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tonguerides61 54 M
1  Article
Who knows!!!   7/6/2006

Who knows? Whens the appropriete time for all the firsts in a relationship.First kiss first squeeze of a breast , oral experiance with someone. I find myself single again at 45 and its really hard to decide whats acceptable. Does anyone have any comments?

0 Comments, 27 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
mightystick54 63 M
10  Articles
Starting of dating point.   7/5/2006

I know a 37 year old woman for more than 10 years.I believe simple aqaintance without sexual intentions has nothing to do with dating.Her husband deserted her five years back and she is living alone.Since she is well settled in life and has economic independence desertion by her husband has no relevance as much as her lively hood is concerned.But she lost company of a male.Her mother openly ...

0 Comments, 126 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
rm_bula272 37 M
1  Article
Shemales   7/5/2006

If there is any shemales in the lubbock area that want to have a good time please contact me at 806-773-4401
Ask for smith

1 Comments, 48 Views, 3 Votes
Hopeless hooked....   7/4/2006

It was a leisurely afternoon. I met a beautiful, sexy 19 yr.old blonde/blue eye (she is absolutely gorgeous!!!! -and those eyes…I can swim in them forever….)..... The weather outside was cool, and it was raining so we dashed inside her car... We looked at each other and smiled. We chatted for a while... Then something happened. She leaned towards me... I cupped her face and ...

1 Comments, 126 Views, 8 Votes ,4.17 Score
richmondcowgirl8 36 F
5  Articles
The Waiting   7/3/2006

I don't post much on the weekends & I'll share why. I'm too drunk! Every Friday & Saturday Night after work I head across the street to the pool hall for beer & really bad drunk singing, occasionally I play pool but I really suck. I've been going there for almost 10 years now (not drinking but playing pool & just hanging out). About 3 months ago they hired a new bartender. She is awesome. ...

1 Comments, 184 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
rm_HottNsty 60 F
1  Article
Membership with   7/1/2006

I have just joined I have been to other single sites and never really wanted to take the next step to dating because the sites really don't tell U much about the person sexually. I am excited about my membership because with they pull back the curtin and let U see what's inside instead of just what's on the outside. It is so important in connecting with another person. I am ...

0 Comments, 220 Views, 17 Votes ,3.41 Score
WaywardTexan 61 M
1  Article
Younger women   6/30/2006

I have always been attracted to women younger than myself. However as I have gotten older, I find it harder to meet younger women. I would appreciate input from other older men on how they handle approaching younger women. And also input from the women on what attracts them to an older man and how they respond when approached....

2 Comments, 108 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
young for the old?   6/29/2006

Why are women more discreet about dating a younger guy than men are with younger women?

0 Comments, 43 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
thick14u53 53 M
2  Articles
Summer months   6/28/2006

As we enter the summer months.Don't you feel more active and restless?Eager to go out and play?Think back as a .Everything you did was an adventure.New friends, new places, new experiences.Everyday you would discover something new.So when did it all end?Did it stop abruptly or gradually?What do you think?I believe it never stopped at all!Because there will always be something new each and ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
why?   6/27/2006

Why is it that women like to act totally different than they really are on a first date?

1 Comments, 34 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
rm_Xcess16 40 F
2  Articles
What is really dating   6/26/2006

I have been told that dating is when you are seeing people and sex is involved but once you are not having sex with the person then it is no longer dating its called socialising.
Tell me what is dating really?

3 Comments, 157 Views, 18 Votes ,3.40 Score
when does chivalry become sexism   6/22/2006

i keep hearing that chivalry is dead but it may have just been pummelled unconscious. i assume it's still cool to open doors and pull out chairs for a date. where does the line start? i've never ordered a woman's food for her cause i think that is too far but where is that line?

0 Comments, 25 Views, 0 Votes
rm_idn8tive 48 M
0  Articles
Where do I go from here?   6/22/2006

I am currently going through a divorce. I was suprised she asked for it, but agreed that we weren't making each other happy. I quote "I can't make you happy...when we put (our ) to bed you want me to have a conversation or have sex with you." Well, she wasn't wrong. I'd like a partner that even after 10 years wants to have those special moments when the (s) go to bed whether it's talking ...

1 Comments, 85 Views, 5 Votes ,5.43 Score
leebo237 53 M
1  Article
Indy   6/21/2006

Lets hear about experiences in Indy and the surrounding area.

0 Comments, 34 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
need a girl   6/18/2006

Am feeling so lonely here and i need a girl i can chart with please i want a good looking sexy gilr. i need a girl like puff daddy

0 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_j_curious 68 M
1  Article
A reply to his 505   6/17/2006

Good afternoon, lady of my dreams
I had a sensual dream. Of you. I will later on (next week orthis Sunday?) . It might just be banned on cyberspace, it was so raunchy. A little excerpt below ..
"We were kissing, our lips rubbing wetly, our tongues exploring each other's mouths, stroking lips, touching, and I caught the tip of your delicious tongue between my lips, and I ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
Bruce0002006 59 M
25  Articles
Signs that you are dating a married man!   6/16/2006

Are you getting the vibe that maybe you're not the only woman in your guy's life? That perhaps he's sneaking around? Check out these give-aways that your man may well be married. (Unfortunately, it does happen!) 1. You only meet a few friends "It's obvious that something's amiss if he insulates you from his life and you don't meet his friends or family. But even if he does introduce you ...

0 Comments, 165 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
james81211 42 M
2  Articles
Are older woman attracted to younger guys?   6/13/2006

I've had this question for a while but are older woman attracted to younger guys?

0 Comments, 51 Views, 0 Votes Ladies keep it clean   6/13/2006

I have met a few wonderful from women from One thing has made me very pleasantly suprised. Each of them was kind enough to keep a very clean and shaved pussy. I cannot begin to tell you the delight I have of slowly licking and cucking on a clit not hidden by even one hair. ladies keep it up. You make it a sexier world to live in.

0 Comments, 48 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
do women like the ideal of a bisexual man?   6/10/2006

i'm a bi guy and find it hard to meet women.

3 Comments, 179 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
rm_chevyluv1983 31 M
1  Article
I'm a little shy and don't know how to ask a girl out properly   6/6/2006

Well I'm a little shy when it comes to talking to a new gal, I have had many girlfriends and everyone I have had ask me out or come up to me for the first time talking. I have been single again for about a year now and when I se a gal I like I just don't know what to say and if I talk to a gal on here I just kind of freeze up and don't know what to talk about! I have a bunch of girls I have ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Coco200520062 33 M
5  Articles
Has this ever happened to you?   6/4/2006

I'll contact girls here and they'll write back but tell me to go to another site if I want more info on them. Now, that pisses me off. I pay money here for this service. I don't want to have to pay for another site. It gets me so b/c it's like leading you on. I'll contact ou, but... Is this common here?

0 Comments, 47 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_renae_amelia 36 F
1  Article
Cheating   6/1/2006

Would you cheat on your girlfriend that lives kind of far and that you love alot just for a nut?

1 Comments, 88 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
ERdosDdos 51 M
4  Articles
It's a small world   5/29/2006

I was not really interested in Internet-Sites like this before, and I'm only here because I got an invitation of a friend. To join here was the best idea I had for months. Not only because it's easy to make contacts here. Yesterday it happened for the 3rd time, a woman I know for a long time told me she saw my pictures at She called me and said we seriously have to ...

0 Comments, 12 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
rm_hls505 68 F
0  Articles
Please tell me, Men?   5/28/2006

Why is it ‒ when a woman takes the lead in the dating, you go in a “still stand” and tells her that she is to fast for you? That the Dating rules must be in your hands? That if maybe she is married, but are willing to take the risk on her, you suddenly don’t have the cartridge to meet her? I’m separate from bed and table ‒ to get a divorce will ...

3 Comments, 130 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
hotguy4u2234 26 M
3  Articles
fuck buddies   5/25/2006

Is it possible to have a relationship with someone you have been fuck buddies with for about 6 months?

0 Comments, 32 Views, 0 Votes
hotguy4u2234 26 M
3  Articles
fuck buddies   5/25/2006

Is it possible to have a relationship with someone you have been fuck buddies with for about 6 months?

0 Comments, 13 Views, 0 Votes
Cards   5/25/2006

Years ago a friend of mine being new to the dating game had to buy a card. Unfortunately he was not the witty person he is today, so he took another card and copied the quote into it. (two cards in one)
The bad thing is after he left the store, her realized he bought the wrong card, the blank one.

0 Comments, 15 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
restaurant   5/23/2006

where to go to eat? (1) pick someplace with a nice atmosphere (not some place where you will be rushed) (2) tell the waiter you are not in a rush but its a special night and tip him a little in advance if you have to (eating there in advance and building a rapport with the waiter is better) (3) remember in your mind to work towards desert (4) pick foods that are not going to blow ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
bigone19764 39 M
1  Article
Sex on the first date??   5/23/2006

How many males and females think that sex on the first date is ok??

2 Comments, 261 Views, 11 Votes ,4.48 Score
Have you ever dated avirgin   5/17/2006

How many of you have met an actual virgin on a site like this im tired of women on here with that lame excuse. Sayin they dont want to meet guys cause they are saving themselves. For what when most of them have already engaged in some type of sex.

1 Comments, 54 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
rm_Hard2Guard 44 M
10  Articles
Dating   5/16/2006

Dating is overrated, just get on with it already.

0 Comments, 8 Views, 0 Votes
Weman are complex   5/15/2006

Ok weman are so complex what works with one may not with another or might next week with the same woman. It has been said men are clueless ok we are not weman. Weman have you ever just said what you like to the guy your with! Most of use are not mine readers. Your likes as a woman Change so much, at time its hard to keep up or know. I love the making out ( ok exsplore, or fore play to ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 0 Votes
clintonnlulu79 30 M
10  Articles
keepin it real   5/12/2006

Why is it soo hard for all people male and female to keep it real with each other? I know. It is because we don't really accept ourselves at times.

0 Comments, 24 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_smartpower3 47 M
2  Articles
Why I'm always hungry to dating?   5/8/2006

Men like me..a lot of men always think about sex "all types" why????
It is an internal feeling, and you can't stop it untill you relief the love liquid.
and after 30 min, you want again and again.
where can I find a girl that give me these all the time day and night?
Thanks smartpower3

0 Comments, 29 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
crazyfeline 45 F
5  Articles
Is Chivalry Dead?   5/7/2006

Hey guys! Wake up! If there is a female that you're really interested in and you don't want her to continue looking for the right man, sweep her off her feet! I know some things sound corny, but hey, speaking as a woman, we love that shit! A knight in shining armor riding in on a , sound crazy- try it. Or take her for a surprise carriage ride. You know you don't have to spend money to get ...

11 Comments, 534 Views, 39 Votes ,8.12 Score
why no luck for me?   5/7/2006

Why are girls not interested in me. I have my profile posted in this site for over two years, but not a single girl has written to me .Can anybody help me in finding out the reason.

0 Comments, 43 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
ExtreamPleas1000 53 M
115  Articles
Spanish holiday   5/2/2006

It was only a few weeks ago now that I blurted out through tears that I had been unfaithful to my partner whilst I was overseas. We had discussed marriage in one of those long after sex cuddles when you feel warm and full of love endorphins. He had volunteered the information that he had a ‘fling' with a girl he met at a party and spent the weekend screwing her. I ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
rm_roller397 67 M
1  Article
Fucking on the first date   4/30/2006

Wouldn't it make more since to fuck first. I'm just saying I really don't know if I want to spend alot of time with a woman until after I fuck her. I would think a woman would feel the same way on this.

0 Comments, 74 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
thickandtasty619 39 F
7  Articles
HOW LONG???????   4/29/2006


8 Comments, 392 Views, 16 Votes ,2.39 Score
ExtreamPleas1000 53 M
115  Articles
Ladies when you finally reach to point of having sex   4/25/2006

Do you prefer a guy that is slient in bed or makes noise.

1 Comments, 299 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
THE BEST   4/24/2006


0 Comments, 25 Views, 1 Votes
rm_Maye_faire 34 M
1  Article
Approaching girls aka "Cold approaching"   4/20/2006

"Hey, I need a female Opinion, whom do you think lies more, men or women?"
I have no idea, she answered.
damn, I approached for my second time, and like the first, I was simply blown out of the set.
It's finally happened, after 5 years of never having had the courage to go out and try out the materials, I've finally pushed myself to face my fear of walking up ...

2 Comments, 199 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
health test   4/19/2006

Is it right to ask your partner for a health test before having unprotected sex or should u trust them

0 Comments, 20 Views, 0 Votes
What to look for in the first date.   4/13/2006

Dating can be pretty tricky sometimes. First of all you have to go through the whole get to know you routine, which can be pretty boring at times. Then you have to shell out the money to pay for that first date not knowing if things are even going to work out, can be stressful if you are in a money crunch. All in the name of love and happiness is why we do this time after time. I want ...

1 Comments, 118 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
standinglong6869 44 M
1  Article
How far would you go on a first date!!   4/11/2006

How far would you go on a first date if you really like the person?
A). Hug B Kiss C). Hug/Kiss D). French Kiss E). French Kiss and serious foreplay F). Oral Sex G). Sex H). Anal Sex I. None of the above would not do anything

0 Comments, 73 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
sexycumhungrycpl 37 F
1  Article
Sex an the single male in Asia   4/6/2006

From the husbands point of view.....
Oh to be single again. A life of endless sex with women. Dating, clubbing, partying the thrill of the hunt, the chase and finally the "kill"
Happy days
Well maybe not! Being alone. Not getting that quality sex/love making. Endlessly trying to teach some girls who despite saying they are hot turn out to be disappointing. ...

0 Comments, 299 Views, 9 Votes ,3.43 Score
silkythighs350 31 F
10  Articles
How soon   4/5/2006

how soon is to soo to have sex when dating?

2 Comments, 194 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
rm_hardnfunTpe 46 M
1  Article
life is more fun if it's always just a date.   4/3/2006

A lot of people don't understand that when it's just a date, it's more than being involved in a relationship. There's always fresh ideas and ways to make things interesting. The motivation is there because it hasn't been done, at least with that person. Let's keep it that way!

0 Comments, 91 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
rm_Hardbodydark 41 M
4  Articles
Transexual dating   4/2/2006

Ok, when a transgendered woman is on hormones, do her nipples get more sensitive?

0 Comments, 167 Views, 6 Votes ,0.80 Score
rm_timelooker 71 M
1  Article
where are all the bad girls   4/2/2006

you know they come on this site showing off there stuff but if you were to meet a lady they would not be as bad as they show them self of in here they abck away. i new this would lite a firer

0 Comments, 69 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
Softcore Singles   3/31/2006

The Party starts here. No Pressure, No drama, No fake profiles, welcomes Singles, Couples and Groups to explore their wildest fantasy. We are not an affiliate of some larger site with email addresses that never work or members who never reply back to you.
Our members are active and are on our site because they want to be there. Enjoy Casual sex, Real ...

0 Comments, 75 Views, 0 Votes
rm_SWM4ForCpl 51 M
2  Articles
Issues with girlfriend by being an Unemployed man   3/29/2006

I'm 43 years old, and unemployed. As a bit of background, I worked for YEARS as an Associate Engineer for Defense Contractors supporting various Navy efforts back in California. After 9/11, the government pulled back money from MANY lifecycle support and on-goping maintenance contracts to pay for the war. So in essence I am a war casuality.
Anyway, I'm in the process of trying to ...

1 Comments, 127 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
First Date   3/28/2006

My wife and I met face to face the first time 5 years ago Feb 15, 2001 the day Dale Earnhardt died, I will alway remeber that day for 2 reasons I met my soul mate that day and was shocked when I got home and seen the wreck on ESPN

0 Comments, 131 Views, 0 Votes
rm_hardcorerapp 37 M
1  Article
Why is it so hard   3/28/2006

Sometimes dating can be rather difficult don't you agree? But yet some people find it so easy, i'm kinda stuck in the middle of it all!

0 Comments, 125 Views, 0 Votes
stayhumble 45 M
4  Articles
are you   3/28/2006

do you believe in sfae sex even though you know your partner?

1 Comments, 182 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
imjustasquirrel 46 M
1  Article
fishin anyone?   3/27/2006

its not the size of ur rowboat, its the motion of the ocean ladies....

0 Comments, 185 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
extremelyhorn8 35 M
12  Articles
How do others feel about mixed race relationships.   3/24/2006

how do all feel about mixed race relationships in todays new south africa.

0 Comments, 323 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
blacknsexyja 30 F
3  Articles
is it possible to find a guy?   3/24/2006

am on here telling myself am looking for a serious relationship, i know its a sex market but some times its good to have guys with a bit of experience (and i still want that virgin) thats why i choose here so do you think it possible to find that guy on here?

2 Comments, 408 Views, 11 Votes ,4.29 Score
the first night   3/23/2006


0 Comments, 860 Views, 7 Votes
Romantic Getaway   3/14/2006

Some say a week spent in a cabin in the woods by a lake is relaxing and romantic, and some say a Carribean cruise, especially if it's the western Carribean, is the best.
If you were planning a romantic getaway with the significant person in your life, where would you be planning to go and why?

0 Comments, 173 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_jimprw 59 M
1  Article
why is it that men have a harder time then women   3/13/2006

well as for me it seems i have a hard time getting many responses to my personals i know im not the cutest guy in the world but i i always thought that woman are not always looking for the good looks i have many times taken a chance on dating a woman that wasnt the most attractive woman but i found they had the best personality most times not always but a lot of times so maybe im wrong or ...

0 Comments, 78 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Worst time...   3/12/2006

Ladies, how about telling us the worst meeting you've ever had with someone you met on Could be rather enlightening and educational for some of us guys....

0 Comments, 42 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
When to call it quits?   3/11/2006

si it just me or its really hard to know whn to call it quuits..especially when u feel u ned out but u also want to stay...does anybody else feel the same way?

0 Comments, 28 Views, 0 Votes
rm_amgupta 33 M
4  Articles
Any one from bangalore   3/11/2006

Any female from bangalre b/w age gr of 18-24 lokking for fun contact me.

0 Comments, 21 Views, 1 Votes


1 Comments, 38 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
want_to_see_it 51 M
1  Article
is this real.....   3/8/2006

has anyone here ever found there true love from this site.....or is this all based on having sex here.....just wanted to know..... John

0 Comments, 73 Views, 8 Votes ,1.16 Score
Meeting people outside of bars...or the internet   3/7/2006

Hey. I'm not much of a drinker, and I hate the bar scene. I'm also opposed to taking advantage of girls who've been drinking or are drunk, so that sort of eliminates the bar scene from my prospective places to meet women. Ditto for frat parties, etc.
So where's the best non-alcoholic place to meet people? People don't go out in public looking to actually meet people in places other ...

1 Comments, 53 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
nickey110 48 M
1  Article
WHAT TO DO   3/6/2006

My girl and I love eachother we already had sex and she keep wanting more. I starting to get tiered what should I do and not break up with her

1 Comments, 71 Views, 5 Votes ,0.21 Score
My Husband And I   3/5/2006

Well my husband and I have a unique but different kind of story about how we met. I am sure some people think that they have had better but I like my story and I would like to share it with you. <br> One day I was at the lake with my best friend and she told me about her ex-husband and I really didn't want to here it because that is all she could talk about, but I listend and it ...

0 Comments, 233 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
First Date   3/3/2006

I know people are different but what is a good first date? <br> i think pictures is a bad idea because, its not really a place where you can talk and get to know each-other? <br> So what do you think guy's and girls? <br> Thnaks for any response. <br> <br> xx

1 Comments, 190 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
IS TWO TO MANY   3/2/2006


1 Comments, 158 Views, 7 Votes ,4.31 Score
rm_sportsnut239 41 M
2  Articles
sex on first date   2/28/2006

how many women like to have sex on the first date

0 Comments, 185 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
wellhung12362 39 M
10  Articles
any females from wichita kansas wanna meet a handsome guy who is well hung leave a comment   2/27/2006

still waiting to meet someone on this website. no luck yet. im a handsome guy i can prove it. willing to meet. looking for a fuck buddy. couples (man and a woman). hit me up. later.

0 Comments, 91 Views, 3 Votes
WebcamVoyeur69 41 M
10  Articles
cheating   2/27/2006

How many of you daters or couples enjoy romantic dinners over sex?

1 Comments, 180 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
iluvblackdick3 44 F
1  Article
Dating is for idiots!   2/25/2006

I hate dating. Why can't people just fuck without saying that they are dating? Everybody knows that once you say you're dating someone....that your fucking too! So just say that you have a partner. Dating seems to make people assume that you only have one partner. If you just tell people....yes...I have a partner..then you might get more ass cause they won't assume that your tied down ...

7 Comments, 334 Views, 27 Votes ,4.50 Score
hornynycpl2345 47 C
5  Articles
dating   2/22/2006

If you start dating a new person should you let them know right away you are into swinging?

2 Comments, 147 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
emersunbigguns 57 M
9  Articles
What to do....   2/21/2006

I hooked up on a date with a gal from the yahoo personals site. She was my 1st date from that site(i've had many from this site....all ended in sex, whether good or bad). I picked her up at her apartment. We had agreed to go to a local bar that served food, had a pool table, a dartboard & a kickass jukebox. We found a place that looked good, but they didn't serve food, except frozen pizza. ...

2 Comments, 235 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
rm_Ollie909 43 M
1  Article
Seeing an older woman help.   2/19/2006

I'm seeing a older woman, 8 years older. At first all we did is have sex and I'd go home but lately she has been calling me to go out out with her. I have nothing in common with her other than sex. How do I get things the way they once where? That and here's one of her emails she sent me to give you more in site. <br> "ok. so hears the deal, i am kinda upset, i realize u just ...

1 Comments, 118 Views, 0 Votes
rm_jxjx88212 43 M
4  Articles
duh   2/17/2006

does dating on this site make u desperate?

0 Comments, 112 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_c_p_a_n1 40 M
1  Article
one night   2/15/2006

I would really like to know what women think of one night stands. Society has labelled the men to always be eager for them but i've found a few that were interested. Does it appeal to you ladies? This site is a perfect example: Ratio 100:1 men to women (guessing). Personally i'd rather a one week stand, due to the first night being too drunk to remember plus you never know where it'll lead. ...

1 Comments, 211 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
JG2please 63 M
0  Articles
What is love anyway?   2/13/2006

As a growing up I heard so many times that phrase "I love you". It was something I learn to say when told to by mom or when it felt appropriate to a visiting relative or something like that. It was not until 1979 did I truly understand what it meant to say "I love you" and it was not by being in love or loving chocolate ice cream. No, it was a genuine love I learned. It was compassion I ...

1 Comments, 65 Views, 6 Votes ,4.22 Score
gbcock4u69 49 M
12  Articles
Interracial Dating   2/13/2006

I love women, and i find myself wanting to be with an asian, african-american, or a latin woman.....I think that it would be very erotic to be with them mainly because it is unchartered territory for other men feel this way for this reason or are these women better in bed?

1 Comments, 107 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
4800direct 60 M
32  Articles
Neues Jahr Neues Erfahrung, New Year New Ideas   2/12/2006

Neues Jahr Neues Erfahrung, New Year New Ideas <br> <br> So ist das Neue hier und ich will, bekommen heraus und werden nackt mit gemerkten Leuten anderer Messe, aber im Moment hier in Deutschland sein ein bisschen zur Kälte, um sich von der Außenseite aber vielleicht im März auszuziehen, als ich den Urlaub von drei Wochen bekam, könnte das für ein Nacktes Hanky ...

0 Comments, 99 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rkwallabee 37 M
4  Articles
Why Date?   2/11/2006

I don't think that people should date. Its a waste of time if you ask me. I mean I guess you get to know each other better but can't you do that by just hanging out casually without all this added pressure of a date and the relationship behind it. If you like somebody why not be around them all the time and see if thats truely what you like, also you will get time to see them for who they ...

0 Comments, 46 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
Spit or swallow   2/10/2006

Women do you spit or swallow the first time if you want to impress your man?

2 Comments, 143 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
jonyba 43 M
2  Articles
What to do   2/9/2006

So I have been seeing this girl for awhile with no commitment. The sex is the best I have ever had but she wants a relationship what am I to do. I told I just cam e from a 16 year relationship and I don’t think I want that right now. But at the same time I don’t want to lose her so what a guy to do?

0 Comments, 325 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
rm_Sunny2Dazed 34 F
2  Articles
i'm so happy...   2/8/2006

Since i've moved to Florida, it hasn't exactly been the best experience.. Never have i told anyone this.. or even been able to write it down.. But i moved to Tampa at the begining of September.. 2 weeks before i moved here i got into a car wreck, where i was ran off the road by a drunk driver... It totaled my car... So 1st i move to Tampa with no car.. When i moved here i knew one person ...

6 Comments, 645 Views, 30 Votes ,4.51 Score
saying no   2/7/2006

In everyday life, it's easy for someone to say "No", or "No Thank You" in just about any given situation. Why, then, is it so difficult for someone to respect those words when you're behind closed doors. In personal experience(s), I've run into a few pushy people. I think it's a common thing really. However, those people have completely respected my wishes. Out at a club, it takes a ...

0 Comments, 119 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
NorthWiltsMan 53 M
3  Articles
I wasted my youth   2/3/2006

It seems ther are 2 kinds of ladies out there - those who have been cheated on and don't want to have a married man, and those who are looking for the lover, whilst retaining their best friend. However the later type all want that 18-21 year old with an 8" cock. <br> When I was 18-21 I was too afarid to approach ladies in their 50-60s but I see on here all the ladies of that age ...

3 Comments, 137 Views, 11 Votes ,3.73 Score
rm_ballguy3 44 M
15  Articles
Various positions   1/31/2006

People who decide that they are going to experiment with sex and all its glories must have a reason. What is it? What makes them go against the norms? Are they simply rebelling or is it like getting a tattoo (an artistic expression behind the deed)?

0 Comments, 85 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_ballguy3 44 M
15  Articles
Can you get along with your ex?   1/31/2006

Does it depend on how the breakup happened? Definitely! To keep it short, I believe that if there is a reason, and a real one at that, then both parties can separate from the romantic and begin the platonic. <br> If somebody is left with questions as to what happened, this can be destructive to not only that person, but any good intentions that may have resulted if the breakup ...

0 Comments, 58 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
honeycurious05 33 F
2  Articles
Dating 101   1/31/2006

10 things you should know about the person you are dating or interested in are: 1. Their likes and dislikes 2. What broke up their last relationship? 3. Their goals in life 4. What accomplishments they have made? 5. Are they cheap? 6. Have they been tested for any STD in the last 6months? 7. How many they have or how many are expected? 8. Their sexual ...

3 Comments, 482 Views, 41 Votes ,4.65 Score
mytushieisurtush 40 F
2  Articles
Playing   1/24/2006

I have expressed interest in a couple of people here and asked them to meet me at a club or for a cup of coffee to see if things click and as soon as there is the offer of meeting put forth they find a reason to not follow through or don't show up at all. I have read articles where men are stating that the women aren't giving them a chance, but it seems to be the same with some of the men ...

4 Comments, 423 Views, 26 Votes ,6.48 Score
Worse night of sex   1/24/2006

Just sitting here at 3am and can't sleep and was wondering what are people worse experience with someone when they were having sex and what made it bad?

1 Comments, 205 Views, 7 Votes ,1.26 Score
The #1 Orgasm   1/20/2006

I had been out with Jennifer on several occassions. We had met through mutual friends at a party, progressed through the play-wrestling/fighting stage, and had gone out only twice previously. On one especially dark and horny night, we'd done a brief dinner and a movie thing and I'd spent the majority of the movie clit-rubbing and finger-fucking Jenn. She did a little crotch rubbing, but ...

0 Comments, 450 Views, 13 Votes ,6.33 Score
rm_rugzx924 43 M
9  Articles
Less than 10   1/17/2006

The best way things to do on a first date are things that will cost u less than ten bucks. For instance a coffee shop. U don't have to blow money on the first date. Wether she likes u or not is up to her.

1 Comments, 561 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
rm_wenebojo2 60 M
2  Articles
how to get a date   1/17/2006

i cant seem to work up the nerves to ask someone out.when i do the women have other things to do or seening someone else.mainly when they say they do have a boyfriend before i ask them out.i dont try to be pushy but could it be my shyness?i have alwys been softspoken till i get to hnow

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How is going first date?   1/17/2006

How is going first date?

0 Comments, 171 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
tchalla40342 53 M
4  Articles
comdon or no comdon?   1/16/2006

should you use one these times of days or not? you women if things get hot when your out ona date is it the first you ask before it goes futher and if the guy don't have one do u keep going without it?or do you just have oral sex?

4 Comments, 202 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
InkednPierced8 44 M
9  Articles
Philofecies   1/15/2006

I lick girls' rumps. I like to lick girls' rumps. Girls like to have their rumps licked. Most girls won't admit they've had their rump licked, let alone enjoyed having their rump licked. But believe you me, if you lick a girl's rump, she'll love you for life. In fact, that was my high school yearbook quote. <br> My conviction to 'slurping the brown pucker' doesn't stem from ...

0 Comments, 86 Views, 4 Votes ,4.41 Score
2  Articles

We married young I was a day 16 and my husband 15 I wasn't pregnant we didn't have to get married we wanted to we were in love, and no one could keep us apart. The sex was great we would fuck untill we were sore, besides we didn't have anything better to do. By the time I was 18 we had two we were still together and still haveing great sex. Our bodys had changed we grew up we ...

1 Comments, 1211 Views, 22 Votes ,5.65 Score
rm_bigbuckem 53 M
4  Articles
who's on here for what?   1/14/2006


0 Comments, 338 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
rm_Happy32DAN 52 F
20  Articles
to be open minded   1/12/2006

I found it funny, the saying of open minded. To be honest many white men are open minded, but black men, opppppppppps, dotn talk about open mindedness with them. especialy for african american men. why is that? being on adult freind finder doesnt means that you are realy looking for sex, but from different interaction you learn. I found it the safest mechanism to interact with ordinarry ...

0 Comments, 224 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
FPSJ20 39 M
10  Articles
Is dating someone to just have sex at the end bad?   1/9/2006

I am asking this question because I have friends who only will date women to have the sex at the end. If they don't get what they want, they just end up saying how horrible the woman was and how it was the worst date they had ever been on. I would not date a woman to just have sex at the end unless if that is what they wanted, and wanted to have more later. What do you all think?

1 Comments, 100 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
JsAngelBaby 37 F
4  Articles
New Stuff & Need Answers   1/8/2006

Well, I just added a new photo album for all you lucky (*LOL*) guys. <br> But really the reason I’m writing is because I was going through Cosmo and got to thinking . . . <br> In the whole “Ask Him Anything” part a girl wrote in and asked something like, “You have your period, should him the truth or make up an excuse?” And yeah I read ...

2 Comments, 151 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
sexytinkerbell19 38 F
4  Articles
From Cosmo   1/8/2006

From Cosmopolitan: Notice her: There's a reason why your woman spent an hour getting ready for dinner: She wanted to look sexy for you. So remark on her efforts, but be specific. A little help: "I love your hair pulled back" or "Your legs look amazing in that skirt." These comments show you pay attention to her, which makes her feel loved. Ogle her: Sure, we may hate it when some ...

0 Comments, 490 Views, 9 Votes ,5.14 Score
Single..or are they??   1/6/2006

Single..or are they?? Here we go you ever wonder what in the hell some people are thinking sometimes and what makes them do the things they do...... <br> Well, here are some key things for people that get a little lost on the basis of relationships....I am watching someone I know go through something that is going to do nothing but hurt her, so here are my thoughts ...

0 Comments, 184 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
Words vs. Actions   1/6/2006

The Secret: Instead of listening to words that profess love and make promises, watch your new dating or relationship partner for consistent, positive action towards you over time. <br> Have you ever gotten into a relationship with a person who told you everything you have dreamt of hearing from a partner, only to have the relationship fall apart for no reason a short time later? ...

0 Comments, 48 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
BOOTY CALL   1/6/2006

This has got to be the greatest bulletin ive ever seen...BOOTY CALL! Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person. RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE WHO WANTZ TO BE YUR BOOTY-CALL! <br> <br> Name: ___________________ <br> Age: ____________________ <br> <br> Occupation: ____________________ <br> Height______ ...

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rm_Shep253 34 M
20  Articles
first-date   1/4/2006


0 Comments, 62 Views, 0 Votes
What ever happened to making out?   1/3/2006

Doesn't anybody like to just make out anymore? I'm talking about French kissing, heavy petting, giving hickeys, anything that gets you all hot and bothered but stops short of sex. <br> Why did we leave this "backseat behavior" in high school? There's no law that says "Once you're 18 years old, all fooling around must lead to sex." <br> I'm a man, so I'd like to get ...

1 Comments, 150 Views, 4 Votes ,5.19 Score
wontknowtillutry 59 F
7  Articles
Oh Boy Toys or should I say Oh! Boy toys! or Oh Boy! Toys!   12/30/2005

Hi there. <br> I just signed up for a short time ago. I am in my early forties, and a good sized girl, rubesque, bbw, or any way you want to call it. <br> What has totally suprised me is the number of responses I have recieved from hot young guys. I think originally I had more middle aged in mind, but this insurgance of interest is making me rethink that. ...

4 Comments, 740 Views, 43 Votes ,4.52 Score
What's really going on?   12/30/2005

I was wondering why it seems like so many people are too picky on this site? I have chatted with quite a few women on this site who like my profile and picture, but very few are in my hometown of San Diego, which of course makes meeting anybody extremely dificult.I have never had a problem meeting women in person, and I have gotten many compliments about how I look. With that in mind, I am ...

1 Comments, 161 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
tchalla40342 53 M
4  Articles
does a woman like men with a sence of humer??   12/24/2005

do women like men that are funny, crazy, and sometimes sponctanus? can women or for a man that can allways make her laugh ? or does she what a serious man that doesn't crack a smile and can be a sour puss but has money and is okay in bed let women think about it hard what they would really what better?

0 Comments, 34 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
proof works   12/22/2005

we met each other through almost 2 years ago and are still together and going strong , so can and does work if you are looking for more than just a sex meet ( think we should get free membership for the positive advertising btw , lol )

2 Comments, 251 Views, 6 Votes ,3.93 Score
love   12/19/2005

Indiana, you are alovely lady send me a message of love very soon.

0 Comments, 62 Views, 1 Votes
rm_unique2bfree 68 M
2  Articles
Thanks Lynn!   12/18/2005

I went on my third date since I've been on My last date was the best ever, and with a lady in her late 30's. We met in Newport Beach at Charlie's. She was easy to reconize from her photo and her smile was beyond belief. We were both a little nervous at first but, we managed to get over that pretty quick. After a little walk on the pier and exchanging some personal information, we ...

0 Comments, 96 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
sierrars5000 40 C
6  Articles
Genuine Ladies?????   12/9/2005

Where are all the genuine single ladies looking for a couple? <br> There seem to be loads listed when you do a search but when you view their profiles they all seem to be either married or dating and wanting their partners to join in! <br> And also why is it that when you state in big letters on your profile that your not interested in single guys do they try and contact ...

0 Comments, 120 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
rm_colombus30 42 C
2  Articles
I'm interested in Dating a very Beautifull and sexy Gal from any part of the world   12/8/2005

I'm a man from Ghana who seeks to date a very Beautifull woman from any part of the world Suppossing she is beautifull sexy and caring THANK YOU

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rm_colombus30 42 C
2  Articles
I'm interested in Dating a very Beautifull and sexy Gal from any part of the world   12/8/2005

I'm a man from Ghana who seeks to date a very Beautifull woman from any part of the world Suppossing she is beautifull sexy and caring THANK YOU

0 Comments, 87 Views, 3 Votes
how you know if he want just fuck or like u   12/7/2005

youknow men will tell you anything to fuck you so help me out

5 Comments, 418 Views, 12 Votes ,1.92 Score
kdknitro 38 M
4  Articles
How do girls like to be approached   12/5/2005

Im a 20 year old male that kinda wants to know how the girls on this site like to be approached while out and about. I mean i will be out and see a nice looking girl and not know how to approach her do i just straight up walk up to her and say hey i think your hot wannd do somthing some time or is that to much at one time. So if you want to help me out i would just like a few tips on this ...

1 Comments, 273 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
to screw or not to screw   12/3/2005

I have encountered numerous women who just want to have sex and then leave. It seems the "ladies" on this site are different. Yes I'm married. The ones that I've encountered, don't care. The one on this site want romance, attention, then more of both. What ever happened to just plain screwing? There are the desires in women that men have. It's get compounded with thinking about the ...

0 Comments, 74 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
Can't younger ladies handle "NO" ?   12/1/2005

I've had several recent experiences that make me question the female psyche. Recently a young lady (half my age) and I encountered each other in a professional situation. Our group had the usual after work 1 drink and during the course of conversation she and another female couldn't believe my preferences of older women -my age and up. Long story short she ended up coming on to me and I ...

1 Comments, 232 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
rm_Ceez617 50 M
1  Article
when is sex, love or can it be???   11/28/2005

Some times during sex, if the person yells out during and oragism "i love you" does that mean they are in love with you, most times sex is not considered love making lets just get that straigh, it can be "fuckin, doin the nasty, horziontal tango, hitin it, "but not "lets make love" because then that is what you should be making, love, does good sex give you such feeling that at that point ...

2 Comments, 222 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
rm_Mz_thick2 47 F
33  Articles
When is the right time   11/27/2005

When is the right time to tell someone that you are bi-sexual or u just wanna be gay?

1 Comments, 73 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
mambo7947 47 F
3  Articles
How quickly?   11/26/2005

What is your opinion on how quickly things should move on a first date. Everyone has different opinions, so let's share! Just a kiss? Would you give/recive oral on a first date? Sex?

5 Comments, 321 Views, 11 Votes ,4.10 Score
hottytootrotty 48 M
1  Article
whats it worth   11/25/2005

whats it worth to be a player. my experiences say ...... nothing. notta zip zilch zero. to date different people be honest and up front that they are not the only ones. i found this to work best even if you dont get what you want from everybody. you always walk away the better person

0 Comments, 18 Views, 0 Votes
What to know before dating   11/25/2005

I took a chance, and bought a one- (1) month gold membership. I wanted to read as many of the ladies personals as I could in thirty- (30) days, and to check out (at least a little bit of) the local male competition I have with men within my own age range, and hopefully, to meet my soul FWB. <br> After reading all those personals (M and F), and writing to a few select women, my ...

0 Comments, 105 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_Mz_thick2 47 F
33  Articles
Is the first date when we show r stuff   11/24/2005

When we go out on that first date with someone y is it that some [eople feel like they have to have sex on the first date?

2 Comments, 177 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
so lame   11/23/2005

here in uneau its asmall town so finding a gril who is cool and not really sickly and still dirty dirty is hard. I have had so many lame dates it's really sad. The ones that I do like never have the same time frame to fuck as I do.

0 Comments, 83 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_w_trkyw 51 M
1  Article
I wana a nice cute lady or girl from cairo to be my friend   11/22/2005

Ohhh I will not tell u how the egyptian ladys or girls are very hot, worm sexy attractive and very very intersting in sex Most of egyptains' femals are very hto and have a very sexy body I will not tell u how they are very wet I will not tell how much they are wonderfull in sex I love all egyptians' Ladies and girls I'd like really to meet one of them to be my real friend My name is ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_hahahell4u 44 F
1  Article
WHAT DID I DO WRONG?   11/22/2005

Ok so I meet a guy on this site and in my profile it states that I am also looking for females and that I am not looking for anything SERIOUS!! So we meet all is well and we do our thing. I let my profile downgrade to a standard member and take off my pic just to see how few emails and responses I would get. So the guy calls me and he seems to be upset that Now my profile is once again ...

1 Comments, 255 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
JGirlx69 55 F
5  Articles
shopping or dancing   11/19/2005

if i were to ask a girl get to know her and see if there may be it better to ask her to go shopping, dinner or out on the town?

3 Comments, 230 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
happycouple973 49 C
95  Articles
Deliciously and Naughty Dating Tips For Nice Guys   11/18/2005

My best friend and I, like most women, want to meet and be with a "nice man." The problem is that the nice men we have met have consistently done things that have created situations where we have no desire to continue to date them. I have quite a few "nice guy" friends who have asked me time and time again..."What are we doing wrong?" I have decided to write this for them, and for the nice ...

4 Comments, 507 Views, 25 Votes ,7.23 Score
Looks, and build?   11/18/2005

Hey everyone, i would like to what women think of skinny'ish guy's? I am not a skeleton but i am fairly skinny, so id like to know what all you ladies prefer, mussles, beer gut or is skinny ok?

2 Comments, 89 Views, 0 Votes
looks are over rated   11/17/2005

What is this fixation on looks. When I was at the University of Kansas, I asked this one girl out. Now I based my decision totally on looks, she was definately Playboy material. So we went out and did the usuall college thing McDonalds and a movie. All the time she acted like she wasn't interested. So I figured that this was going to be a onetime thing. Anyway I took her back to her ...

0 Comments, 219 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
divebuddy4cpls 48 M
0  Articles

I am married person, with on , .but my wife has no time for me, .and she never prepares herself when time gets to dreasing, makeuo, ..etc, ..I am getting tired from her behavoiur, ..and talked to her many time, .that sex, love needs some preperations before starting..but she does not listen, matter I am in the mood, tired or relxed..all what she want is do sex.. I stopped ...

0 Comments, 114 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
razzle__dazzle 42 M
1  Article
Aussie in New York   11/7/2005

G'day! <br> Well i should start off by saying who i am.. I'm 23 years old, working towards self employment, however i'm a graphic deisgner turning business marketer right now and gaining expereince before i take a risk into starting a business. <br> Personally i've had my heart shattered a year ago by a girl. Haven't really shook that off just yet, but am close. I'm ...

0 Comments, 153 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
__Seeker__ 50 F
5  Articles
Discretion by definition...   11/7/2005

dis搾re暗ion (d-skreshun) n. <br> The quality of being discreet; circumspection. <br> Ability or power to decide responsibly. <br> Freedom to act or judge on one's own: All the decisions were left to our discretion. <br> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dis搾reet Marked ...

1 Comments, 217 Views, 14 Votes ,4.58 Score
rm_Agree2AGREE 50 M
1  Article
Why Must We Dance?   11/6/2005

Okay, I'm not a big dater. I never really understand the concept. Two people mutually attracted to one another sitting somewhere wondering, well I should say, the man wondering if he's going to score, and even if it's not just about sex. See women got an idea that, if a man is interested in sex, it's just sex. Which is totally untrue, a man will want to marry from the first time he sees ...

0 Comments, 117 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
hockeynut6666 42 M
10  Articles
who pays?   11/5/2005

when the bill comes for the night....who should pay?

5 Comments, 203 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
rm_101101001 58 C
75  Articles
Would you join a group...   10/31/2005

Dear members; <br> How many of you would be willing to join a discussion group, where the membership requirements are. That you must be willing to go with a current group member or the group’s moderator, for free and anonymous HIV testing (say within thirty 30 days from joining the group) and share your test results with each other to prove that you are both HIV ...

1 Comments, 95 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_101101001 58 C
75  Articles
Would you join a group...   10/31/2005

Dear members; <br> How many of you would be willing to join a discussion group, where the membership requirements are. That you must be willing to go with a current group member or the group’s moderator, for free and anonymous HIV testing (say within thirty 30 days from joining the group) and share your test results with each other to prove that you are both HIV ...

0 Comments, 136 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
How to behave?   10/30/2005

I would like to know more how to behave when you meet new friends!

0 Comments, 176 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Monkeymasacre 124 M
10  Articles
Computer   10/27/2005

Do women like guys who are good at making/working/doing anything with computers? or like guys who are mechanics?

1 Comments, 96 Views, 0 Votes
wyntersknight 39 M
6  Articles
interested???   10/27/2005

IF a woman tells you she is interested and is all over you in person. But never calls, never emails, and never text messages when you are apart is she really interested. Even when you are together she won't stop kissing you or encouraging more???

1 Comments, 119 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
brattygodess 34 F
1  Article
All men are NOT dogs   10/19/2005

You should not be the one doing all the bending...compromise is a two way street. You need time to heal between relationships... there is nothing cute about baggage... Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship. You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you...a relationship consists of two WHOLE indivduals...Dating is fun even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right. Make ...

2 Comments, 294 Views, 11 Votes ,4.85 Score
barabond 42 M
38  Articles
Choose those you have a good chance of dating   10/17/2005

don't aim low but do aim realistically. In other words, your dating is based on the whole package you present as well as just your personality. If you are looking for a glamour girl or boy and want to date someone trendy and gorgeous then good for you, but be prepared and be realistic about your chances.

0 Comments, 85 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
barabond 42 M
38  Articles
Confidence   10/16/2005

Sort out your confidence levels in advance. By following the first four tips you will feel better and be more focused. Do all the things that will boost your confidence from avoiding negative friends (often the married ones) to attending the right kind of social functions. Couples at dinner parties in suburbia is not necessarily where you need to be right now.

0 Comments, 87 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
barabond 42 M
38  Articles
treat yourself   10/15/2005

Go shopping and treat yourself to new clothes and even a whole new look. Get your image right, one that you can manage and live with, but one that flatters you. Don't go overboard and look like someone you are not but maybe its time to throw out those tired jeans, old sweaters or cardigans and spruce yourself up. People appreciate appearance.

0 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
barabond 42 M
38  Articles
d2   10/15/2005

Get your act together. Begin a regime of looking your best. Join a gym, read health magazines, get fit and start a diet. Get your hair cut or styled and begin a new regime of good grooming or beauty treatment. Though it will not find you a date in itself, you will feel a million times more confident about yourself.

0 Comments, 23 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_Eros5412 48 M
1  Article
does nationality make it easier to score?   10/13/2005

I have been thinking about this issue for a while since enjoying the nightlife in Amsterdam. It struck me that dutch women were most at ease with men from the US than any other country. Some women could actually not wait to lure them to bed. Not saying that all dutch women are easy to get(common thought) but there must be some logical reasons for this phenomenon. Maybe the West is still ...

0 Comments, 109 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
barabond 42 M
38  Articles
d1   10/12/2005

Get prepared for dating. If you really want to succeed in the dating game, decide who you are looking for, do your research and be ready to commit to dating. Half heartedness won't work. Also prepare for some let downs along the way but don't take dating too seriously either.

0 Comments, 55 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
ShrpDressedMan2 40 M
1  Article
Anyone real left in this world?   10/5/2005

Ive been single now for about a year just relaxin and enjoying life and traveling. I miss being with someone but it seems i just end up getting my heart broken or hurt. <br> Are there any decent girls left in this world that are looking for a guy to sweep you off your feet, treat you with respect like you should be given, loved and cared for and a whole lot more? <br> Or ...

1 Comments, 115 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
rm_kamikazee85 39 M
1  Article
ageism   9/29/2005


2 Comments, 179 Views, 10 Votes ,5.38 Score
You Gotta Read This One!   9/27/2005

When I first heard about it, I thought that thouhght that it was just a joke. But it wasn't a joke. On October 24, 2005, over 3 milion men nation-wide have agreed to... <br> break up with their girlfriends/wives on the first ever "NATIONAL DUMP YOUR WOMAN DAY." aka "DUMP-DAY." This is an idea that was created by an international group called "10 SOCIETY, " that is dedicated to ...

0 Comments, 239 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
happycouple973 49 C
95  Articles
What it means to be a slave!!!!!   9/22/2005

As with all this sluts submissions while she checked the box acknowledging that story belonged to her she readily accepts the fact that she owns nothing and the story, her mind, and her body are owned by Master Panther. <br> Recently this slut has seen a lot of articles that appear to her and her Master to inappropriately be classified as a Master/slave relationship. This has ...

1 Comments, 422 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
karmelkittykat 49 C
4  Articles
Where's your pics?   9/19/2005

We are tired of people on here who don't have pics. Why join a network and you have no pics. We want to see the real you. I don't know if your just scared or ugly? Regardless of this site you can't really chat or hook up with anyone and they can't see what your working with. People get it together and stop acting shy, we want to see more ass, pussy, and tits.

3 Comments, 198 Views, 14 Votes ,4.42 Score
LittleVJ 55 F
21  Articles
Expectations   9/17/2005

I mentioned to some of the people on here that I would be at club on a specific night, if they wanted to at least meet and say hi they should stop by. I mentioned that other people from might be stopping by as well. <br> No definitive plans were made with any one individual. So it wasn't what you would call a date. <br> The idea was let a bunch of people know where ...

0 Comments, 590 Views, 15 Votes ,3.74 Score
limitedtime55 57 M
1  Article
confusion   9/13/2005

Now we all know that this site, is for people seeking sex...... ok some are looking for a relationship. But it does get frustrating when you get a contact and they are looking for a relationship and all you want is sex. read there ad i here you say, but it would be much easier if people seeking more then just sex go to a regular dating site.

6 Comments, 164 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
rm_ketil_up 53 M
1  Article
Hope etc...   9/10/2005

There is a long time I'm looking for a right person or couple to have sex with. No sex at all. Is there a secret ???

0 Comments, 165 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
justkickinit5 43 M
10  Articles
how do you keep your dating steamy?   9/6/2005

i was curious to see how everyone keeps thier dating hott... i know i like to get spontainious and see whats good from there ... dinner clubs walks and music ... thats a good start but what do you do on a blind date? how many people have been on blind dates out there and did they work?

0 Comments, 118 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_savile_row 45 M
1  Article
the call back!   8/30/2005

I'm sure all of us guys have experienced this. How long should you leave it before calling that special someone after you get there number and after the first date. I normally give it 4 days after I have met someone as do not want to come over as over keen, yet I've been told this is too long. I normally try to go along with the flow as I have never heard of a "golden rule" however if ...

0 Comments, 150 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
blind date!   8/29/2005

i hate to date because you alway end up with some body that you do not won't to be with.even a blind date they are the you need to watch.

0 Comments, 126 Views, 8 Votes ,0.70 Score
Ontop212 31 M
3  Articles
bad boys   8/28/2005

heres for the women out there, do most women fall for bad boys?

0 Comments, 95 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
jinxinaction69 46 M
4  Articles
** Cutting Your Supply Off **   8/27/2005

Have you ever experienced meeting a good looking girl at a club, drinking and dancing with her all night, and toward the end of the night she is tired of you? <br> That is because she does not see you as a challenge. It may be because you gave her the impression that you want her, or it may be because you did not cut off your supply - or both. I would like to focus on ...

2 Comments, 165 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
rm_cpl4u631 66 C
5  Articles
What to pack!!!   8/26/2005

Ok, here it is... You, are a married couple meeting a single bi-fem or another couple with a bi-f. The meeting in the lobby bar goes GREAT and it's now time to move upstairs, butt pinching all the way. The Questions is: How many toys are you going to bring, vibrators, dildoes, strap-ons, butt plugs, blindfolds, oils, assorted clamps, etc.Yes, you DO feel like Felix The Cat, but this is ...

1 Comments, 130 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
rm_cpl4u631 66 C
5  Articles
Guy cool while the wife is off a sane sex date alone?   8/26/2005

If you find a bi-fem for your wife on but the new one insists that only the two of them can play and you can stay home, visit the pub down the lane, or stay in the liviing room watching Star-Trek reruns, or better yet, that they:ll need 3-4 hours alone and will work out the drive-home deal whenever they finish. When you do get back as a cupple, your womam is slighyly drained and gigily ...

0 Comments, 378 Views, 0 Votes
rm_cpl4u631 66 C
5  Articles
If you want a bi-fem, should you look for a couple?   8/26/2005

If, as a M/F couple, you are looking for another bi-woman are you better off looking for couples where there is no swapping by the guys, just the girls are allowed to go wild while the men watch? Seems in 80% of the M/F couples, the woman is bi and the mostly post pix. Single bi or bi-curious gals post nopix 70% of the time. No pix, we don't waste our time. Whaddya' think? <br> ...

0 Comments, 42 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
3  Articles
Chatting...   8/25/2005

A beautiful woman walks into a department store to do a little shopping.She notices a couple glancing at her.They smile and turn away.She arches her back and raises breasts just a little.She acts as if she's looking at a blouse.She looks up again to see the couple staring at her once more.The female looks very inviting-she thinks.She notices the bulge in the males jeans.She turns, a rush of ...

0 Comments, 84 Views, 0 Votes
Blind Date   8/17/2005

This is a question mostly for married couples.How many of you were first introduced by a friend who set you up as a blind date?I was to my wife before she passed away over 2&a half years ago, and in the years inbetween we dated on and off until we realized we were meant for each other.

0 Comments, 72 Views, 5 Votes ,0.86 Score
sixpackboytoy 42 M
3  Articles
boytoy   8/16/2005

so alot of woman say they want a boy toy but do they i mean i am definetly willing to have discreet no strings relations but women just seem as if its a good fantasy but a lousy reality

0 Comments, 71 Views, 6 Votes ,3.93 Score
FreeBird200544 53 M
1  Article
Any tips on re entering the dating ring   8/15/2005

After 9 years togeather 6 of em married my wife & I split for good. I'm damn near 35 & well to be honest folks I have no God Damn clue about where to go to pick up women, how to approach em, etc. Any real help is appreciated. I know this questions asked thousands of times but hey current info is allways the best.

0 Comments, 193 Views, 0 Votes
charger8111 42 M
1  Article
How to date a girl   8/15/2005

be soft, kind and gentleman-like. ask her if she may give you her number and you can call her then. bring a little gift at first date and do not stare at her all the time

0 Comments, 289 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
cbj9fan_at_yhoo 54 M
2  Articles
Friends only or friends with benefits?   8/13/2005

When you meet someone you are attracted to and you hit it off & thi person has the chance to be a great friend, are you thinking friends only, or friends with benefits? Depending on which one you choose, do you lose out on the other? Please tell me what you think on this topic.

0 Comments, 193 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
justme121578 45 M
4  Articles
What is a good way to berak the ice when talking to ladies?   8/11/2005

I always have a bit of trouble initiating conversation with women when I go out to the bars. What is a good way to approach women?

2 Comments, 309 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
herc120368 55 M
9  Articles
Communication   8/9/2005

When dating someone, always keep the lines of communication open. It is not only important to express yourself, but you have to listen to your partner. Not just hear what they are saying, but really listen to what is said and what is not said. <br> Good communication requires honesty, trust and openness. You have to be honest with your partner. Give her or him the option to ...

0 Comments, 209 Views, 6 Votes ,4.50 Score
rm_breen303 38 M
1  Article
hardness   8/9/2005

is it jus me or is it really really hard to meet someone on this site if your not payin.esspecially people in the south wales area, any one from said area plz contact lonely.

2 Comments, 195 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
rm_gmik1973 50 M
3  Articles


2 Comments, 133 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
herc120368 55 M
9  Articles
Being Honest, the TRUTH should never hurt.   8/8/2005

No one likes to be lied to. Let's face, it hurts and it sucks. Most people say tell them the truth, but some can't handle that and it also hurts. But in any relationship, friends, dating, couple, marriage, sex, the truth should never hurt. <br> Communication is the key. Be honest, why waste your time thinking of a plausible lie, you have to remember it and then try to add on ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
3  Articles
What do you do when sex becomes a chore instead of excitement?   8/8/2005

I've been in a couple of relationships when the sex life has just went out the window..I am a very sexual individual and when I have to continue to keep the sexual relationship going it becomes a chore rather than enjoyment. Don't get me wrong...I love sex and as often as I can get it, but when I have to start the ball rolling all the time and keep things interesting on my own it starts to ...

4 Comments, 207 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
dating more than 1 girl   8/8/2005

Im dating more than one girl. Should i tell them about the others?

0 Comments, 122 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Sex life getting old   8/8/2005

My gf and I have been together for 3 years and our sex life is getting boring. How can we spice it up a bit?

2 Comments, 54 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
What's with the ex's!   8/8/2005

I know that you're comfortable with each other and your bodies and that you've shared alot together. You did, however break up for a reason and that won't change by having sex again. The last 3 relationships I've had with women have ended with them jumping back in the sack with their ex's. Each time for a one or two night stand and it was over again. What drives us to get back with our ...

0 Comments, 71 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
A little off the top, please.   8/5/2005

I remember this one brief encounter I had just before I got out of the service. I was stationed on the west coast, and had less than a year to go. I didnt think I wanted to start any relationships, or, even screw around for that matter because just ending a relationship, even one thats just physical is sometimes nasty business. But after I arrived at my new base I noticed this lady ...

0 Comments, 163 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
Keeping it Safe   8/4/2005

Here we in the year 2005 -sex has never been more exciting or dangerous. Millions are infected with HIV virus many other have died of full blown Aids. What can we do to protect ourselves - is abstinece the answer, is limiting your sexual relations to a limited number of persons you are sure are clean the answer. I think these options and perhaps others are the only way to be safe - even ...

1 Comments, 103 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
HiepHiepHoi 40 C
3  Articles
Have you guys ever had a sexdate though internet?   8/2/2005

And did you like it? <br> I did it once.. she was a fucking slut, and loved it.. all the way, hard up her ass. <br> never saw her ever again.. <br> And you?

2 Comments, 511 Views, 19 Votes ,2.99 Score
Keeping if Fun   7/31/2005

Dating should be a fun and interesting expereince. What are the types of activites which make if fun. First of all you should know something about your intedned date. What is it she likes to do. is she the wild adventuresome type or a quiet and introverted. Some interesting activites for the wilder types are river rafting, mountain trail climbing and snowboarding. For the quieter types ...

0 Comments, 223 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
whataturnon 43 C
2  Articles
So my wife and I are now dating a 20 yr old F   7/30/2005

Like the title says, we met her on about 2 months ago and hooked up for fun just after my wifes b-day. My wife loved it and so did I, so we stayed in touch and things have progressed to the point where my wife and I are now actively dating this woman. We are a young open minded couple, we totally trust each other, are totally open with each other, and just like seeing the other happy. ...

2 Comments, 432 Views, 27 Votes ,4.08 Score
69RwithU 57 F
1  Article
What women want   7/25/2005

What do women want? It's a question I am sure you men have asked yourselves many, many times. <br> Some of you guys may think you’ve figured us women out, others may think it's best to just keep away from the subject altogether, after all…who cares about what we want….. right? <br> WRONG!!!……Well you should care. Haven’t you ...

2 Comments, 653 Views, 48 Votes ,6.63 Score
4800direct 60 M
32  Articles
Treffen 12,13,14 August Badesee Lahde   7/23/2005

reffen 12, 13, 14 August an Badesee Lahde NRW kann mann hier sehen, <br> Ich bin den ganz wochenende da am Angeln und andrere dingen f黵 Outdoor Fun von freitag abend und sonntag bis zum mittag! <br> A rendezvous on 12, 13, 14 August at Badesee Lahde NRW you can see it here <br> sie kann zur點k schreiben, ich habe den emails ...

0 Comments, 62 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
arliss007 50 M
3  Articles
Dating women that you meet in   7/22/2005

If you don't really like her, don't play with her just for some pussy. Not that I have but I have had what's in the sales industry known as "buyer's remorse"- meaning, I think after the fadct, I would've been alittle more discerning personality wise. <br> Word to women: be careful how you calculate a man's feelings. a. On one end you have the "smile in your face and be ...

0 Comments, 165 Views, 11 Votes ,4.29 Score
2hotguy4u2fuck 38 M
4  Articles
Blind date   7/22/2005

What all should a guy do on a blind date to take the lady to his bed?

1 Comments, 151 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
darqmachine 48 M
16  Articles
OR NO ...   7/21/2005

One day in our lives, after we all have finished getting our brains completely fucked out of us, we all one day plan to have or plan to marry into a situation where are already in someones captivity. Now let's say for example you and that special someone hit it off, and things are starting to getting a little hot, however, before you decide to make your situation a full committment... ...

2 Comments, 99 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
Forbidden Fruit   7/18/2005

I remember once when I was 26 I went out to a lounge while i was in the service frequented by older women. I had had an older woman back home starting when I was 16. She was 39 when it started and I screwed her off and on for 8 years. In the summer of 1986 when she was 43 and I was 21 my penis was constantly erect and lived in her vagina, meeting up to 4 times a week for 3 or 4 hours at a ...

0 Comments, 486 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
rm_casman1970 53 M
1  Article
Through my mind's eye.   7/17/2005

This is a "searching for sex site" period. If you are looking for a long and long term relationship than you should seek elsewhere. Sex is very important in any relationship, but I seriously doubt that you will grow old with anyone you find here. Try a site that has greater depth and breadth. <br> However, women will always be women and you have to love them for it! When women ...

0 Comments, 53 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
How To Tell If She's Faking Her Orgasms   7/15/2005

Here is my personal technique that you can use to tell if a woman's orgasm is the real deal...or a Milli Vanilli. If you want to know if a woman has faked an orgasm, lightly touch her clit immediately after her supposed climax. If she had a clitoral orgasm, her clitoris will be overly-sensitive and she’ll flinch due to the discomfort of your touch. If she doesn’t flinch, ...

1 Comments, 271 Views, 17 Votes ,6.10 Score
VanilaGarila 56 M
1  Article
When should I pop the question?   7/13/2005

If I'm dating a woman not from, when should I ask her if she's bi or enjoys certain types of sexual activities? It would seem a waste of time to carry it on and find out later she isn't compatible with my tastes... Also, how would one approach her with these topics?

0 Comments, 80 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
darqmachine 48 M
16  Articles
YOUR BEST MOMENT!   7/12/2005

Ok! Like whats up! We all remember are first sexual experience, or for some of that are lucky, our best sexual experience! If you had to describe it, what was the best sexual experience you ever had, how long did it last for, and our you with that person as of right now and did you meet them on! <br> Please be as honest as you possibly can.

0 Comments, 73 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
rm_CUindasheets 56 M
5  Articles
How to read personal ads:   7/11/2005

40-ish.....................49 Adventurer.....Slept with all your friends Athletic.......................No tits Average looking.......Has a face like a basset hound Beautiful...........Pathological liar Emotionally Secure.......Medicated Feminist............ Ugly ball buster Free spirit...............Junkie Friendship first.........Trying to live down reputation as a slut ...

2 Comments, 160 Views, 12 Votes ,4.04 Score
midnight_lotus 39 F
8  Articles
When does cradle robbing stop and acceptable dating begin?   7/7/2005

Hey guys I have another question for you. And this one tends to be a bit touchy for some people. What is that magical age when cradle robbing stops and being acceptable for dating begins? Or is it more the difference of years? What is your opinion? Don't be shy. Reply and let me know what you think!

4 Comments, 895 Views, 38 Votes ,4.98 Score
dixiewitch2003 41 F
1  Article
younger men older women   7/7/2005

i wanted to know peoples thoughts about this. i am 30 now. and at 17 and 18 i was dating guys and girls that were 29 and 30. and as soon as i hit like 25 i started craving guys and girls that were 18 and up. i prefer and younger guy or girl than the older men and women. or the too much older than me people. as long as there legal then i want them. and i find that from 18 to like 26 or 27 ...

2 Comments, 614 Views, 16 Votes ,2.39 Score
hairy!!! OR NOT   7/7/2005

What do ladies like the most in a who is shaved down or men who dont.

1 Comments, 431 Views, 9 Votes ,4.49 Score
older chics!!   7/6/2005

How many of the older women on this site like the thought of getting together with a guy a lot younger. C'mon all you wmen over 55, give me the goss.

0 Comments, 380 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
Blazenwing 38 M
1  Article
Breaking the Ice...?   7/5/2005

Man... it's really hard to talk to women! I don't know why... it just is. I can do it all day at work (being a cashier at Walgreens sucks) and flirt with girls, women, whatever... but when it comes to a date (or more), I just can't seem to say anything. And man, I really need to get laid. LOL! Any tips? Or better, any girls near Milwaukee looking ...

6 Comments, 3950 Views, 146 Votes
just wanna have fun   7/5/2005

It seems that iit is quite hard for anyone to deliver the statement. That being, "i just wanna have sex with you and nothing more", i suppose if this line was reasonably excepted at the other end, we could use it more, then there would be less, lies, deceit, and hurt. Come on, a lot of people want this but are too afraid to ask.

0 Comments, 176 Views, 6 Votes ,4.50 Score
darqmachine 48 M
16  Articles
OLDER WOMEN   7/5/2005

Ok. OLDER WOMEN! In a mans life, from the rise of Naplean all the way down to being Tom Cruise, every man... yes including them, dreamed fucking the shit of an older woman... or more! We all have in our life time, I still do it! In fact, all I have dated in my life is older women! My first date was 37 I was 18 and a freshman in collge. We met while at the gym. I think the gym is still ...

0 Comments, 166 Views, 9 Votes ,2.14 Score
rm_greg33917 55 M
1  Article
Looking for the one   7/4/2005

Hi, I sent out several emails to different ones in my area. Like 30 or so I was wondering how hooking works now. Have not dated in about 10 years or so. Does meeting at a nice place still work ok? Greg

1 Comments, 93 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
27SexySensitive 50 M
5  Articles
Why me   7/3/2005

I don't get it why me .I just cant seem to hook up or meet a Woman.I'm a nice guy not so bad looking I just don't get it But some day I think i will ...

2 Comments, 180 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
goodtime1818 43 M
1  Article
What do the gals want ????   7/1/2005

They say that they want a person that will treat good. I a man that knows how to treat her great. When I am with them they have all my attion and resepct, they have the doors opened for them, sent roses from time to time. And when they are with me, they know that they are the princes.They say that they have never had anyone treat them that good. But they go back to the "bad boy". You know ...

5 Comments, 185 Views, 11 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_kristiets 47 T
1  Article
girls or boys?   6/30/2005

So I was raised in a very conservative catholic background. Sex was a bad thing, or so I was told. But there's something else too. When I was born, the doc said "congrats, you have a baby boy", then during my teens I started growing breasts (I'm intersexed). I ended up having both puberties (male and female) growing up, not a lot of each, but enough to make their mark on my body. So sex was ...

3 Comments, 412 Views, 23 Votes ,7.33 Score
Love vs. Lust   6/27/2005

I was dating this girl for 2 1/2 years. Everything was great. Sex life was awesome, communcation was great and we had a lot of fun together. I was thinking marrage may be an option. We eventually broke up because of certain differences. During that relationship, experimentation came up. She enjoyed trying a lot of new things, but I had some fantasies that she had no interest in trying. How ...

3 Comments, 191 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
Clintdriftwood 47 M
14  Articles
Is this fair   6/27/2005

I want to have a relationship with a woman or women who find me not only attractive but can use me as a minder when they want to get more than one guy in the room and have some full on action. <br> Should i expect to feel upset or horny when she is fucking other guys in front of me?

1 Comments, 147 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
jinxinaction69 46 M
4  Articles
Having Female friends in social circle Helps alot :)   6/26/2005

How does that work? <br> Friend --> Sister --> Sister's Friend. <br> You met that girl you dated through people you already knew! And this is the easiest way to meet people there is, because if you're friends with people they know, you must be a cool guy, right? <br> When you go out to meet women in a bar or a ...

1 Comments, 2766 Views, 156 Votes ,4.21 Score
Do people actually meet on here?   6/22/2005

I have yet to meet my ideal person on here. I have emailed and emailed to no extent and mostly get nothing but spam in return. I think that most of these ads if not all are fake. I am just looking for an older women that wants to have a NSA relationship near San Ramon. Do women like this actually exist or am I just spitting in the wind?

2 Comments, 186 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
rm_quacknmunkiy 37 F
1  Article
really?   6/18/2005

does every date feel the same way? nervous? i have a problem!!!! i keep dating guys and dont know what to do anymore, i mean you go out with them, it might last for a little bit then you turn around and its over. well what happeneds when u want to go on to another date? should you be ready? could u be ready by that time? ro should you need more time to adjust and get over shit?

0 Comments, 157 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
rm_kittymail2 49 F
1  Article
secrets   6/15/2005

Always remember everyone has secrets so if your love if keeping something from you try to to get overupset. Last week i found out my boyfriend was keeping something from me. I begged him to tell me even cried. And in the end all he was hiding was a gift he bought me. I felt so bad after. So the point is dont get too upset

0 Comments, 289 Views, 21 Votes ,2.75 Score
rm_sexymachien 38 M
9  Articles
Doing things the right way   6/14/2005

I've noticed since I have been taking women out on dates that when I am a gentelmen it pays off. I take them out to dinner, or for coffee. I pay for that of course. After that we take a little walk on the beach talking and after that I take her back to her place. I use to be aggresive and would try to hook up with the chick right after dinner if I liked her. Now I'm trying to be ...

2 Comments, 160 Views, 9 Votes ,5.56 Score
adorabledor 67 F
3  Articles
Older men verses Younger Men   6/13/2005

Well I have been dating for awhile now and All I would do is date younger guys, and married men, since I didn't want a relationship, , well it pacified my needs but I was lonely for the most part, plus it was getting old., So I decided to stay away from married men and I am still staying away from them, , and decided to date older guys, my own age! I thought most of them would have a brain ...

1 Comments, 306 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
rm_Irishbabe87 36 F
1  Article
Moving in Together   6/8/2005

Is it ok to move in with your boyfriend if you have only been with him for about 2 months?

0 Comments, 273 Views, 11 Votes ,2.79 Score
rm_OneDirtyBoi 43 M
1  Article
Miltitary   6/5/2005

I'm in the military...going on 5 1/2 yrs, . The problem that I've come across, as have a lot of my friends is that it's hard to find a good woman or one at all. I know that we're constantly gone to some remote or desolate part of the world, but even we need someone to come home to. I know that looks can't can't be the problem, b/c I'm "VERY" physically fit as well as smart and very well ...

0 Comments, 140 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
R1Flipper 48 M
1  Article
Personality   6/1/2005

I can't stand a Yes girl !!!! If you like me fine... don't adopt my personality... Keep your own favorite color..ect. <br> I enjoy debating variouse subjects and can respect someones opinion even though it is not my own. I don't know everything and I never will. Part of dating is learning about other lifestyles and getting to know a special persons Personality..... <br> So ...

1 Comments, 163 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
goodheart7112 50 C
2  Articles
Its hard to find anyone nowdays   5/27/2005

I feel it is hard to find anyone now days. In my expierance looking, every woman either wants someone to support her or has a great body.

0 Comments, 165 Views, 11 Votes ,1.67 Score
blind dating-never let u friends set u up with some one they know   5/27/2005

Some people who may have blind dated may have found this experience to be quite good, ok, not cool or just plain old horrifiying.Well for me it was quite horrifiying and scary.When I talked to this dude on the phone, he sounded so sexy and fine as hell.This dude lied and said that he was cute and that every woman and girl wanted to get with him.I was like okay, he sounds good and seems like ...

0 Comments, 141 Views, 9 Votes ,3.43 Score
I'd love to meet people   5/27/2005

I'd love to meet people instead of the taking the time to set-up a meeting and it all being a no-show. I try to be upfront (I hold nothing back) and ask that if we meet it's a public place so that all can feel safe. I look at it as if you take the time to respond, you've seen the pictures, and wish to meet then at least go up to the person and say hi and have some conversation, if not ...

0 Comments, 118 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
_Cunnilinctor_ 77 M
2  Articles
Words mean different things to males and females.   5/25/2005

I find one of the weak point of online dating is that there is a lack of a common structure for self-presentation. By that I mean that the written portion of the profile always seems to elude any semblance of self-description. Moon light walks on the beach? WHO HATES MOON LIGHT WALKS ON THE BEACH? Except for LA beaches, this statement means nada. If the site required the members to ...

0 Comments, 129 Views, 6 Votes ,3.93 Score
ncsupartyguy03 41 M
4  Articles
confidence in the approach   5/22/2005

when approaching a girl at a bar i have been lacking confidence as of late. I know confidence is very important while trying to pick someone up. how do i raise my confidence without lowering my standards? any advice would be helpful.

0 Comments, 283 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
rm_caotiloco 62 M
8  Articles
Reasons for a second date:   5/20/2005

#1 - had a great time #2 - definite attraction #3 - good personality #4 - similar interests #5 - worth getting to know #6 - fun to be with #7 - listens and responds with sincerety #8 - wants me to call again #9 - promising relationship #10 - new friends

0 Comments, 79 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
rm_caotiloco 62 M
8  Articles
Starting Out!   5/20/2005

Rule # 1 - compatibility Rule # 2 - attraction Rule # 3 - relationship oriented Rule # 4 - similar interests Rule # 5 - slow ant steady

0 Comments, 75 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
happening20002 64 F
1  Article
All you men out there, watch out for this!   5/19/2005

All you men out there, watch out for this! > >Police warn all male clubbers, party-goers, and unsuspecting pub >regulars to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any >woman. A new drug on the market, called "beer", is used by >females to target unsuspecting men. The drug is generally found in >liquid form, and is now available almost ...

1 Comments, 385 Views, 28 Votes ,5.40 Score
rm_your_jackpot 42 M
1  Article
i need a your help!   5/17/2005

Hi y`all .... can you explain me why some women don`t like have anal sex? thanxs

0 Comments, 118 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
do you stay or do you go?   5/13/2005

when you have gone to meet your blind date and you see and ugly person do you walk away ordo you take the chance by meeting your blind date?

0 Comments, 138 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
About normal guys dating gorgeous women   5/8/2005

Read those dating guides lately? Seen all the admonitions that all you have to do is XYZ and you can date even the hottest (i.e., best looking and best dressed and most sought after) women? <br> I've read those guides. A good number of them. I've tried what they told me. And you know what? They're off. Almost all of them are off the mark. You wanna know the truth? Well here it is: ...

0 Comments, 143 Views, 14 Votes ,2.18 Score
gojoe88 67 M
1  Article
Monogomous for 20 years   5/2/2005

Recently my wife died of lung Cancer. I was the care giver during her sickness and now I am all alone. This loss leaves one with an empty feeling and regrets for the few bad moments. I am relieved her wishes that I find someone else when she was gone. She hoped that I could find another woman that would cause me to want to have sex as much as she did when we first met. 26 times a week. ...

2 Comments, 118 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
ineedadamnname 38 M
2  Articles
advice needed   4/27/2005

Hey. I havent been on a date in a year. Anyone have any adive on how to meet girls?

2 Comments, 252 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
kdog662 58 M
1  Article
Size Does It really Matter?   4/27/2005

I have talked with and dated enough women to get a pretty good idea about the size issue. I would say it's split 50-50. The women who said size mattered, were also asked if they did any excersises to keep things tight. 90% of these women did not do any excersises. Coincedence??? Of the women who said it's the magic in the wand, not the size of the wand, 50% of these women said they did ...

3 Comments, 339 Views, 10 Votes ,5.97 Score
Campie31 51 M
1  Article
First real life impressions   4/26/2005

So the 2 of you have finally decided to meet up somewhere and see what happens. Now even if its a 1 time meet, you want to make that first impression a good one. So how do you go about doing this? <br> 1. No smoking, unless you know for a fact that both of you are smokers. Trust me, no one wants to kiss an ash tray. And if you do have to have a smoke right before you ...

0 Comments, 42 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
mehere97 37 M
1  Article
What to do on a first date   4/25/2005

I'm a guy who is gonna be going out with another guy. On our first date we decided to take it slowly, and were just friends. We talked about it now and wish we had done more. How far would u go on a second date?

0 Comments, 99 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
denia78 45 F
3  Articles
online dating- why lie?   4/24/2005

i have been dating online since i was 14. mind you the selection has increased and gotten a lot better but the lies are still the same. it doesn't matter how honest and sincere i am there is always a someone who just doesn't seem to want to read the ad. and my question to you is why write in the first place if you won't take the time to digest of what i have to bring to the table? ...

1 Comments, 310 Views, 17 Votes ,5.95 Score
rm_3274dash 39 M
1  Article
Telling Them "NO"   4/23/2005

Have you ever wondered "whats the best way to say no to a person when they ask you out?" Most people just lie and make up an excuse for not going out with a person who is really just not their type. Most people don't bother telling the truth, in fact I asked 33 people what their usual response for turning down a person was. Well 27 0f them said they lied, they either said they were spoken ...

1 Comments, 75 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
Forgive or Forget..   4/23/2005

I recently was talking to this girl for quite some time. We had been out numerous times together and had both confessed feelings for each other. I though things were going great then one night that all changed. We went out to a party together and half way through the night she disappeared with another guy. Later she told me she had just made-out and nothing else happened. I have been ...

2 Comments, 172 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
rm_juicy864 31 M
1  Article
Whats up with North Louisiana Gurls?   4/18/2005

Whats up with all the ladies in Shreveport? I mean all the ones i like or seem to want to take out are either all shady when it comes time to go out or they get with some ugly bastard for no apparent reason. Whats up with that? I know im very sexy and nice and well hung but why the hell dont they like me? If i go anywhere else in the UNITED STATES the women love me but not in my home town ...

0 Comments, 76 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
Are "man made" dinners still a turn on for women?   4/13/2005

A question for the ladies.... <br> Wondering if ladies in this day and age still appreciate a fine dinner made at home, and how this rates versus going out to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. <br> I am a man who used to work in restaurants many years ago, and can put a delicious candle-lit dinner on a fancy table at home. Soft music, etc. <br> Wondering if ...

0 Comments, 126 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
rm_leth4 63 M
7  Articles
Sill talking   4/12/2005

Hello there <br> Have met this girl Well girl shes in here 40s but so am i , so same generation and intrests, wemet on this site she sent email , got talking met up found that we get no well together. We meet up for sex now and again , well where both adults and have no stings, so why not, the only problem is , she stays 20 miles away but have car so do visit as much as work ...

0 Comments, 138 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
The 3 Parts to dating   4/11/2005

There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered: entertainment, food, and affection. It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately. When the affection IS the entertainment, ...

0 Comments, 84 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
cal_man78 63 M
4  Articles
Feedback   4/11/2005

For those gals that can browse profiles; I would like some feedback as to how my profile is, I dont seem to get any response's, been on here for awhile now so I am interested in what maybe wrong or what I may do different, I will take any suggestion under advisement lol......

0 Comments, 57 Views, 1 Votes
rm_toyboy691984 38 M
1  Article
too much sex   4/11/2005

im a young bloke and i have been playin the field and have currently 2 girls on the go, they both want sex and when ur doublin up it can get tough to get motivated! is there any thing such as too much sex

2 Comments, 119 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
asguy 41 M
9  Articles
Dating   4/8/2005

I we "use" dating before to go to bed. Every final of dating ake to the bed. It's from my practice.

0 Comments, 68 Views, 2 Votes
Creativesoulsin1 47,1946 C
10  Articles
Women who are Bi-sexual   4/6/2005

I am a woman that loves women but I ahve a boyfriend. I am bi-sexual. I love teh female body and making her feel good in more than a sexual way but it is hard to find the female that is willing to go into a situation like that. I wonder if there are otehr females like me. Those that want their boyfriend but want a girlfirend too~ not to have any drama~ keep things seperate but just be happy ...

1 Comments, 258 Views, 20 Votes ,3.89 Score
rm_TimTim41188 34 M
2  Articles
apples an gals   4/5/2005

like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy....... The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait ...

1 Comments, 143 Views, 15 Votes ,4.66 Score
Young angel for an older couple.   4/5/2005

Young angels for older couples. A few months back we found on this site a younger woman in California. After a wonderful series of exchange on the chat lines. All three sharing photos and discussing our hopes for a wonderful threesome. We set out and drove from Idaho to met her. We actually called here once before we had arrived 200 miles away and said we would call later to tell her ...

0 Comments, 310 Views, 22 Votes ,5.53 Score
just wondering   4/4/2005

hey guys i was just wondering has anyone on this site ever found the ONE?? just curious to know

2 Comments, 90 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
FreeAgain21 60 F
8  Articles
Is it too soon to fulfill my sexual desires?   4/2/2005

I'm in the process of a divorce. Basically, my husband and I couldn't fulfill each other's sexual desires. The lack of sex between my husband and me, has left me so horny I believe my hormones are running my life now. <br> Recently, I met a very sensitive, compassionate man that loves sex as much as I do. He enjoys the same sexual needs/wants/desires as me, and I am so turned on ...

4 Comments, 350 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
MisterNineIncher 40 M
1  Article
We all want what we can't have.   4/1/2005

Ever notice that the people we find ourselves most attracted to are un-attainable... Either bound by marriage, or death perhaps. In the same light, when we are single, we find it very hard to find the right person... Yet when we think we've found "that right person" we have an unimaginable number of people beginning to show interest in us... It boggles the mind, the human psyche.

2 Comments, 79 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
should i be looking for a lt relationship here?   3/31/2005

i wanted to ask this but not sound rude. just curious, i enjoy swinging alot, but as far as finding someone for a serious long term relationship, is this a good place to be looking? let me know what you think.

3 Comments, 81 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
rm_ynohtna2005 39 M
9  Articles
What Is Dating   3/28/2005

Dating is very serious althoug we take it lightly. We must remember its like a car we must make sure that it is the right car before we buy it and it must be driven to its full power

1 Comments, 41 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
rm_fcfighter12 39 M
5  Articles
quetstion   3/23/2005

whats teh best way to ask a girl

1 Comments, 246 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
shyfunpa 48 M
2  Articles
How different are we   3/23/2005

I always wonder how different are men and women. At the same time we are so similar as well. We need a companion and we keep looking for certain things. <br> Are we really different or are we alike??

1 Comments, 80 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
loveUtilUcom 54 F
1  Article
lookin for love   3/20/2005

can someone tell me why is it so hard to find the perfect person, that you dream about?

4 Comments, 223 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
rm_silkbodee 50 M
10  Articles
More than one?   3/17/2005

I've tried dating more than one person at a time and it's impossible. Sure you may get enjoyment out of other people but lets face it, you always like one a little more than the other. The dating scene is brutal because now it comes down to who the best person is at lip service.

1 Comments, 47 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Getting to "First Base": Communication   3/13/2005

The traditional dating lore suggests that dating is similar to baseball. A game. This may seem to some folks an appropriate, humorous, or even romantic notion. But the comparison is far from any of these. Success in life is often best achieve in one's preparation and consistency. Getting to "first base" is understanding others. While full understanding may be impossible, difficult at ...

0 Comments, 100 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
Where do I draw the line??   3/10/2005

There been guys that want me to go all the way with them the first night meeting. I been recently talking to a guy that says he wants to go at it right away when we first meet!! I been telling myself to wait till I know the guys in person. But then if I go along with it I'll feel easy. I don't know how to feel with alot of pressure from todays society. Am I wrong to feel this way?

14 Comments, 650 Views, 42 Votes ,4.08 Score
rm_ORCUTT 41 M
5  Articles
what do i need to do to meet a fine woman on here   3/8/2005

i just want to meet a older lady that wants what i want no strings attached please help tell me what i need to do

1 Comments, 162 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
cal_man78 63 M
4  Articles
How does one get back into the dating scene   3/6/2005

After being in a 19 year marriage, which ended in divorce. I am finding it hard to be able to get back into the dating scene, one problem that exists is finances, which is the norm after a divorce. But are there actually any gals who likes to go dutch?? I mean it is the 21st century and all and normally I am old fashioned but lol....I am anxious lol...(sounds of desperation to some) but ...

0 Comments, 59 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
BoyToyParty 61 F
1  Article
Stood Up!   3/5/2005

I date alot, this is always a risk. But I got stood up this last week and it pissed me off royally. I normally have a good attitude re: dating but this time it made me want to quit internet dating for awhile. <br> We'd chatted by phone and email, seemed to be getting long great. He wanted to know what to bring (wine, beer, etc) and suggested he cook dinner for me. Well ...

7 Comments, 405 Views, 26 Votes ,3.78 Score
Guys why do you do it?   3/4/2005

I have to ask the question that I have seen my guys ask before but would like you to know it happens to us as well. <br> I have had some sucessful meets through and will continue as a member but I have also had a few strange experiences. Guys you contact me because you like my profile, in it I am completely hoenst as there seems little point to lying if I am planning real ...

3 Comments, 405 Views, 20 Votes ,5.17 Score
rm_igotapa 30 M
1  Article
First encounter   3/3/2005

Hi every one i just have to say thanks to i joined less then 3 weeks ago and i finaly had my first date and it was great. I didn't think i was going to meet any one cause i was reading thoes stories of the guys that have been on for two years and never meet any one. But my first meeting was real cool. Iwas nervous at first but it turned out to be a real fun experience. Also it isnt ...

0 Comments, 159 Views, 11 Votes ,2.42 Score
I'am Amazed   3/2/2005

I haven't been on this site for a very long time, but I have been doing a lot of browsing of women from all over the world. From America to Zimbabwe the women are beautiful.But there was one thing I noticed that came up on a lot of the profiles.That there are a lot of bi-sexual or bi-courious women out there. Don't get me wrong, to each(his or her)own.This have been going on long ...

0 Comments, 132 Views, 11 Votes ,3.73 Score
onearki 40 M
10  Articles
I would like to agree with Ageless Women"   2/27/2005

Hey Ladies, I would like to agree with your comments...surely I would like to have a date with the "ageless woman" you mentioned....unfortunately, I have not meet them close and personal. Yes, I ...

1 Comments, 43 Views, 4 Votes
rm_Gyntlman 43 M
11  Articles
Which One Is It??   2/27/2005

Why do people describe themselves as being "openminded" and "nonjudgemental"..... and then turn around and have an "X" in the box on their profile by race and age? Help me understand this people.

1 Comments, 75 Views, 10 Votes ,3.39 Score
Finding love on a swinging website?   2/25/2005

Do you think its possible to love another whom you have met on a site where the main intention is to meet for sexual purposes only? <br> Would you be able to trust that person to stay loyal to you if you didnt want them to continue swinging?

2 Comments, 93 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Could you/would you wait 6 months for sex?   2/23/2005

I started dating a woman from Mexico a little over a month ago. We've made out a little bit but that's as far as we've gone. Several people have told me to expect it to be at least 6 months before we start having sex. She's fun to hang out with but because we are moving so slowly I'm not taking the relationship as seriously as if we were further along. I guess my question is would you ...

1 Comments, 124 Views, 7 Votes
Does a Level Playing Field Exist?   2/22/2005

This is the first time I've written an article & I'm comeplled b/c I've read some interesting ones. Forgive my naivete but here it goes... <br> It seems every social venue, be it a party, bar, on-line dating, etc., the ratio of male-to-female is skewed. For example, I've sampled three on-line dating sites & the M:F ratios have ranged from 20:1 to 3:1. has the best ratio ...

0 Comments, 101 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
Dating in a small town   2/22/2005

I am afriad to meet people in my own town. Because everyone knows everyone. And people are just so judgemental. I just want to know. Does anyone else have this fear?

5 Comments, 410 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
tigers20022 56,2013 C
2  Articles
help me find that date.   2/22/2005

I would like advice from you all on how to make my profile jump out of the screen and into peoples minds, that they say hey, this one looks good lets contact him.

2 Comments, 272 Views, 19 Votes ,2.86 Score
XxArmyBrat69xX 40 F
1  Article
looking for bi and lesbian partners   2/22/2005

I'm looking to meet more bi & lesibain women where should I go to meet them?

2 Comments, 201 Views, 8 Votes ,0.93 Score
rm_james_mj 54 M
2  Articles
What to say   2/21/2005

Everything you say at this stage should be something that will get her going - not get her snoring! The subjects I mentioned earlier are pretty good bets. So keep trying them until you find something that appeals to her and then focus on it. <br> Usually, you can't go wrong with .... <br> Anything funny. Something funny that has happened to you is best. If not a joke will ...

0 Comments, 74 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
Photos   2/19/2005

Why is it, that when you see a pic of men on the site, that you are interested, when you get chatting to them and end up exchanging photos, they dont look like the original pic.........obviously im talkin about face pics...why do they decieve so????

5 Comments, 272 Views, 23 Votes ,4.30 Score
How To Avoid Unwanted Sexual Pressure   2/17/2005

Dating <br> In today’s society many men and women get pressured into sexual situations that they do not actually want to be in. Unfortunately it is because of lack of imagination and creativity that allows this kind of negative things to take place. Overall this effects the younger age groups more then the older ones, but still does effect the older ones. How do you go ...

0 Comments, 62 Views, 5 Votes ,4.77 Score
rm_HornDogE247 39 M
1  Article
Help me please   2/15/2005

Another article noob to the soap box, please be gentle . Ok, im having the worst time getting someone to date me... im really shy but usually im the only one that tries to have conversation. I don't understand and its making me quite angry. I mean im honest, passionate, good looking, funny and yet i spent Valentines day all by myself even when i was trying to pick up this girl i was with ...

1 Comments, 106 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
Same old message?   2/13/2005

all aspects of our relationships, permanent or temporary, what is wrong with being honest? We have to use "handles" because society requires us to hide our identities. In writing our profiles, do we generally describe who we really are? I doubt it, there's always some inflated ego involved, it's human nature! Would you REALLY respond, IF everyone gave a "true" description of themselves? Be ...

0 Comments, 38 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
rm_BiggiPie 45 M
2  Articles
why we do this........................................   2/13/2005

Hi i think we do this ( for differnt purposses some just because the feeling of people paing attention to your pix or profile makes them feel good others because we would like to really meet other people and try new stuff, me i would like to meet and get to know what others like and dont like Call it friendship with a twist i met some nice people here but none of them look to be ...

0 Comments, 60 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
Young men and older women   2/8/2005

Im 18/m and I would like to try sex with an older woman. I think they have more experience and could be more fun. I want to know why is it hard to find older woman that like younger guys when it's easy to find older guys that like younger woman........we all know thats a fact

0 Comments, 134 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
Why is it harder for bigger women to attract men?   2/8/2005

Ok here's my dilemma, i've met nice guys, who say my personality is great, but they aren't interested in me, but won't give a reason why. (i think they think it's because i'm a bit overweight. I wear about a size 18/20. I hide my weight very well since i'm taller than a lot of females (5-8ish). I don't know if it's because of my weight they don't like me for more, or because they are ...

5 Comments, 437 Views, 22 Votes ,3.25 Score
where are the nice ladies in Arizona?   2/7/2005

I have been on here for awhile. I am looking for a nice mature woman who is also in search of love and companionshi. <br> I am not interested in these woman who need to show their naked bodies in order to find a good nice looking man. <br> Surely there still such woman in the Phoenix-Tucson area. <br> I would love to hear from you.

0 Comments, 85 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Should you make love on the first date?   2/7/2005

Since all you are doing is making love, with no proposal for a relationship or indeed marriage then what is the harm, especially if you have connected with someone from “Adult friend finder” which is in itself an icebreaker. If you do decide to make love on the first date, or a later date then it is to the woman’s advantage to do it at her home, where she can feel ...

0 Comments, 159 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
strangers dating experince   2/6/2005

have you ever been in a date with some one you dont ever seen? <br> I belive no body do that . because at least we had befor dating one massege or phone call , man kind creation in orignal is sceared from every ting , the fiar is decreased by how much knowlege we have about things we face in our life. that role is aplicable about dating also . nobody can have a date with ...

0 Comments, 138 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_ScottBiUK 50 M
1  Article
Plymouth Bisexuals   2/3/2005

hi all is there any bisexual couples out there in the Plymouth area come on lets have fun <br> Scott xxx

0 Comments, 266 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
Joelusty 51 M
3  Articles
Tantric Massage   2/1/2005

Some of you members here know me from “Hidden Mansion” as the Tantric masseur. Many men were in aw as they were watching their ladies melt and explode to shivering orgasms on my massage table. So I decided to write this article to everyone out there who wants to know Tantric massage in detail. As a contribution to “Couples 2 couples” and Steve & Dana, here are my ...

14 Comments, 7485 Views, 338 Votes ,8.42 Score
Women who vocalise their pleasure are a joy.   1/29/2005

A woman who is loud in bed is like gold dust. Women who vocalise their pleasure are a joy, who mourn and scream loudly with every stroke of the shaft or every brush of their clio with you tongue, suck in air loudly, clench their teeth with pleasure with twisted faces etc. Man loves to know his work is being effective, but ladies don't fake it. Men can't tell the difference.

2 Comments, 270 Views, 22 Votes ,4.93 Score
surferbra69 41 M
9  Articles
eyes   1/28/2005

alyaws look in a girls eyes and pay attension to what she says

0 Comments, 124 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
Leykis 101   1/27/2005

Ok any of you who know who Tom Leykis is you should know about the professors dating tips. Do you agree or disagree? <br> 1.Don't spend more than $40 on a date 2.If nothing has happend in 3 dates move on 3.Don't date single mothers 4.Don't date co-workers 5.Don't approach girls in groups 6.Sex to go (no spooning, cuddling etc..) 7.No long term commitments until 25+ ...

1 Comments, 262 Views, 23 Votes ,4.53 Score
uNCLEsAM098 35 M
2  Articles
I need some help.   1/24/2005

I've been on this website for quite a while, and have been having quite a bit of problems trying to find girls my age. No offence, I'm not against men who are gay, but I have recieved many, many invitations from men around 40 who want me for a day, and I'm not interested. I'm pure straight, just looking for other ladies. I even have explicitly spoken this in my profile, but seem to believe ...

2 Comments, 143 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
One night stands vs dating   1/23/2005

This debate will go on for a long time, but personally, I thing they are equally valid. On a on night stand, the excitement coupled with lack of inibitions drives both of you on to more daring and thrilling explosions. On the other hand, when you get to know someone and are affectionate towards them, then the excitement comes from exploring your selves and giving pleasure to your partner. ...

2 Comments, 176 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
annarborgoth 45 M
0  Articles
Roll Over And Play With Your Bone   1/19/2005

I appeared at the Kroger's grocery late because of a very bad traffic jam, and felt terrible about it. I had not been able to call her because my cell phone was out of range until I was practically there. Looking around frantically, I couldn't find her anywhere and freaked out. Had I stood her up? <br> I called her on my cell phone to apologize, and she said, "Oh my God, you ...

1 Comments, 203 Views, 14 Votes ,2.98 Score
Helstrom 60 M
1  Article
Why are women preoccupied with Mr. tall?   1/19/2005

I know the old fairy tales enforce the "tall dark stranger" and "Tall handsome prince charming" ideals on women from an early age, but what women seem to forget is that shorter men have just as much to offer. <br> In fact shorter men feel they have to prove there worth, which is to any woman's benefit! <br> I'm 5'5"..... okay 5'4.5" and being that height actually ...

5 Comments, 160 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
Hot Pussy   1/19/2005

Ok folks, I want you to admit to the most stupid thing you have ever done whilst getting ready for the 'big' date. I am new to and love it and recently had my first real meet which was a great sucess, but behind the scenes there was panic. I had been talking to this really nice guy for a while and we finally arranged to meet, however the day before he asked if he could rearrange ...

6 Comments, 570 Views, 43 Votes ,3.54 Score
Come on guys what do you really think?   1/18/2005

I have just had my first real meeting through and I had the best sex ever. I am now completely hooked as the older I get the more sex I want. But all my life if a guy has multiple sex partners hes a stud but a woman? All you horny guys out there are looking for sex, but what do you think, really think of the women who answer you genuinely, who genuinely want to meet for sex. ...

3 Comments, 422 Views, 12 Votes ,3.68 Score