Views, 14 Votes ,6.82 Score
rm_Richo1986 37 M
9  Articles
My first date   12/31/2005

My first date was a mess. I was sweating like crazy and didn't know what to say.I was 13 mind you. She didn't notice i don't think but i was a wreck.

0 Comments, 680 Views, 9 Votes ,1.29 Score
rm_maybeyoume 49 F
1  Article
Best First Date Fuck Ever ...must read...seriously   12/30/2005

Last summer I haphazardly met this guy online; well I responded to an ad he posted but I really had no intentions of meeting him. I admit, I was playing. But anyhow, we ended up chatting via email while at work and the next day he invited me to meet him at an event he was hosting. I was leary, but figured it should be okay since it was a sizeable function. We met, we had martinis, we ...

1 Comments, 1680 Views, 42 Votes ,4.85 Score
brinlegryphon8 52 M
10  Articles
My first date   12/30/2005

I took a family friend to a Sat Matinee, and she sucked my dick through the whole movie!She said she saw her mom do it all the time. I still get a hard-on every time I watch Sinbad!!!

0 Comments, 755 Views, 14 Votes ,2.82 Score
rm_bbwlove1972 52 F
1  Article
What is with men?   12/28/2005

I met a few men on here, had a good time, and when they leave they tell you to call them or they will keep in touch with you. Talk about being played. Why can't men be upfront and say I don't want to see you or even call you. Men complain about women being players, what about the men. Its funny their profiles say, i don't want head games, and guess what they play the head games.......

2 Comments, 582 Views, 18 Votes ,4.08 Score
marriednl00kng 57 M
3  Articles
Go the distance?   12/28/2005

After exchanging emails, if two people agree to meet but are 1 hour apart, who should drive the hour? <br> Agree beforehand on who? Always the guy? <br> Thanks in advance to all guys/ladies for all votes/replies! <br> -MJ

4 Comments, 199 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
I hadn'teven met him yet and now he was coming.....   12/27/2005

Not only a first date but an immediate date. I had met him in a chatroom and we switched to yahoo. We went thru the usual topics and he asked me how i like to be sucked. Whether i liked to have tongue thrust down my cunt or if i liked to be licked first. I flashed him a pic of my cunt being held open ready for a dripping cock, and told him he could lick it however he wanted to. He asked ...

1 Comments, 980 Views, 42 Votes ,6.85 Score
rm_Deluxxx7 42 M
4  Articles
The best   12/26/2005

This girl from met up with me and blew me in the parking lot of starbucks

0 Comments, 719 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
rm_iowatazdevil 60 M
4  Articles
Old ,outdated photos or fake photos on profiles.   12/26/2005

Dear readers: I had been chatting and corresponding with a gal from for about a month, and I finally decided to meet her for a first date. She lived in a town of 10, 000 poople and lived about 4 hours from me. I went to meet her at the local bowling alley in her town, she was in a bowling league. I went to the bowling alley and I could not find her. So I asked the guy behind the ...

1 Comments, 419 Views, 13 Votes ,5.32 Score
honesty   12/26/2005

Well, the idea is that since we are here we are all looking to get laid. Why not be honest about it. Once you get to the meet stage, the visual and the tactile should tell you if the juices are flowing. If so, go ahead fuck like there is no tomorrow or whatever. Either or, be kind to your partner....we may be horny but we all have feelings. Enjoy.

0 Comments, 199 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
insert4u2 63 F
3  Articles
Forget about the last name   12/26/2005

Been talking to this guy on for some time now and decided to meet.......Without knowing what I looked like he came to visit.....he steps in the doorway and our eyes meet then our lips meet and we ripped each others clothes off and made our way to the bedroom .......fell across the bed and fucked like there was no tomorrow..........and I dont even know his last name........

6 Comments, 789 Views, 24 Votes ,2.90 Score
Jenuwinefuckange 64 F
4  Articles
It's either or a hit or miss!   12/24/2005

To tell you the truth...I knew this the whole time..but.does everyone know this?Meeting and seeing a person is the first step..Mostly easy for some, Like a each other..pouncing like a cat..clinging on...kissing so passionatly..don't need to see anything...blinded by lust....It happens we mate...and mate ...and...mate...till...we realize we have to face reality..go to ...

1 Comments, 265 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
Not going so good   12/23/2005

On a first date you realize soon after meeting her your not interested but she really like you. What should I do?

1 Comments, 134 Views, 1 Votes
sex , OR NO SEX???   12/23/2005

i always let my date what i want before our first date because i dont want to waste my time like a school boy having dates before we hold hands and after one month a kiss good night. what i let them know i want to make love first date. and most times the agree. if the dont agree the always are polite when the say not this time maby some other time thank you. but i never contact them again ...

0 Comments, 249 Views, 5 Votes ,0.86 Score
1  Article


1 Comments, 176 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
what do you expect   12/21/2005

When you meet a girl/party of fuck friends what do you expect or what do you want?

2 Comments, 1073 Views, 23 Votes ,3.24 Score
rm_twoferfun469 81 M
2  Articles
Another First Date   12/16/2005

This woman sent me an email and said she was interested in receiving (but not performing) oral sex. I emailed her back and started a conversation that included a number of emails. She was about 1 1/2 hours from me, and was only available 3 days a week, so it was a while before we were able to hook up. <br> I finally got over to see her. We met in a park near her house, and ...

3 Comments, 790 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
rm_ddtalvr 50 M
10  Articles
meeting   12/15/2005

you never know what ur going to get. people either dont show and just like to send you for a ride, or are not anything like what they said. no need to lie or exagerate, everyone knows what goes on, but people still respect the truth.

0 Comments, 175 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
newlysingle363 54 M
1  Article
I'm after a first date......   12/14/2005

So what ARE the chances of a 36 yr old single straight male getting a date from this site? Are there any single females or couples about that want to show a newcomer the ropes? Sex OR not on the first date!

1 Comments, 201 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_4bud2 55 C
1  Article
couple looking for hot females only for threesome   12/13/2005

We are a married couple looking for a threesome with a hot woman only(no guys). If you are interested hurry and reply before she changes her mind.

0 Comments, 165 Views, 1 Votes
rm_Mz_thick2 47 F
33  Articles
Is it right   12/10/2005

Is it right if u have sex on the first date?

1 Comments, 456 Views, 9 Votes ,2.57 Score
rm_ARLooking2 58 M
2  Articles
First Dates are fun   12/9/2005

On a first date I send money and get to talk small talk. I eat popcorn and drink a coke. I like first dates.

0 Comments, 157 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
sierrars5000 40 C
6  Articles
Genuine, We dont think so!   12/9/2005

We are starting to loose faith in this site and are wondering is there any point in renewing our membership next month? <br> It seems that there are quite a lot of people on this site who to talk to on here are really up for it and meeting up and all the rest of the patter that they feed you while you make arrangements and get to know them a little better, but when it comes down to ...

6 Comments, 764 Views, 20 Votes ,6.57 Score
Meetting Places   12/9/2005

What are some of the best first time meeting places?

0 Comments, 255 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
What would you do on your first date?   12/8/2005

Well.. <br> 1 Remember to bring yourself 2 Just be yourself! 3 Don't bring anything else <br> LOL

0 Comments, 233 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
paganbeergod28 48 M
2  Articles
When to say When   12/8/2005

Okay you meet a person on or in a bar. The person you meet is reluctant to get to the bottom of things? You know you 2 are there to get to one point usually. That is sex. So you make your move this is a trick withing itself. You come out and say lets go to bed usually you go home alone. There is a technique I have heard of but never tried. Called Geek dating. For instance ...

0 Comments, 193 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
UrFaceOrMinePlez 36 C
16  Articles
Blind Date   12/8/2005

Most all bachelors have been the victims of a blind date. <br> Numerous well meaning friends and relatives are always willing to "fix up" unsuspecting bachelors with girls whom they describe as "perfect for you". <br> However, from the description given, it is difficult to imagine what these girls may be like. After considerable research, as a public service, I have ...

0 Comments, 704 Views, 12 Votes ,3.68 Score
rm_agentsako2 39 M
1  Article


5 Comments, 686 Views, 36 Votes ,5.22 Score
rm_68repoman 56 C
8  Articles
Finding a single female   12/4/2005

I must say that finding any one on this site can be hard but finding a single female that is bi to be with a couple is even harder. Why is that? I have been looking on here for a while now for a single bi female and all i keep finding are these drop dead females that I think are just posting there pix for the attention and the responces they get but they have no intentions of a real meet. ...

0 Comments, 301 Views, 12 Votes ,4.04 Score
shavenmale2005 57 M
1  Article
Adult Swim   12/4/2005

We both loved to swim the best type of exercise is what everyone says about swimming only most people who do swim can manage to do it when there isn’t lots of around. Our routine really dictates that early mornings are not available to swim so we have always done it weekends and at nights or during the day at holiday time. It was during one such trip on a Tuesday to the local ...

0 Comments, 398 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_snakesolid5 40 M
5  Articles
i am so horny and i want sexy any female   12/2/2005

hi i am looking for sexy hot woman i have big cock ohh sorry !!! very big cock i love tits big tits and pussy i alwys want to play with pussy and lick him more and more times my cock alwys hard and i alwys horny if i see any woman my cock get hard and he want to fuck her i love to fuck girls ass so much i will love and i will fuck any time u want i mean all the time i am ...

0 Comments, 169 Views, 2 Votes
rm_Cindy1994 37 F
0  Articles
Daddy Found Me   12/2/2005

I met two nice daddy’s on line the other day, which lived pretty close to me. One was just right, over fifty, and by his description sounded very nice to look at. He didn’t send me any photos though, and I only watched him play with his cock on my computer. A wonderful cock, but no idea what he looked like. And one was very young. He was beautiful! Nice body, pretty face and nice hard ...

2 Comments, 2314 Views, 53 Votes ,2.65 Score
rm_illphucker4u 55 M
2  Articles
Is it just me?   12/1/2005

Is it just me or what that on first dates the butterlies and tension that build up are the best feeling in the world

0 Comments, 134 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
coach   12/1/2005

I had a strange first date with the girl who lived in the next apartment. She was sexy and one afternoon I asked if she would like to go to dinner. She accepted and we set a time after her afternoon appointment with a basketball coach she was helping. She explained he and a who needed some help with sign languge came over twice a week for a couple hours and we could go after then. I saw ...

1 Comments, 645 Views, 10 Votes ,2.59 Score
DaLucky13 52 M
16  Articles
First impressions...   11/27/2005

Now I'm one who don't give a damn on how a preson looks, but it is "written in stone"(although I haven't found it..yet) that first impresions are lasting impressions. <br> Is it true???

0 Comments, 85 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
how do u let that person know?   11/23/2005

General question. . You go on a date with this person and the vibe just isnt there. What is the most respectful thing to do in the days to come? Ignoring is not an option in my book. Thanks for your advice.

1 Comments, 178 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
CaramelMorsel 37 M
4  Articles
Put Out!! (For Men)   11/23/2005

Is it good to "put out" on the first date, (for guys that is)?

1 Comments, 455 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
tmp1230 54 F
1  Article
Being there.   11/22/2005

I don't know if this has happened to anyone, but you meet someone online. You spend a lot of time talking, flirting, asking important questions, you know, getting to know them. Then comes the day when you finally take the plunge, hell, it may even be the same day for some brave people out there, and you make a date. You get ready, make-up, perfume, dressing up for the women, cologne and ...

18 Comments, 1499 Views, 64 Votes ,7.26 Score
rm_ironman1268 49 M
8  Articles
What makes a first date a great one?   11/22/2005

There are many opinions out there but what things make a first date great instead just average. Is it the great kiss, wonderful conversation, or the hot end to a great night in bed so what is it.

0 Comments, 386 Views, 1 Votes
CombtEnginer 42 M
1  Article
Be Yourself   11/21/2005

If you go on a first date having hopefully done at least a little "homework" on each other then hopefully you already know if you'll be at least minimally compatible .. I mean come on .. with enough information from the other person you can pretend to be the dream date and get more dates but what then?... eventually your gonna get sick of being the ideal person .. I say just be yourself and ...

0 Comments, 144 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
roll 5's   11/17/2005

We were attending a conference in Reno and I managed to sit beside her since I liked her smile. During the boring afternoon I kept doodling about odds at the crap table and I could see her looking. I put my knee closer to hers under the table and soon hers was touching mine and stayed there. On break she asked what I was writing and I told her about craps odds. She asked if I really knew ...

1 Comments, 481 Views, 8 Votes ,1.86 Score
rm_Azenman469 65 M
3  Articles
Today's Woman   11/13/2005

Liberated, educated, smart, sexy, but with an air of pretencious aloofness, culminated with an attitude that beguiles even themselves. <br> Of course this is not ALL women of today, just the ones that think they are "all that" <br> Sure she has to be careful of , weirdo's sickos, wackos and such men. But is she so immeshed into herself that she no longer recognises a ...

1 Comments, 449 Views, 13 Votes ,4.32 Score
Leslie19820918 32 M
1  Article
Hi!   11/11/2005

Maybe I'm an idiot but I found that there are forums here but they are called "Magazine" ... so I was mistaken. <br> First dates? I would tell about them that I found that MOST of the people here are NOT here for the real purpose of the site. This way they don't even want to lift their asses, they are glued to the computerchair. Maybe they are enjoying their secter but very ...

0 Comments, 162 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
jayjay7112002 47 M
3  Articles
Meeting for the first time   11/11/2005

Meeting people thru this site is great but it makes you very nervous as well. With some people saying that they are something that they are not..Or see that they show up and they do not look like the pic at all.

2 Comments, 226 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
hockeynut6666 42 M
10  Articles
Take it slow....   11/6/2005

...I like to make the first date a casual one....just talking and enjoying each other's experiences and differences....that way you can enjoy the next time you meet...and can feel more comfortable.

1 Comments, 182 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
moe12005 54 M
4  Articles
I want to give my my husband a great gift   11/4/2005

I was thinking about getting a couple to supprise my husband w/ he is always on this site and wanting so bad to get w/ other people. (for both of us) I wanted to supprise him by getting this for him. We live in Rossville, Ga. We don't minde to travel a little to meet someone. Maybe we can go for drinks or dinner. Anyone think I should do this? For a supprise to him.

1 Comments, 791 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
rm_101101001 58 C
75  Articles
Would join a group...   10/31/2005

Dear members; <br> How many of you would be willing to join a discussion group, where the membership requirements are. That you must be willing to go with a current group member or the group’s moderator, for free and anonymous HIV testing (say within thirty 30 days from joining the group) and share your test results with each other to prove that you are both HIV ...

0 Comments, 251 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
HotcumHardcock 56 M
1  Article
Blowjobs   10/30/2005

Why are blowjobs so much better on the first date? I think its because the idea of having one done to you gets you hot just thinking about it.

0 Comments, 462 Views, 8 Votes ,2.32 Score
wyntersknight 39 M
6  Articles
Question for the ladies   10/26/2005

Where do you like to go for a first meeting? A bar, diner, coffee house, mall, or park?

1 Comments, 313 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
rm_CurvyDirty85 38 F
1  Article
Am I theOnly one?   10/23/2005

Am i the only one on here that actually needs sum basic communication with sum1 before, wel.. getting down to it? as much as i understand and apprecaite that sum ppl are on here for a quik drop ur kegs and have it done just doesnt seem to work that way with me...and time and time again im getting mesages from blokes sayin "Id love to talk more..." And then only wanted to talk ...

7 Comments, 705 Views, 24 Votes ,5.97 Score
likufromas2clit 54 M
1  Article
GOING ALL THE WAY   10/22/2005


0 Comments, 918 Views, 8 Votes ,1.62 Score
SweetSassyBBW4U 42 F
1  Article
Wrong or Right?   10/19/2005

I have asked myself that question over and over and over again. Is it Right or Wrong to have sex with someone the first time you meet them. I have found myself in situations more often now then before where I hook up with a guy from the website, the intensity of our lust is over bound and we end up screwing. I have no regrets of it because it is the thrill of the hunt and the fact ...

7 Comments, 1011 Views, 39 Votes ,5.03 Score
Iwannalicku78 46 F
3  Articles
does it have to be so sweet   10/18/2005

Is it possible to just meet someone and go right into hot nasty sex? Do you have to talk and get to know eachother? Arnt they people put there who would just like to rip off the other persons clothes and go right at it???

8 Comments, 1017 Views, 32 Votes ,5.40 Score
rm_ConnBlkMale 73 M
0  Articles
Really Undercover   10/18/2005

It was my first day with the State Narcotics Task Force. I had worked years ago in a regional Crime squad, doing the same thing making undercover buys of Narcotics. This was different, the Big Hats (State Troopers) were running this unit. There was one other Black Male at the office when I arrived, he was kind of a weight lifter type, no way was he going on the streets buying any drugs. ...

0 Comments, 1533 Views, 35 Votes ,7.73 Score
allnight_tweaker 38 M
1  Article
Breaking the ice?   10/15/2005

I'm looking for a little advice/help on the subject of first time sexual contact with a new person. Do women like the aggresive, take control approach, or a slower, creeping into it kind of approach?

2 Comments, 378 Views, 0 Votes
dirtroaddiva 53 T
0  Articles
My First Tranny   10/5/2005

The first time that I had sex with a Tranny was in Italy in the 70s I was a young and walking the red light district looking for something that interested me. I found that most of the hookers were not turning me on, then I saw this tall red head walking my way swinging a bag of fruit. She was wearing a short mini skirt and a top that was open to the middle of her cleavage. She was cocky ...

1 Comments, 1564 Views, 37 Votes ,5.95 Score
Show Up Or Call   9/29/2005

I have met alot of people on this site and many have seemed honest and true. Then there are SOME that you chat and have a really hot time on the phone with them and set up a meeting and you both are eager to see if there is a physical connection face to face. <br> You take time to ensure that you look nice and anticipate the meeting or what may happen. But what is totally ...

4 Comments, 1096 Views, 40 Votes ,7.47 Score
Love2ListenNSeeU 53 F
5  Articles
How's This For A First Date...   9/28/2005

We go out for an evening of dinner and wine. Throughout our meal we are laughing and flirting. You tease my hand with your fingers, as we nudge each other's feet playfully under the table. You whisper to me that you want me all to yourself, so we get up and start to leave. You have your hand on my waist and lead me to the car. We stop to kiss and you hold my face in your hands and tell me how ...

8 Comments, 1848 Views, 77 Votes ,8.44 Score
bi_anal_guy69 44 M
2  Articles
Can you get a girl pregnant by cumming in her ass?   9/28/2005

I was just wondering about this...have never done it, would like to try it, just want to make sure it won't cause pregnancy. I know it can still transfer std's and stuff, but i was just wondering about the whole pregnant thing?

7 Comments, 967 Views, 12 Votes
rm_pashun4u2 77 F
1  Article
A Carnal Encounter   9/28/2005

Michael and I had talked for, what seemed like months on the net and phone. We talked about everything and anything that came to us. I felt as if I had known Michael forever. He was my friend, soul mate, and confidant. Tonight we were going to meet. We decided to meet at Barnaby?s. I had passed the place several time, on my trips, and agreed that would be an excellent place for the ...

2 Comments, 1614 Views, 32 Votes ,3.33 Score
not nervous   9/27/2005

i was going to go to a group party one night..i had dressed up and gotten a pleasant buzz..ready to meet tha group. i was really nervous. but, everyone was nice. i met a man that i had seen on he was fun to talk to. real fun, , about midnite i was licking, sucking whip cream off his nipples, dirty dancing with him! we went to a bedroom to lay down together, i was not used to so ...

4 Comments, 1176 Views, 28 Votes ,2.73 Score
rm_drmarro6733 48 C
3  Articles
how????   9/25/2005

ok, forget all this b/s... just help me out a lil... how do you start a three som.. ok, we got everthing set up but don`t know how to start it.. we got this one girlfriend who said yes to fucking my girlfriend, but cant seem to get it right..she is married so we gotta work around that .it will be my girls first time. so help me out w/ tip or somthing. now, we have talked to some ...

2 Comments, 825 Views, 10 Votes ,2.59 Score
First Chat Meeting   9/17/2005

One late night, I entered the adult chat room. The dialogue was typical for the setting, and I waited on ths side awhile before posting... augusta here seeking local female... I got a few greetings and traded mails with a couple females who were being particularly playful. One of them invited me to a private room where we we talked some erotic talk and exchanged answers to screening ...

0 Comments, 613 Views, 12 Votes ,3.86 Score
rm_ConnBlkMale 73 M
0  Articles
The Burglary Alarm   9/16/2005

It was about 3AM, I had just finished writing a report, and was patroling what we called the north country. There were two one man cars patroling this area, about 15 square miles. My main man Robert, a super cool white dude was riding the other car. We had known each other before coming on the job, he always good people. The call came in as a 10-25, an alarm in our 10 code system. ...

1 Comments, 1502 Views, 35 Votes ,7.73 Score
rm_ConnBlkMale 73 M
0  Articles
The Sisters   9/14/2005

Kate and I were sitting around having a drink one evening, warming up for a night of quality adult time together, when the phone rang. It was Paula, Kate's younger sister. I had been sleeping with Kate for a few months. She was living in a building that I worked an extra duty security job. It was great having a hot woman, living in the building. A few months ago, I had arrested Paula's ...

0 Comments, 2884 Views, 37 Votes ,7.72 Score
rm_ConnBlkMale 73 M
0  Articles
The other sister   9/13/2005

I was sitting with Kate on the bed, we had just finished making love, she was a hot little white woman, blonde highlights, small breast. She was hot in bed, loved it all. I had met her while working an extra duty job, as security in her apartment building. My partner, had been fucking her neighbor, made for a great extra duty job. The phone rang and it was her sister Paula. I ...

0 Comments, 1386 Views, 21 Votes ,5.85 Score
8inforyourass 43 M
6  Articles
Yikes   9/13/2005

first dates are terrible some of the time if you are treating them like first dates. You need to be yourself, if the other person does not like that then you have the chance to get out early, before any emotional damage is done.

0 Comments, 3803 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
sexyasianboytoy 55 M
1  Article
It was hotter than expected.   9/12/2005

I have been searching on a while for a playmate, male or female. Although its been a while since I jumped in the sack with a male, 30 years to be exact, I finally took the plunge. I haven't had much luck finding a female friend here on but have been corresponding with a male here offering me oral service. I was hesitant at first but began to feel more comfortable as we ...

0 Comments, 802 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
My First Sex Ever on My First Date with this Woman   9/11/2005

The year was 1975. I was 20 years old and in college. A girl in my class noticed that I had typed my report and asked me if I would come to her apartment and type her report too. <br> When I arrived there, I was amazed to find out that she had nothing prepared yet for me to type. We began to study together until she brought out the old typewriter (this was long before computers) ...

0 Comments, 1079 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
Lack of Touch..   9/2/2005

Susan was one of my martial arts student. I have always had a secret passion for Susan; however it was not appropriate for me to make a move on her because her boyfriend was also in my class. Many months later, I had a surprise visit by Susan. She said she was just passing by the neighbourhood and thought she pay me a visit. I asked her to come in and she sat on the sofa opposite me. ...

0 Comments, 708 Views, 13 Votes ,4.15 Score
My first time   8/30/2005

was then 22 years old, worked as a computer professional in SEEPZ Bombay. My boss was a married 32 years old female. Her name was Anita. Anita was Bengali. Her husband was a Marketing manager in other software company. He looked after both Indian and overseas markets. He would always be very busy with his work. So was Anita. Whenever there was a critical situation, she would be ...

3 Comments, 2423 Views, 45 Votes ,5.79 Score
rm_actionman4u 58 M
2  Articles
question for you married women catch 22   8/24/2005

im single, so how could i convince you im genuine, discreet and considerate if i cant actualy meet you to prove it? n.s.a sounds good to me!!!

0 Comments, 324 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
rm_actionman4u 58 M
2  Articles
which is the best way to keep her attention after initial contact?   8/24/2005

i tend to want to find out about someone first general chit chat like what they have done today blah blah. but what i really want to do is ask what turns her on an how can i satify her every desire without coming across as a perv. which method is best to encourage an actual meet? mr general chit chat or mr cant wait to rip your knickers off?

0 Comments, 205 Views, 3 Votes
The Beginning   8/18/2005

It all began one January night In Nashville. I went to my favorite bar there on Printer’s Alley to listen to some blues and have a drink. I got there early enough that I could get a seat at the bar. While waiting for the band to start playing, I took in the sights and sounds. That is when I noticed her, <br> She was a 5’-10” Blonde. Of course, she was with ...

0 Comments, 473 Views, 9 Votes ,1.29 Score
Get It At The Window   8/18/2005

It is required that we ask customers if they are using debit card, credit card, or cash. I asked an older lady and she responded by asking if I was married or single. I said married and she smiled. She saw the bulge in my pants and slipped me her number. I called her after work and she invited me out to her home. She came to my truck because her was inside and she told me she had ...

0 Comments, 785 Views, 11 Votes ,2.42 Score
hornydallasguy19 39 M
10  Articles
how to act on first dates???   8/17/2005

why do some people want to be someone they are not on first dates??? if sooner r later da person you r seein will see the real you

0 Comments, 207 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
A Very Unexpected "First Date"   8/16/2005

This is not just a fantasy--it really happened. The fantasy is that it WILL happen to me again. <br> One night when I went to visit a woman at her home for the first time, I was surprised to see that she had answered the door with only her robe on. <br> When she saw that it was I, she let the robe drop to the floor, exposing her naked body. Then she said, "Well, come ...

1 Comments, 1235 Views, 22 Votes ,4.45 Score
LustBabyScorpio 47 F
21  Articles
A First For Maggie   8/16/2005

We had meet at a bar, a gay one. In the day, it was all we had really. We sat had a few shots, I gave her a few single syllable words, accompanied with smiles of fained interest, and went back to her apartment. She lived on the cornor of Date and Ala Wai Blvd. She had been sombody once, and now all that was left of her was the faded remnants of her youth propped up in portraits ...

1 Comments, 1421 Views, 34 Votes ,6.39 Score
The best _____.   8/14/2005

If you could fill in the blank, what would you say is the best part of a first date? <br> (i.e. The best kiss, the best dinner). <br> Besides that, what are they key things that most of you look for on first dates? Is it all about sex? (Especially on this site)

1 Comments, 436 Views, 0 Votes
First-time experiences from . . .   8/13/2005

I've been on and off since 2001. I've met probably eight women in person as a result of, and I've actually had sex with five of them. <br> Ironically, all five that I did have sex with happened on the first (and some times only meeting). But I will say all of those meetings were preceeded by several phone conversations, IM sessions and exchange of pictures. <br> ...

5 Comments, 1150 Views, 15 Votes ,3.74 Score
ThunderKat101 36 F
1  Article
How should the perfect first date end?   8/12/2005

Woman or stereotypied as whores if they want sex on the first date. they are not whores just human. If the attraction is mutual then go for it. We are all adults. Why can't a first date end in sex? We meet people on this site and the men some times offer to travel or fly you in. Some even offer you dream vacations with luxurious accomadations. If it is the first time meeting this person and ...

2 Comments, 643 Views, 29 Votes ,6.75 Score
luvpump22 47 M
1  Article
first meeting with d and k   8/10/2005

it was over a year ago and i met this great couple here on we chatted online for weeks and finally decided to meet. i had to take time off work because i'd have to travel 200 miles one direction to visit them. k, she was all excited, d, was, too. it was my first time to meet a couple for the possibility of a sexual encounter. we had dinner together then went back to their place ...

2 Comments, 456 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
2hotguy4u2fuck 38 M
4  Articles
first date!!   8/9/2005

Hi guys!!Here is a very simple question but i guess the answer is TRICKY!! How can u make the first date a way to bed???

0 Comments, 468 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
What to do?   8/8/2005

The all important question that has many answers, none of which seem right. What to do on a first date? Myself, I'm always fond of keeping things light and flowing. I like to start with the coffee or a drink routine. It's quick, easy and also allows for important talk time that dinner and a movie seems to lack. From there something simple like a walk along the water or in a park, something ...

0 Comments, 142 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
roger_thykdyk 68 M
5  Articles
I need that relaxing massage!   8/8/2005

After a warm bath I lead you to the bedroom and the pre-warmed bed. I lay you face down and dribble warm, scented oil over your neck and shoulders and begin to massage your upper body. I work down your back, kneading your spine with my thumbs. I pour more oil over your bum and let it dribble between your cheeks. I masage your bottom, easing your cheeks apart. I pull your legs wider and ...

0 Comments, 140 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
weshall2nite 51 M
1  Article
Can the sensational feelings of a first kiss be duplicated?   8/7/2005

You know the feelings that I am talking about. You have been flirting back and forth now for nearly a month just trying to seduce the other person while aligning your schedules to get the opportunity to meet for the first time. You have been exchanging e-mails back and forth, at first simplistic and general and then very detailed and descriptive. You may have even "rubbed one out" while ...

1 Comments, 215 Views, 9 Votes ,3.21 Score
rm_gmik1973 50 M
3  Articles
BLIND DATES   8/6/2005


0 Comments, 149 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
nardyB 61 M
4  Articles
on the first date   8/6/2005

What is the best thing to to on a first date? for me there are meny thing like to do and one of thim is good sex.

0 Comments, 301 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
rm_headphones_1 53 M
2  Articles
Not using condoms   7/31/2005

If u get youself involved with some chick who wants to just skip the condom and wants your dick inside of her - BACK OFF MAN!!! - probably many other dicks without condoms on them have been where your dick is about to go; at the VERY LEAST bag that fucker with a Trojan or a Durum, and fuck that bitch like a motherfucker hard and like hell!

1 Comments, 343 Views, 17 Votes ,1.15 Score
LustBabyScorpio 47 F
21  Articles
The First Night With Kevin*   7/31/2005

I remember when I first saw my old man naked, we where getting ready to fuck, I took one look at him, and said " No FUCKIN WAY!!!", " I have no idea what you expect me to do with that, but I'm sorry because I can not help you". He laughed a long time, really hard gut laughs, and said" Whats the matter baby?, You never seen a cock this big?". Well me, being all of 5 feet 2 inches, and 110 ...

0 Comments, 1651 Views, 31 Votes ,4.49 Score
mikeiswow 59 M
11  Articles
Ouch she's hot   7/30/2005

The hot sun bore down as I walked the parking lot looking for her. I looked back and forth. My mind was racing with hundred of thoughts, what could happen what was going to happen. Keep it cool and just be observant. <br> She drove up in a new silver Nissan. The car had been cleaned in detail and it shone brightly. She opened her door while I glanced in and she was simply a ...

1 Comments, 321 Views, 8 Votes ,1.39 Score
Flowers   7/30/2005

I recently went on a first date, and brought flowers. I got the reaction of what the hell did you get these for? Am I being too old fashioned, or do women not like to receive flowers from a gentleman?

6 Comments, 355 Views, 8 Votes ,4.87 Score
Sonja first time with Black   7/29/2005

When the doorbell rang Sonja’s palms were damp with perspiration. She knew what waited on the other side. Sonja was aware that her life would never be the same as she opened the door. On the other side stood the key to Sonja’s destiny he towered over her, James was a six foot four 230 lb mountain of a black man. Standing at five eight and 145 lbs Sonja was astonished at the ...

3 Comments, 2264 Views, 39 Votes ,6.82 Score
LustBabyScorpio 47 F
21  Articles
She Said I Was her First   7/27/2005

We had meet at a bar, a gay one. In the day, it was all we had really. We sat had a few shots, I gave her a few single syllable words, accompanied with smiles of fained interest, and went back to her apartment. She lived on the cornor of Date and Ala Wai. She had been sombody once, and now all that was left of her, was the faded remnants of her youth propped up in portraits ...

1 Comments, 703 Views, 19 Votes ,4.31 Score
nardyB 61 M
4  Articles
fist date   7/27/2005

What do you like to do on a first date? me i like to have sex on the firse date because yes it is goog to get to know the person first but youall know that the good sex is more importon to me.

0 Comments, 103 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
Our First Date   7/25/2005

My wife and I will be married for 13 years this October. But it almost ended before it started. We met in the Air Force at Lowry AFB in Denver Colorado. While I was waiting for my classes to start I would perform different duties around the training squadron. One day I had to a plumber in the women’s side of the dorm. The plumber was banging away on a pipe in this room and I was standing ...

2 Comments, 513 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
funcouple49601 64,1961 C
5  Articles
all the way?   7/24/2005

what percentage of the time would you say a meet and greet lead to more on the first night?

2 Comments, 505 Views, 13 Votes ,1.80 Score
SingleWhiteMan5 39 M
6  Articles
sex on the first date.   7/24/2005

How many people walk into a first date with intentions on sex?

0 Comments, 360 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
Coloradodutchman 73 M
1  Article
Sex in the park   7/21/2005

Recently I contacted a lonely, married, woman online. We arranged to meet at a coffe shop that is a discreet distance from both of our houses. In the parking lot we decided to go for a drive into the mountains to discuss what each of us is looking for in an exmarital relationship. Whil talking I discovered that her husband has been neglecting her emotionally and physically for a few years ...

2 Comments, 1034 Views, 26 Votes ,5.83 Score
one night in the sky   7/20/2005

i used to work in a skycraper in downtown Miami and one night a decided to have dinner in the roof of the 54 stories building. the night started like i planned the candles in different colors and scent, music, the sky was clear blue with a lot of stars everything was set for when she come. around 11 of the night she appeared as planned she looked gorgeous with a red dress, black shoes her ...

0 Comments, 257 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
rm_masedawg78 45 M
1  Article
Help!   7/19/2005

Ok heres the deal, I am 26 years old I joined this site to get laid! If more works out then cool, but so far I have had no sucsess! Are there any ladies out there that can help out????

0 Comments, 148 Views, 2 Votes
rm_shylondonguy 51 M
4  Articles
What do mature ladies want on here?   7/17/2005

A first date with a mature lady on this site - what will they want? Will it be sex on the first night? Will they want to get to know you better first? <br> Obviously, everyone is different but what do the majority want? <br> Any input from you ladies out there would be welcomed.

2 Comments, 492 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
But it was an accident! Well, almost..   7/14/2005

I gotta tell you about my 33rd birthday. It fell in the middle of the week that year and I worked that day. I hadnt planned anything for that night but about 10 days ahead of time my mother was trying to set me up with a slightly older divorcee named Cassie. They both worked in the same office, and mom thought she needed to get out. We talked on the phone several times and agreed to meet ...

0 Comments, 1070 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
dealer0900 37 M
5  Articles
At her door   7/12/2005

After the first date, you'd walk the girl to her house, right? So you arrive at her house, talk a little more, and then both of you start to stare around: to the wall or sky. Then you get that it is the time to say goodbye. But can you take it further? Now, every guy in here wants to end the first night with a goodnight kiss. So you plan your move towards her lips. But what if she pulls ...

1 Comments, 302 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
rm_loadsoffun05 42 M
1  Article
am I doing this right   7/9/2005

maybe I just don't know how to work this site, but I don't seem to be having much luck. does anybody have any advice?

2 Comments, 345 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
darqmachine 48 M
16  Articles

Ok. We have all been tempted to do things on the first date, that have turned into a complete disaster! I know I have... I have gone as far as actually trying to kiss the girl because you she looked to good. So I'm going to ask this questions. You meet somone on this site, you have been talking to that person for a week now and you have hit it off better then expected? You want to make ...

0 Comments, 276 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
darqmachine 48 M
16  Articles
You these on the first date.   7/8/2005

Ok. We have all been tempted to do things on the first date, that have turned into a complete disaster! I know I have... I have gone as far as actually trying to kiss the girl because you she looked to good. So I'm going to ask this questions. You meet somone on this site, you have been talking to that person for a week now and you have hit it off better then expected? You want to make ...

1 Comments, 93 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
mishkin2250 44 M
4  Articles
Making the right choice...   7/8/2005

it's tough trying to decipher what the right move is on a first date...I guess the only thing you can do is either go for it and let the chips fall as they may, or play it conservatively. There is no middle ground, it seems.

0 Comments, 72 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Best Orgasm Ever!   7/7/2005

I worked in a motel and was seperated from my husband going through a divorce I really needed to go out and have a good time. I had been checking a guy out staying at the motel and thought what the i called his room and asked if he had any plans for the weekend? We went out and the whole time we were at the bar I kept thinking damn I need to see him I said lets go back to ...

6 Comments, 1975 Views, 49 Votes ,3.77 Score
How to act   7/7/2005

How should someone act on their first date. I mean, if you are a sheep shearer and can't string two woprds together, or if you are a prude, what do you do? Would you just be yourself like everyone says they are or do you act and portray yourself the way you think she would like you to be. Because when you make the attraction, usually the other person will then take you for what you are.

1 Comments, 156 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
where to go   7/7/2005

Could i please have a few ideas from you wonderful people out there as to where to take a lady on the first date.......don't be afraid to be creative.

1 Comments, 131 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
"The Wrong Number"   7/5/2005

After answering the phone, I heard this voice ask"what should I wear tonight?" CAught off guard; I replied"as little as possible" or "my favorite thing on you would be me." I can hear the blush in your voice as you reply, "I think that I have the wrong number." Quickly I reply"are you sure, it sounds as if you are looking to have fun." "If that is the case, you have the right number." You ...

0 Comments, 758 Views, 25 Votes ,5.01 Score
rm_Thugin27 39 M
1  Article
Gotta be carefull   7/4/2005

First time i decide to finally hook up with someone on this site was a couple months ago...i mean things seemed ok..she said she was married and that they agreed to have an open mistake was not talkin to the man before anything happened..later that night her husband stops back at the house kinda drunk..then leaves lookin upset...then bout 15 minutes after she recieves a ...

3 Comments, 803 Views, 23 Votes ,2.78 Score
bakonman 39 M
4  Articles
group sex on first date???   7/4/2005

i met this crazy chick once we had sex on the first date at her house and her girlfreind walked in on us cause she was bi but she joined in it was great bt think i should still date this chick

1 Comments, 865 Views, 14 Votes ,3.46 Score
SHould you have sex on the first date   7/4/2005

I have been interested in this girl who really wants to sleep with me. I really want to have sex with her our first date but if i dont push it i think she will. SHould i go with it or should i wait

2 Comments, 325 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
are you real?   7/4/2005

I was just wondering, how many time it take you to find out that, the person, girl or guy, in this case a girl, on the other side of the screen is just a joke, that the other person is not realy interested in any relationship but just "fuc...." around and laughing at you.

1 Comments, 198 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
27SexySensitive 50 M
5  Articles
All way's okward so cut to the chase !!   7/3/2005

Let's face it first dates are allway's a little strange..So why can't we Cut to the chase just let each other know what we want..Maybe we could commpromise and every body's happy..Sounds Good any how but it'dd never work....

0 Comments, 167 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
tiny_puppy 46 F
6  Articles
itz can't forgot my first .........   7/2/2005

itz pain , pain..nothing more

0 Comments, 1162 Views, 27 Votes
sdgentleman69 50 M
10  Articles
Making out or going all the way on first date?   7/1/2005

Who likes to just make out on the first date, and not necessarily take it all the way?

3 Comments, 217 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_chest_nut_2 65 M
2  Articles
What to say?   7/1/2005

First dates are a nightnmare. What questions should be asked? I'm forever worried that I might be so nervous that I don't ask the right questions. So how do you start?

0 Comments, 191 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
rm_BlondeBlue4 60 M
1  Article
The top two mistakes women make   6/30/2005

This goes for first contacts too, "If not mostly" 1) For God sakes save.."What do you do?" for later. It screams golddigger If asked too soon. If he's a CEO, or a garbage man, It tells a wise man your all about is income.... It's a yellow flag for a guy looking for LTR. 2) Don't fish for compiments. You may very well be showered with them after you get to know eachother better. But ...

3 Comments, 496 Views, 15 Votes ,2.98 Score
longislander53 70 M
11  Articles
A nightmare first date   6/30/2005

I must preface this by stating that I was an Alterboy in my youth prior to becoming a lapsed Catholic. <br> I had a temporary duty assignment to Kenya while in the Army. I was staying at a Hilton and went to the bar to talk to my Kenyan counterpart. After a few drinks I noticed a very attractive woman a few chairs from us. After I finished with the Kenyan, I went to talk to the ...

0 Comments, 305 Views, 11 Votes ,3.35 Score
Yumee6969 38 M
8  Articles
Kisses muah!   6/29/2005

If you kiss a guy on the first date, does that mean your planning to do more with the guy in the future? I have often asked women this but they are hesitant to answer. I dont understand how a girl can feel perfectly fine to kiss one type of guy on the first date but not other types. Is it that you lose yourself in the moment with some guys or what, I just dont get it.

0 Comments, 158 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
BlondFlynBabe 42 F
1  Article
The Perfect Man   6/29/2005

I met he perfect man on; he was tall, dark, handsome, smart, damn he was perfect. The first time we met I knew we'd have amazing, fucking, crazy, cumming in buckets sex. Boy was I right. The first time I ever had simultaneous orgasms with someone was with him. He shoved his long, hard, thick cock in my pussy and I was so loud I KNOW the neighbors heard and were jealous. He showed ...

5 Comments, 1578 Views, 45 Votes ,4.33 Score
rm_spunky510 76 F
8  Articles
yearning for more!   6/29/2005

he answered my site, ,i liked his reply, , added him to my hotlist..he gave a phone number to call, said he would be in my state for a wedding, and wanted to hook-up, , i didn't call..but thought about him often..he replied again with phone number and was going to be here agian for a few days.. i called him..liked the sound of his voice and easy manner..we decided to meet for a drink and go ...

1 Comments, 773 Views, 15 Votes ,4.66 Score
rm_zag3 80 M
4  Articles
a bathroom   6/28/2005

My friend joked that a first date should always be someplace where a bathroom is handy.

0 Comments, 190 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_Fittested 45 M
2  Articles
How do i break the ice   6/28/2005

A friend of a female friend who wants us hooked up, new to town, gorgeous. Whats the best way to show interest?

0 Comments, 172 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
dynamitesneon 41 M
10  Articles
Location   6/28/2005

What's the best place for a first date? Is it better to be super-safe and go somewhere crowded, or would it be better to go somewhere more intimate and leave yourself open?

1 Comments, 147 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
First Meeting   6/27/2005

A few years ago I met a 43 year old divorced lady online who lived about 3 hr away. We chatted online and innuendo led to erotic chat and eventually making each other cum online. We learned what each of us liked and it was very similar. We agree to meet at a hotel midway between on a Saturday. I immediately went to a room which she was in and the first time I saw her, I took her in ...

0 Comments, 708 Views, 16 Votes ,4.30 Score
Our First   6/26/2005

We met a gal through As my wife is bi, she chatted with her for awhile, said HI on cam and then met for coffee. She ask if it was alright with me for a girl on girl, and I said sure, but it turned out our date wanted to play with us both. She came to our house and we spent the afternoon together. Since then we have become great friends (with benefits).

1 Comments, 782 Views, 15 Votes ,3.44 Score
IrishWarrior_79 36 M
5  Articles
What maeks a good first date?   6/25/2005

A friend and I were discussing this not long ago. He thinks that a very fancy date with lots of romantic (and expensive) things are necessary. I believe that all that time and money is wasted until you get to know someone. There are ways to have a very pleasant evening without going overboard. What do you all think?

1 Comments, 98 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
SMDrPepper 50 M
2  Articles
Reminded by another story   6/22/2005

My roomate once told me he had never been to a strip club. THis is how I discovered Syn City. that night i took him there to meet one of our friends that was waitressing there and i figured it would be the last of it. i found out htat night that they had a weekly fetish night. having performed at a number of fetish nights i figured i would go and check it out. i arrived alone and in ...

0 Comments, 485 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
rm_spunky510 76 F
8  Articles
expectations!!   6/19/2005

wow, talked to him on-line and phone for 5 months...we seemed to be on the "same page"..he knew what i liked and he told me what he wanted..ummm, was exciting to anticipate our "meeting"..we agreed to share costs..being a practical type, didn't expect him to pay everything, it was going to be my party too!! we talkedon computer the day we were to meet, , he made arrangements for half-way ...

1 Comments, 1016 Views, 24 Votes ,5.06 Score
wolfen391 56 M
2  Articles
a Libarians Longing....   6/19/2005

It was a nice spring June morning just passed.......I logged onto to only being in chat for a short while a name appeared that aroused curiousity. Without hesitation I responded with a Hello........she responded back. We discovered we were both in the same city, same area of town. I asked her what she was doing...and she immediately told me she was getting ready for work, but ...

0 Comments, 666 Views, 17 Votes ,5.81 Score
rm_sexymachien 38 M
9  Articles
respond to what you think will happen   6/17/2005

Sunday I have a date with a beautiful woman. She's 5"11, 120 lbs, and she is have white and have spanish. She goes to the University of Miami and hasn't been with a man in 5 months. She doesn't want to spend the night with me in my hotel room(she 1/2 hour north of LA and I'm San Diego) cause she is so horny and doesn't want to have sex the first date. I would like to see what men ...

0 Comments, 325 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
rm_sexymachien 38 M
9  Articles
How did this happen?   6/16/2005

I was on a date last night with a beautiful woman. Her name is Sara and she was just as intelligent as she was beautiful. We went to dinner, had a little walk on the beach during sunset. Everything was going perfect. After that she invited me back to her place for a movie, I couldn't wait to spend more time with this woman. She lived around a half hour away so we continued the deep ...

0 Comments, 503 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
rm_sinsual65 58 M
5  Articles
dating vs hooking up   6/15/2005

I'm curious what behaviour people would find offensive or acceptable on a first meeting, and how those expectations may differ on a traditional date as opposed to a planned potential sexual encounter.

1 Comments, 166 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
SweetBuns99 M
2  Articles
My First Mating with John (2)   6/14/2005

As John began to undress me he started exploring my ears and nipples with his tongue. My cock was throbbing to be released from my shorts and as he slid his face down my chest he avoided direct contact with my shaft. My shorts fell to the floor and I was completely naked before him, he still in a stylish suit although his tie had been removed. <br> I seized the moment and ...

2 Comments, 792 Views, 26 Votes ,5.83 Score
SweetBuns99 M
2  Articles
My first Mating with John (1)   6/14/2005

I really didn't see this coming. I'd been logging into websites and meeting online for months but no one had connected in a visceral way and I used that lack of intimacy to feed my fear of exploring my growing interest in M2M sexual encounters. <br> I would read stories about all consuming orgasms that resulted from extended anal play and cock worshiping and get soooo hard. I ...

0 Comments, 985 Views, 11 Votes ,2.05 Score
longhairstud05 50 M
9  Articles
Ugh.1st dates....   6/14/2005

Hi nice to meet you, can we move on to our 3rd date now & just get naked?

1 Comments, 214 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
TheMajorOne 27 M
6  Articles
Unforgettable First Date!!!   6/14/2005

First date I had was attending a high school dance. We were at that age where our bodies just oozed with hormones. It was so evident when we were on the dance floor. Neither one of us spoke much. Our bodies did all the talking. She was a little older than I was and very hot in her skin tight mini dress. <br> <br> We loved to slow dance as we pressed our bodies ...

1 Comments, 1503 Views, 33 Votes ,5.81 Score
bibbw1966 58 F
6  Articles
First date with Jack   6/12/2005

I never had an experience quite like this. I met him on a web site, we chatted briefly and we decided to meet at a local bar. His online picture was a little dark but I had a rough idea what he looked like. I didnt know what to expect so I got to the bar a little early. I ordered my beer and shot of crown royal and stood at a table right inside the door so I can watch who was coming and ...

2 Comments, 1715 Views, 50 Votes ,7.85 Score
adorabledor 67 F
3  Articles
The Paw...   6/12/2005

I have found out while dating anyone from this site, on Our first date no matter how I tell them I just want to become friends first before we actually bang each other, ,and they agree to it, ,they still on Our first date, ,are all over me and pawing me, God forbid if you invite them to the couch, ,you are then done for, Whats with you guys, ,do you NOT understand the meaning of friends ...

2 Comments, 594 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
wolfen391 56 M
2  Articles
...Lusty Dar   6/11/2005

...well...we had been talkin on line for a few days...Dar is a married lady and I'm married....she was very much wanting to meet...but as i work around the province alot i was unable to get to her town..until one day this spring... <br> I saw her online and told her where i was staying....she told me she'd be right over...she was working for a Legal firm not to far away, noon hour ...

0 Comments, 409 Views, 8 Votes ,4.41 Score
On line Romance   6/8/2005

We had been chatting on line for some time and were getting along extremely well. We had exchanged many very erotic details of what our first date would be like. My Lord the deatils we shared were a preamble so accurate, it was like a script from a movie, or almost like "De Ja Vu". The Itallian restaurant we met at was dimly lit by candle light and the tables were impecably staged with ...

0 Comments, 277 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
rm_wetnwildu2 59 C
1  Article
wifes first black cock   6/8/2005

my wife happended to meet this dingle black home owner after cleaning for him for 8 or 9 mounts he had the balls to ask her if she knew any married white women looking to try some black cock we had been fantisieng about that for a long time then one night he called and said his company had put him up in a ritsy hotel and envited us down to see him it was a super turn on going to take my ...

4 Comments, 2532 Views, 40 Votes ,1.32 Score
MathiasA 64 M
3  Articles
Wine and cheese show   6/7/2005

I was great, she was beautiful, we had a great time. she took me home and gave me a tour of her house..starting in the bedroom and I really didn't see much else of the house.

0 Comments, 287 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_soupcooler25 45 M
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My experience....   6/7/2005

I am 27 years old and reside in Maryland. I am married with a one year old. My wife is a great women. She does a great job with our and all, but just does not satisfy me sexually. I am talking the same position all the time... Can you believe that!! Well, I have been exploring options for about 2 months now. Anyway, I meet this woman at a local club I go to occasionally to relieve ...

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Nervous at first   6/6/2005

It seems that the first time I'm with a women, I get very nervous. Sometimes it affect my ability to get get a hard-on. After the first, there doesn't seem to a probablem. Antone else have this problem? Any advice on how to over come it?

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The First Meeting   6/6/2005

Hi all, just wondering if anyone had any good ideas or what works for you as a place for a first meeting? or what do you do on that first meeting? I personally try to meet somewhere that's public (very public) and that provides a place to sit and relax to talk. I mean after all, after we talk, or while we are talking, we can decide to go to that restaurant, bar, etc... provided we are ...

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how it went   6/4/2005

We are meeting for the first time. We have exchanged pictures. We have exchanged e- mail. We have chatted on line. I am meeting you at the airport. You are flying in from another part of the state. I am nervous and I hope you are also. <br> I changed my clothes at least ten times trying to find just the right thing to wear for our first meeting. I settled on a floral ...

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How would you make someone not feel nervous   6/2/2005

I am going to be one of those very nervous first time girls. I'm hoping someone will gently introduce me to the first time experince of being with a female. So next time all you girls or guys go and meet the other person for there first time experince with the same sex then maybe you could stop and think that they maybe as nervouse as all hell so try and suduce them and make them feal ...

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Be who you claim to be! It never pays to pretend   6/2/2005

I met a girl the other night who was not at all who she claimed to be. I kissed her once because I was drunk, but she left a bad taste in my mouth, so I left. How disenchating!

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My date with Robert from   6/2/2005

We had emailed and chatted for over two months before we finally met. He knew everything abouth me. I arrived at his home about 10 am, he's long divorced and had several failed relationships with natural women and he was convinced that a willing crossdresser would be better. He was so nice. Dim lights in a comfortable living room. Soft music and cocktails on the couch. A lot of small talk, ...

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Will that first date come   6/1/2005

As we are all in hear to find what we find sexually arrosing and i think i will find it in a female it looks so relaxing and fun so pussy wetting to touch of lips make me cum over and over till it cant be couped her to the girls out there looking to find there fun in female GO GIRLS GO

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hottmistress 53 F
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What is it that would turn you completely OFF on a first date?   6/1/2005

That can be a very difficult question for some, only because it seems as if the more your date has in common with your general requirements, the more you'll let them slide on things that you may dislike. <br> However, I don't care how much money a man has or how great-looking he is (or even how big his dick may appear underneath those fine slacks), the minute he starts to brag, ...

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Recent date with a member   5/25/2005

I arrived early about 9:30 am. The house was very dimly lit as i entered the door. He was very nice and pointed to the bathroom to get dressed. I joined him in the living room where he had a porno film on the big screen. He handed me a drink of vodka and orange juice and he was very sweet as he started a conversation. His sound system was incredible and had a great selection of music. And ...

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rm_taska_11 77 M
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out of town   5/24/2005

Like most meetings on, the connection was long distance. She lived about 200 clicks south of me, in the second biggest town in New Mexico. We are spread pretty far apart here in the Southwest. The electricity must have come thru the wires, because it was lust at first encounter. We hit it off and decided that we had to meet one of these days, and then it grew into how about next ...

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HotGuyPalmBeach 42 M
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1st Date Sex Leads to Long-term Relationships   5/24/2005

It's possible that I'm the only person this ever happens to, but I doubt it. I have had 3 relationships lasting about one year. two of those involved sex on the first date. The shortest of the three made me wait for a couple of weeks. If you meet somone special you should not wait to have sex with them. Everyone knows that at some time or another you have had sex on a first date. If ...

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girlblushing 44 F
2  Articles
surprised   5/24/2005

we were sitting at a pub next to the sea. it was a breezy night. we chatted and laughed. he asked me if someone ever petted with me before. i asked him what is that. he was surprised by my reply. then we left the pub as he offered to pet with me. he led me to his car and we petted, sucked..

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sex on the first   5/23/2005

ok so here it is again. now im sure in some point in time everybody has done it, some people regret it, some people live for it, but why does it seam that it is always intense and exceptionaly good

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rm_Joe_suave 57 M
3  Articles
1st 3sum   5/21/2005

My wife Rose and I had been fantasizing about her getting fucked by another man for quite a while. I looked around on the web for months before I finally talked to Mike. I told him I wanted to see a current STD test including proof of -HIV. Mike had some experience arranging gangbangs and 3sums. It took some time to convince Rose to at least meet with Mike. <br> ...

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rm_jahveryhorny 47 M
16  Articles
cant do them!!   5/12/2005

although i try so hard i just can't seem to impress the woman i am after. so i think i may stop tryin to impress them and try harder to press 4 my dreams rather than the dreams of others.... hopefully i can find similar dreams

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cum2frederick 50 F
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Typoglocemia   5/10/2005

Don't delete this because it looks weird. Believe it or not you can read it ... <br> I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrnig to rscheearch taem at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit ...

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wayne4uall 56 M
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The Cock   5/9/2005

I recently began having conversations with a man that like me is bi-curious we talked awhile before finally meeting on a back road to check each others packages out. I talk to him awhile and he didn't really feel as though he wanted to show what he had between his loins. I got into his vehicle and he pulled out his cock and I must admit that it had a pretty tight heat and once I wrapped ...

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Date with work colleague   5/6/2005

I'm due to take a girl from work out for a drink on Friday. We both have partners but agree it could be fun seeing each other. Is it a case of what our partners don't know won't hurt them?

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Communication.   5/4/2005

You know, it is tough to feel if a first date went good or bad, when u cannot find who you went with to talk to them. Even if it was a bad date, that person should tell you.

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The Skirt 20 years. 20 years of marriage. 20 years of control. 20 years of frustration. I married my high school sweetheart half way through university. His background and family didn’t want us to live together unless we were married and we wanted to save rent. I was a virgin until our honeymoon night. I was looking forward to experiencing sex so much, but it went flat. He came inside me so fast that I barely felt anything except pain. It didn’t get a lot better. He only seemed to think of himself, leaving my pleasure ignored. One time I asked if he could lick me below, but he got so angry that he slapped me and left a bruise on my cheek. He wouldn’t let me go out by myself. I had to defend my whereabouts to him constantly. When we did go out together he was always looking around to see who was watching me. I wasn’t bad looking, but I ended up wearing frumpy clothes to avoid gathering attention ‒ which I so desperately wanted! Four years ago I decided it was time for something to change. I was getting older, yet there was no talk of children. I stopped taking my birth control without him knowing. I knew my cycle, and at the right time, I enticed him to have sex. After three or four months, I found out I was pregnant. I thought that if he had a child to love, he would love me as well. How mistaken I was! After two years of mental abuse, I knew that he loved neither me nor my son. Then he left. I came home from work one day, and all his things were gone! There was a message for me to call his lawyer. How blind I was! He had been seeing another girl on the side for years! He had finally run off with her, leaving me with our son and the house. He offered to leave me to house if I didn’t seek child support. I was OK with that as I didn’t want him to have any rights with our son. I sold the house and moved in with my sister. She has two kids and kicked her husband out. She is in business and took control when things were going badly. I moped around for a few months, not sure what to do with my life. I started working for my sister’s company, which worked out well, and hung around the house, not sure what to do. Sis started to encourage me to get out a little. She was always telling me how sexy I was. My son is still breastfeeding three or four times a day, and I’m a 38DD because of it. I have a nice bum, and I have managed to get in pretty reasonable shape after the baby. Then she showed me “the skirt.” She had bought it, but could never bring herself to wear it. It was black and short. Not mini-short, more of micro-short. I tried it on for her to see. If I pulled the top down just to the top of my bum crack, the bottom would cover my privates ‒ only just. I felt so sexy in that skirt! I dreamed about going out in it and getting attention. I looked for tops to go with it and found just what I needed. I don’t like bras and wear one as little as possible. My nipples are big and hard much of the time, not to mention they occasionally leak. I found a lemon yellow t-shirt that fit and hung beautifully. It showed the shape of my breasts, let my nipples poke out, and stopped about two inches above my belly button. Of course it was several inches out from my stomach at that point, but that added to the effect! But when could I wear it? Who could I go out with, dressed like that? My sister had her friend, a professional photographer, over a few weeks ago. They were talking about glamour photography and how she’d like to practice before hiring a professional model. I volunteered and we played around for a while. In the end there was only on picture she liked, and she gave me a copy. It was more work that I expected, but it was a hot picture! She also got one of my sister in “the skirt”. Then I found Could I find someone on there to help me get through my desires? Would there be a place for me to wear my new sexy outfit? Could I find someone who could give me the pleasure I’d never had? It didn’t take long to find out. I put up the pictures I had, along with a pretty broad description of what I wanted. Within hours of it going live, hundreds of responses started coming in. It was hard to keep up, but boy, did it give me some confidence in myself! One of the first guys I chatted with invited me to meet him and a couple of his friends invited me to a bar on Thursday night. It was going to happen! I was excited all day about it, thinking about how sexy it would be and how people would look at me! I called a cab and went out in the wind and rain. My coat didn’t show much to the cabbie, but I could tell that he was liked what he could see. In the bar, I found my “date” right away. Why are men so mean? In the first five minutes of me showing up dressed so sexily for him, he laughed at me, put me down, called me nasty names, then wanted to touch me! I admit that my outfit said “touch me!”, but it sure would be nice if we could have established a bit of a rapport first! Then it happened. I was just about in tears, wanting so badly to get up and go home, when a girl in the booth next to us came over. Did she ever tell those guys where to go! She told them straight out how nasty they sounded and how hurtful the words were! I was so in awe of her forwardness. Then she said, “Would you like to come with me, these guys certainly don’t seem to have much to offer you!” Bernice was my age, my height, brown hair, green eyes, a little heavier than me, wearing a tight black skirt and a stretchy black t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, but she didn’t show as much as I was. I got up to follow her, and she suggested to go to another bar to get away. I agreed, we retrieved our coats and got a cab. Bernice had just had a fight with her boyfriend. He’d gone out for a smoke (part of the argument) and she told him she was leaving and moving out. While he was out of the bar, getting drenched for the sake of a smoke, she heard the guys berating me and decided to step in. As we walked into the second bar, all eyes turned and all conversation stopped. I almost wanted to run away, then decided to make the most of it. I did a quick turn to say something to Bernice, and made sure that my skirt lifted enough for everyone to see that there was nothing underneath. There was a bit of a collective gasp. We sat in a somewhat secluded booth and ordered some wine. We started to talk about our pasts, our lives, and our desires. She too had had some bad experiences with guys, and told me how turned on she was by women, particularly me. She gently asked if she could touch my breasts. Of course she could! She was so gentle and it was so exciting! I asked her to touch lower down, where nobody by I had touched with hands before. She didn’t even have to lift my skirt to find me damp. She whispered “Lets leave that for later” and I agreed. At that point, two rude guys who had been watching us came over and went straight into some rude remarks and suggestions. We told them in no uncertain terms where they could go! I let Bernice take the lead, and loved the feeling of control when we turned them away, knowing that they wanted us! A little while later, over our third drink, another guy came in and joined them. We could see that they were setting him up for a tongue lashing from the two of us, and he approached. He was kind, polite and gentle. We invited him to sit between the two of us. Sure enough, he’d been set up, but he refused to be crude or suggestive, though he did let us know how sexy he found us. As a “reward”, Bernice suggested that he touch both of us below and let his friends smell what they had lost out on by being so rude! Yes, he went for it, yes they saw it, yes they gave him a very hard time! By this time I had a good buzz going. I don’t drink much and I was feeling it. Bernice wanted to touch me again. I agreed as long as it was reciprocal. My touching her soft breasts was such a turn on! I could feel my body reacting as she touched my breasts. At this point the manager came over, sat with us for a minute (bringing drinks “on the house” and told us that while he appreciated our business, we should be careful as he could get in trouble for allowing “lewd acts in public” as could we. We stopped the touching, but held hands and got drunker (is that a word?). We couldn’t stop completely, and then it happened. Her hand between my legs brought on my milk. Two wet circles appeared over my nipples. The thin yellow t-shirt showed everything! The manager came over again (with more drinks), but I think this time was just to see me better. He didn’t give us a hard time, though there was a tiny reminder. At this point I had to pee. There was a long line in the women’s room, and I didn’t want to wait! I walked boldly into the men’s room. There were a few clunks as jaws hit the floor over my teeny skirt and wet shirt. I walked up to the urinal, spread my lips with my fingers, and peed perfectly straight where I wanted it. No worries about panties or skirts for me! I was already pretty wet between the legs, so I didn’t worry about an extra few drops. I washed my hands and boldly walked back to Bernice. I was tipsy and tired. “Are you ready to go home?” I asked Bernice. She started to cry. She did not want to go back to her boyfriend’s place, and she had nowhere else to go. That was a problem with an easy solution. I told her that my sister would be more than pleased to have her in the house for the night, and I certainly would! We caught a cab, she stopped by her place to get a small bag, and we went to my house. Sis was still up and was astounded, shocked, and turned on by my appearance. She was thrilled that I’d found Bernice, and did all she could to make her feel at home. But we were ready for bed ‒ not sleep, bed. On my double bed with satin sheets, Bernice showed me things that I wish I known 20 years ago. The taste of a woman was so invigorating, the feel of gentleness and soft breasts on mine was what I’d always wanted! We were naked on the bed, and she pulled a couple things from her bag. I wasn’t sure what they were, shaped very funny yet familiar. She said, “don’t worry Kerry, this will do more for you than I can do, and she slipped it into my vagina and turned it on. The sensation was unbearable yet so pleasuring. I was so full, yet something was tickling my clitoris. It kept building and building, thought I was going to scream! I don’t know how long it was, but I had an orgasm for the first time ever, then I passed out. The next thing I knew, light was coming in through the window, and I was in my bed hugging a beautiful, buxom, brown haired lady. We took a shower together before my son woke up. I introduced them, and they fell in love with each other. Over breakfast with sissy we talked of the future. We had an extra room (in the basement with me) where she could move in. We talked about a few conditions, and agreed on it being a trial month to decide if she wants to stay, or if we want her to stay. <br> She can have her own room, but I’m hoping that she can spend most nights in my bed! Kerry April 29, 2005 Soulmate113 on and gmail

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swmohunny79 44 F
12  Articles
Afternoon Delight   4/22/2005

She started that sunny Monday morning in February. She wore her blue jeans, white shirt with a pink petal rose colored jacket. <br> Her shirt hugged her breast just enough to show the outline of her bra, it was tucked in her what looked like Levi 501 button ups that were boot cut, the fell over her black boots that she had worn that day. <br> Her creamy tanned body stood ...

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What to do !!   4/21/2005

All the ladys out their what should a young single man like my self do to get a frist date with the ladys out their

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Don't take to meet your parents!   4/17/2005

Recently I separated from my wife and I have really been hitting the dating scene hard. Against my better judgement I went out on a date with a 33 year old women, who I met while checking out at a local suoermarket. She was the checker. <br> I told her in advance where I was taking her to dinner. To my amazement her parents happen to be dining at the same restaurant, at the exact ...

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EyeContact123 49 M
2  Articles
Outdoor activites   4/15/2005

can be a great first date. Hiking, playing with dogs, frisbee. Low key and fun. A nice alternative to traditional things.

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is it ok to goto somoene's home?   4/14/2005

after you meet - what is the your policy on going back to someones home?

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rm_spyhugo 43 M
1  Article
First date top five.   4/14/2005

Dating people is a very difficult game, and if you don´t take some things into consideration, first dates can drive people away quite fast. <br> Howerver, if you follow these three rules you might find yourself having breakfast with that special someone, before "the third date". <br> 1. Take good care of your hygiene. Although there is people out there that like dirty ...

0 Comments, 302 Views, 18 Votes ,3.40 Score
rm_taska_11 77 M
5  Articles
big women, big fantasy   4/14/2005

I met this gal on the internet. She was a little heavy but loves to suck cock. Small, big no difference, just as long as she could taste that sweet cum run down her throat. Well, we had the chance to meet one weekend, since we both decided to drive 1/2 way and get a room with a Jacuzzi and a big bed. Driving there I could almost feel her hand on my rock hard cock. It kept me excited all ...

3 Comments, 1046 Views, 20 Votes ,5.04 Score
TheMajorOne 27 M
6  Articles
Unforgettable!   4/13/2005

First date I had was going to school dance. We were at that age where our bodies just oozed with hormones. It was so evident when were on the dance floor. Neither one of us spoke much. Our bodies did all the talking. She was a little older than I was and very hot in her skin tight mini dress. <br> We loved to slow dance as we pressed our bodies together. The heat was intense. She ...

0 Comments, 1329 Views, 26 Votes ,3.46 Score
what do you do on your first date?   4/11/2005

where do you go, what do you do? and even better do you split the cost.. who pays?

1 Comments, 423 Views, 12 Votes ,2.09 Score
SMDrPepper 50 M
2  Articles
Cruising down 95   4/10/2005

I had spoken to this women a few times online but had yet to see her. I told her that i would be going to a goth club in south miami so that my buddy could hang out with his girl that was bartending. she agreed to meet. i had figured she would just show up, say hello, then be off. as usual i was wrong. the club was pretty crowded for a change and was hard to see who was who. my ...

0 Comments, 323 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
rm_beamer47 68 M
9  Articles
She was Awesome   4/10/2005

I saw he bio on, she was just what i was looking for, a married woman. We e-mailed for a couple weeks, then i asked if she`d like to meet for lunch and get aquainted. We did, i picked her up near wherew she lived, 3 miles from me. i asked her where she would like to go, she said lets just go talk some where private. I drove out to a park 5 miles out of town. We chated a bit, she said i ...

0 Comments, 988 Views, 21 Votes ,5.35 Score
rm_capt_hartley 45 M
4  Articles
First dates good or bad?   4/9/2005

Personally I am not fond of first dates. It is like going on a job interview. Granted this site helps with that, but not completely. You see her for the first time and she sees you. So much is based on the first impression. What if I am nervous and acting like a bumbling idiot? Then that is what she sees. Face it we are all as cool as we think we are.

0 Comments, 95 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
massagelover31 69 M
1  Article
The first encounter   4/8/2005

She put down the phone thinking, my god ‒ what have I done? But he sounded OK and quite genuine and the worst that could happen is that she would have to show him the door out if there was no chemistry or desire at all. <br> It had been a fairly long day and things had not gone according to plan and she would never drink alone, so it was a good excuse to have a drink ...

1 Comments, 429 Views, 16 Votes ,3.72 Score
Twohoties22 36 C
5  Articles
Sex   4/4/2005

We really like the first swing party we went to. It was an older couple that was into clean fun sex. they provided everything to make it safe and we were very impressed as a new couple to this way of life. Why cant every party be like this? If anyone knows where we can find all the clean ones let us know!

0 Comments, 729 Views, 12 Votes ,1.74 Score
Twohoties22 36 C
5  Articles
Sex   4/4/2005

I have heard that sex on first dates is a bad thing. Well its going on 2 years and we are still loving every second of it!! We even met at a beer tent which made it even more interesting. I sure gave it to her that night! She can still feel it. Now we enjoy having sex with others too, and ive heard thats bad too!! Ha ha Sincerly Male half

0 Comments, 389 Views, 9 Votes ,1.07 Score
Feeling Comfortable   4/3/2005

First dates are always tough. Surely both people are nervous whether they admit it or not. My personal idea on setting up a first date is to make it comfortable for both of you. Pick a setting that is agreeable for both. I prefer to meet in a public place. That way, if either party has reservations about what is going to happen next, we are both safe. I always like to let the lady have ...

0 Comments, 120 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
CenPenGuy4Fun 50 C
1  Article
My Own Personal Favorite Date.   4/1/2005

A few years ago, my then lover set up Valentines that I'll never forget. It was our first year together as a couple and she wanted to impress me with my dream date and did she ever do a good job at impressing me. I came home from work expecting something special and entered the house and there was my beautiful girlfriend wearing nothing but her blue jeans and no top on what so ever. She ...

0 Comments, 253 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Best Date   3/31/2005

"Living in Sweden" I meet a blond girl in a park, summertime. We drink wine and later we go to bed in her cousin bedroom with my cousine and her friend. It was a very nice summer that summer. "Easyfuckinghotsummer"

0 Comments, 296 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
Is anybody out there?   3/31/2005

Has anyone out there actually meet anyone from this site. Is it a waste of my time and energy. I've tried this site before in the past with absolutly no responses. I have heard from one or to women who seemed "interested" but I'll reply to their message but never hear from them agian. Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody have any good advice? Just wanted to know.

5 Comments, 459 Views, 4 Votes ,4.80 Score
First Time Import   3/29/2005

Our first date went almost as well as we could have dreamed. We had been married for about 5 years when we joined After a lot of fantasy play at home, we decided it would be nice to try a third. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it and my husband was worried about the possible emotional entanglements. We found a nice guy from another country who was visiting our area. ...

2 Comments, 759 Views, 22 Votes ,4.69 Score
daanv26 45 M
1  Article
Who's afraid off a firts date?   3/29/2005

Who's afraid off a first date? <br> It's probable that you'r excited on a firts date. That's not a problem. It means that you have feeling. Never be worried...

0 Comments, 78 Views, 0 Votes
1  Article
My First Squirt !!!!!!!   3/28/2005

I am new to the dating scene and truthfully , new to computers . But i have ended up in some chat rooms , and oh my god , it is blowing my mind . I think it is soooo cool . If for no other reason i get really nervous when meeting women face to face . Here , I can sort of get a feel for what a woman is like , whether they like me , and also see photos and vice versa . Well , I met a lady ...

2 Comments, 503 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
rm_leth4 63 M
7  Articles
Second date   3/26/2005

Well hi again folks, met this girl about 3 weeks ago, on this site. Got talking a lot , was nice but was looking for more. First date was a disaster no show , there was a problem at here side not mines, so thout thats the end, but got talking the next day things where going fine so aranged a second date (trusting or what)but she was there , went back to my place talked a good bit , ...

0 Comments, 414 Views, 9 Votes ,1.50 Score
So I recently made love to a much younger woman...   3/26/2005

She is 22 and I am almost 50. Introduced over a nice dinner by a mutual friend who was, in effect, her mentor. I don't really know what struck her fancy; I was relaxed and warm, but it was probably the wine. I had never before met any woman who easily talked about anal...very interesting...We had only just met...Her mentor showed no surprise, however. <br> I was further surprised to ...

3 Comments, 1065 Views, 12 Votes ,4.74 Score
Don't Rush The First Kiss....Savor The Build Up...   3/26/2005

I recently had the opportunity to meet a wonderful lady that I found through We both needed to be discreet and agreed that friendship would come before anything else. Our meeting point was a matinee show at the local movie theater. To be honest, I had only hoped for someone I could simply enjoy spending time with, just laughing and talking. As we sat and chit chatted waiting fo the ...

2 Comments, 284 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
rm_leth4 63 M
7  Articles
back again   3/24/2005

Well hi there folks, just to add , eventuly met here , mmmmmmm very nice , startd talking , then things turnd to sex , good been waiting a wile . So has she , started to kiss here , good no probs, then here neck , and worked down, after a wile whent to bed , she knows how to treat poeple, as i hope i do, when finishd just lay there , in each othere arms , was a great night looking forward ...

0 Comments, 168 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
oceanlover6991 38 M
1  Article
interracail dates   3/22/2005

has anybody here experienced having a date with someone who is not or his own race? can somebody tell me what the feeling.

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youngstud2525 38 M
1  Article
Where to go?   3/20/2005

As a man i know it is extremely hard to make a good impression on a woman, but i have found that a good help is the location of the first date. I would like to know from women, where do you like to go and what do you like to do?

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our first sighting   3/19/2005

My first date with a person from turned into one of the nicest times i have had. and horny. We had been talking for some time on IC and had got hot and steamy in cyber. We had promised each other the possibility of playing out all our fantasies, and the tings we were going to do to each other should not be allowed in print. And here we were meeting for the first time. We knew how ...

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just to let you know...   3/19/2005

On a first date please do not tell people all your baggage it scares them. I know people say you should be honest and you should but I don't know all my family baggage and they have been around for years. So take you time when telling people about yourself.

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3Some first date   3/18/2005

I met 2 girls when out with a few mates one night and after chatting with them and having a few drinks, asked if I could meet them again. They were in my town on holiday and said to meet them again it would have to be within the next 3 days as they were going home, but they would meet me on one condition, if they met up with me and my mates were not invited and not to be told!! (Turned out ...

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Advise?   3/17/2005

Any advise for an newbie? What is the best way to meet people for sucsessful meetings? I am just looking for fun, new experiences

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rm_leth4 63 M
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No show   3/17/2005

Follow up . She asked to meet, well wye not i thout ? been talk for a long time on computer. And geting on great, so next step should be meeting, was very nervice , haven done anthing like this before, so she made the date , time , place for meeting great, gave here plentyopertunety to call of but no definetly be there . Well buger me after traveling miles , waiting a couple of houres ...

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HornyNow069 52 F
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Watch out for lies!!   3/17/2005

I have noticed on this site that many men lie on their profile. For instance, I met a guy who said he was 5'9 and built. He also claimed to have 8" and lots of stamina. When I met him in person he was shorter than me, I'm 5'6, and he wasn't built. He also had the smallest thing I had ever seen. Remember, even though most men are honest you don't really know what you are getting no matter ...

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HornyNow069 52 F
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Have you noticed?   3/17/2005

I have noticed that when I arrange a date in public for safety sake that men say sure that works. Shortly after they are asking questions like where do you live and actually expecting directions. If I was willing to tell where I lived there would be no need for a public meet the first time around.

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HornyNow069 52 F
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1st Dates from   3/17/2005

If you are meeting someone from for the 1st time it is always best to meet them in a public place. I know this is said a lot but I have really met men who were very jealous of me on 1st meet. I wasn't allowed to spaeak to anyone but him, including the waitress. I have also met men you were carrying weapons had had no reason to be. Honestly, I have met a lot of strange people so I try to ...

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my first gay fuck in a rr   3/15/2005

my 18th bday i went to a gay bar and was givin some drinks i wanted to be fuckd but i was scared i was aproched by a man and he asked if i was even 18 i told him it was my bday and he gave me a few shots i was a little drunk and had to piss so i went into the craper and went to the bathroom whene i was done i asked the man to help me get something and took him out side we went outback and ...

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Iammeandnooneels 59 M
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htool   3/14/2005

The first date with someone like you would have to be special, at least a jacket nice pants and well cleaned shoes. <br> Arrive with at least one Rose (your favourite determined by chatting). <br> Dinner by candle light at a nice restraunt.

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at the club   3/11/2005

I met this guy over the weekend at a club. It was really crowded and I was dancing when he came up behind me and started dancing with me. As I turned to see who it was, he started kissing my neck and then without a work put his hand straight down the front of my pants and starts fingering me, right in the middle of the dance floor with tons of people around us. I didn't even know who he ...

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It was June   3/11/2005

When we first met on She came to my place. We talked and took a long walk on the beach at sunset. We talked held hands and kissed. Sat in the sand and had agreat time. The moon was great and so was her kiss. We went back to my place and I knew she like candels with champagin and strawberys. Whell that was it. We stated to undress each other kissing each part we undressed until we were ...

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only1_4you1984 30 M
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Order Up?   3/10/2005

I have met a few ladies off of here, none really were who they said they were, nor were they what I am personally looking for. <br> First date: was a sweet girl, met at Starbucks, just to break the ice in a public place. Talk a bit. Then we decided to go to dinner. <br> We went to a fairly nice restaurant, she chose where to go. I had $300 with me, and we went to ...

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is it safe to sleep with some one   3/8/2005

you really dont know they say there clean but are they really people with aids are not going to tell you they have it and what if they dont know they got it

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luxy83 41 F
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The worst first date   3/8/2005

OK so THis guy was so cute so smart and Just perfect, ... So I thought. I met this guy threw a friend who braged he was great we agreed to go on a date. He picks me up at my apt. and it started out pretty normal. He had flowers awaiting me in his car and then said he "needed" to inroduce me to some one before the date continued. If any thing i had expected an ex wife ex girlfriend whos ...

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HotFF76 61 M
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WOW what a babe   3/8/2005

well , i was excited...a girl answered my call...we meet at a coffee shop once to see if we clicked....well heres what happened... <br> The next day she called me at work...told me to meet her at a hotell in the area..the next day i drove to the location...a little nervious...she gave me a room #.. i knocked on the opened with ease... <br> there she was on the ...

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he was irresistible   3/8/2005

well one evening on the eve of x, mas i was bored to death so i decided to kill my boredom by getting online to see if i could get someone to chat with.and well guess what?i entered one adultfriender chatroom and i wrote boldly on my message title asking if there was any one from my country in the room, and ohh my god this wonderful guy just pm me and told me he stayed just a few miles in ...

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darqmachine 48 M
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Ok everyone after that first & second date, things seem to be going well, the both of you appear to be comfortable with one another, both you have an urge to merge but only one of u can beat the other too it. <br> So this an individual question. In everyones honest opinion.... when do is it the right time to make THE move? <br> DARQMACHINE

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curiouscat4848 76 M
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False impressions   3/7/2005

A number of articles have been written on the number of members who create a false persona through either their profiles or their chat sessions. I wonder how any of these people hope to form any relationships either short term or long term. My first date with a lady was in anticipation of a little extra padding and I accepted that. When she arrived, she was many stone past that and dressed ...

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Arranging a first date   3/6/2005

I'm new and have wondered what relevant information I should give/expect from a prospective mate. So far I'm doing just about everything short of signing on to a silver/gold account to show I'm being sincere. Pretty soon I'll be confirming my ID and responding to messages left in my inbox. <br> What else should I know and expect from someone interested in me?

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The Perfect Date!! (Roomance)   3/5/2005

This is my fantasy date. The name mentioned is totally fantasy. Grab a drink, u will b here for a while. I hope you enjoy......................................... I come pick u up at somewhere around 8 or 9. I greet you at your door with a dozen red roses. Hiding behind those roses are a set of soft and sensual awaiting to taste the moisture and curvature of your . After I plant a night ...

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wazzajohn 50 M
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The First Date   3/5/2005

The first date has become like a interview. First the parents have to be pleased that there is going to be safe and you are a nice person. And where to take your partner on the first date, do you pay or share the nights costs. Sometime during the date, the conversation moves to what you do, how much you earn, and what are your future prospects. There is no such thing as a first date ...

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peternorth_71 48 M
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sex   3/4/2005

Is sex on a first date a good idea? I like sex so I always want to have sex but sometimes I think that if you wait longer and build a relationship with the person it will become much more meaningful and the sex will become that much better. Thoughts?

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Have to share this experience with you as it really is the biggest turn off ever. Ok so I have my profile on here because I want to meet for real. Not cyber not erotic mail but for real. No lies not complications. Have, since joining had a couple of meets with guys and had a couple of guys who after arranging meetings chickened out. See guys its not just the woment that do that. Anyway ...

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Weekend on the Water   3/1/2005

One day in an email, I mention I have a friend with a 26-foot sloop in the water off the west coast. Suddenly Ken gets excited. Our first trip together is a weekend in a small craft on the ocean. Three marvelous days and two erotic nights together. We arrange to meet at the airport and I land just a few minutes before Ken's plane touches down. In the short bus ride downtown we sit near the ...

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onearki 40 M
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What should first dates should be?   2/26/2005

First date should be the most exciting part of a relationship.You feel different mixes of emotions, like in love feeling, aggressiveness too. And of course first date is unforgettable

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remembering your first make out then fuck session?   2/25/2005

I remember being at the drive-in movies with a really hot chick from the next town over (chris). She was a strawberry blonde (5'11'34b) and she has wearing a cute litle white minishirt that had a v-shape cut in it showing off the leg. Her tight blue tanktop had been soaked with mountain dew from the dumb food guy looking at her when he handed her the drink. So she took it off to only show ...

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Our First Time   2/24/2005

I close my eyes and I dream of the day I'm standing behind you whispering in your ear as I slowly slide the zipper of your dress down until I can just see the outline of the curves below. As my hand slowly slides down your shoulder I begin to lightly caress the back of your neck ever so softly with my lips. Moving closer my breath ever so softly brushes against the hair on the back of your ...

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Does anybody else get this?   2/24/2005

imagine if you will a lady that you really like, you approach talk for a little while. then when it's time to ask her out your brain comes out with multiple things to say. then you open your mouth and say something so stupid you feel as if you are depriveing a village of its idiot. this is what happens to me does it happen to you?

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Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now   2/22/2005

This question I pose to the women: On a first date or when considering going out on a first date with a guy, what criteria distinguishes between a some guy for tonite versus some guy who is a keeper?

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